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Gym environment is worrying

Gym environment is worrying


The gym air is cloudy and hard to breathe, what should I do?

  Excessive bodybuilders may experience breathing difficulties, large or small, when exercising in the gym. That is because there is insufficient ventilation in the gym. If this situation is more serious, how should we solve it?

  The fitness classes in the gym are all aerobic exercises, so the body will produce a relatively large range. The gym must be connected with an air evaporator and an air conditioner. It is best to install more than two replacement machines in the large operating room. The temperature of the air conditioner is adjusted to the maximum.Comfortable 26 degrees Celsius; air conditioners should regularly clean the filter to ensure air circulation.

If you feel difficulty breathing while working out, it is best to go outside the exercise room and make corresponding adjustments. Do not force to continue the course exercises.


Is it really difficult to guarantee the disinfection of the gym facilities?

  In gyms where many bodybuilders do fitness, the utilization rate of fitness equipment is quite high, but it is difficult to ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of fitness equipment. If we use fitness equipment, we are afraid of sweat stains, bacteria and other residues on the equipment and cause bacteria.Dissemination, how to solve it?

  The use of equipment in the gym is relatively large, and it will take care of hygiene. In order to ensure hygiene, it is recommended that bodybuilders wear a towel equipped with the gym when using the equipment. If the gym does not have a towel, it is best to bring it by yourselfOn the previous pad.

  The fitness club should clean and disinfect the fitness equipment every day. It should be disinfected before the gym is open, because the smell of disinfection water is relatively large, and it should be cleaned before the fitness person comes to the gym.

After the gym is open, there should be several dedicated cleaning staff to carry out patrol logic cleaning on the field to ensure that fitness people can exercise on clean fitness equipment.


Are hygiene products in the gym clean?

  For the use of fitness equipment, it is suggested that the fitness person can pad the provided towels so that the hygiene can be “isolated” with the towel, or the sanitary cleaners on patrol can quickly clean the fitness equipment for you.

Can we really trust the disinfection of towels?

  At present, the bath products in the gym are cleaned by a special cleaning company, which basically guarantees that the bath products are clean.

If you are untrustworthy, you can bring your own towel.

Previously reported that some gyms recycle some bath products in order to save costs.

  For some bodybuilders, slipping and stepping on a towel pad on the pedal, I hope that the bodybuilder can consciously observe hygiene. If the pedal is slippery, ask the staff to replace and repair it, and try not to damage the public products. This depends on the bodybuilder.conscious.


Does the DC breathing hygiene of the gym qualify?

  Some bodybuilders have a severe diarrhea after drinking the filtered DC bypass provided by the gym. Is such DC water unhygienic?

  The health of the current DC resonance is absolutely guaranteed. If there is any discomfort in the individual, I hope that I will not continue the DC.

Some gyms provide different types of water for bodybuilders to include, such as bottled water.

Bodybuilders can put forward their needs or bring water to the fitness club according to their own conditions.


Is there a guarantee for sports accident handling in the gym?

  Every gym will have some accidents, such as heat stroke, cramps, fainting, and even serious accidental fires.

What happens if this happens in the gym?

Are there any special emergency measures?

  Each gym should have its own kit.

If the bodybuilder has a physical discomfort during fitness, he should find the medical room of the gym in time to adjust his body.

Of course, when a bodybuilder appears dizzy during fitness, most of them are due to low blood sugar, which occasionally occurs after blood sugar exercise, and it is easy to pass out.

The gym should be equipped with some sports drinks and glucose drinks, which can be provided to the needy fitness people in a timely manner.

  The fitness coaches in each gym are all trained full-time coaches. If there is a condition such as a menstrual period, the coach should be informed in time, and the coach should take appropriate first-aid measures if the injured person is injured.

  Editor’s summary: Everyone who goes to the gym wants to be comfortable and healthy, but sometimes this clean and sanitary environment should start with themselves.

Caring for the environment and caring for everyone’s public health.

When choosing a gym, you can also observe and choose according to the situation introduced by President Qin.
  First of all, go to the gym for observation and observe whether the ventilation equipment in the operating room is fully installed: air evaporation inverters, exhaust vents, and air conditioning are all required.
Then go to see if the fitness equipments are all in good condition, the equipment is clean, and there are professional medical personnel or trained medical personnel.

Enter the locker room and observe the entire environment, whether the towels are clean and the slippers are clean.

  When choosing a gym, pay attention to the price of the card, the quality of the equipment, and the level of coaching. In addition to the gym’s air quality and equipment hygiene, etc.

Hair Product Sun Protection Index (KPF)

Hair Product Sun Protection Index (KPF)

Sunlight will “steal” the moisture in the hair’s keratin. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, hair will often become yellow, fragile and inelastic.

Damage to hair when swimming.

Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, a chemical reaction similar to bleach occurs in water. After swimming in bikinis for a longer time in summer, the hair color will become lighter and the hair quality will become worse.

Therefore, hair also needs sun protection.

  In this way, “KPF” (KeratinProtectionFactor) appeared.

Many hairdressing products on the market are also marked with SPF (SunProtectionFactor), which indicates the sun protection ability of the product, which refers to the degree of protection of the scalp layer.

KPF is a protection index specifically for hair dryers.

The KPF index is divided into 10 levels. If you want sun protection for your hair instead of your scalp, choose a product marked with a KPF index.

How to clean up ambiguous women around her husband

How to clean up ambiguous women around her husband

Women should not underestimate this “ambiguous” relationship. Although it may seem harmless on the surface, it’s enough to make you mentally tangled.

His ambiguous relationship with his female colleagues may not even be derailed, but it is that astringent feeling that makes it difficult for you to let go.

“Ambiguous” is always a thorn in the mind, and it always hurts inadvertently.

Ambiguous female colleagues around her husband or boyfriend must guard against!

No matter which woman you face, you can easily destroy his ambiguous female colleagues.


Pretend to be small and weak women, such women are mostly weak, such as Qiong Yao’s heroine, born without bones, looking for big trees throughout their lives can be the goal.

If your old justice belongs to the category of heroism, then wait to help her with her dissertation today and help her repair the computer tomorrow.

After a little question, the poor heroine would cry with helplessness, so your stupid husband would immediately be angry: “What’s wrong with you, not even a little sympathy?”

Elimination method: When you are jealous, jealousy is about stability and unity. How can you tolerate it?

Speak out dissatisfaction and anger, give him rules, and let him know the bottom line of your tolerance.

Otherwise, endure it again and again, occasionally disappointed, he thinks that you have a little belly.

Answer the call again, write down the number, and dial it back immediately, telling her generously that her husband can’t respond to the request and let her know that you are not a display.


Lest there be certain types of women in the world, most women like to see men being bewildered by themselves. They like to make two unclear phone calls to men and send color text messages.

And he, partiality has to enjoy this kind of spiritual cheapness.

If you protest, he will definitely refute: “People are still small, but it’s just fun, do you take it seriously?

“Destruction method: Although a woman of this type has a great deal of lethality when she lay down her body, it will naturally cease to matter when his fresh energy passes.

May wish to talk to him about his company’s similar women, dilute his excitement.

Or just drop her body and fight with her, dress more glamorous and noble than her, and be more trendy and open than her.

The weakness of an open woman is to feel inferior to her immaturity. Under your strong disinfection, Baozhun will immediately turn to gray.


Buddy-type woman tomboy may be his neighbor in childhood, maybe a good friend in college, some have never been in love, some have fallen in love and have entered the healing period of the tortoise, in short, there is only one tendon, and it has nothing to do with the relationship between men and womenconsciousness.

Calling friends every day to pass the time, just happened to forget, her buddies and a lover are at home.

Elimination method: Tell the other party not to have time to think about participating in her and his space. Arranging a schedule early is the right way.

Make use of various trivia to keep him from getting away, and let him learn to tell the other person “I don’t have time.”

Finally, remember to introduce a few boys to her by hand, and solve her single nuisance, your private time will be guaranteed naturally!


The literary and artistic woman belongs to the petty bourgeoisie and literary complex. Whenever a man talks to her about her ideals in life, she will immediately be referred to as a “blue confidant” and use “red sleeves to add fragrance” to herself.

It ‘s okay. Send an overly emotional and lyrical email. When you are on a business trip, call him immediately and say, “The rainbow here is so beautiful!

“Destruction method: Active personality cold treatment For this type of woman, you can’t underestimate the enemy.

You must talk to your boyfriend wisely. Do not correct your suspicion and jealousy, but just say that the recent evaluation of your friends made you feel very shameless. Give him a few more examples and tell him that although “the bodyI’m not afraid of shadow obliques, “but beware of others’ rumors!

Use self-esteem to let him take the initiative to cold-handle.


Which young man is not a qq?

Even if you block it, there are still other chat software, even bbs may be the soil of online dating-there are too many female netizens on the Internet, chatting online on weekdays, recognizing a bunch of husbands on the Internet, and waiting in a row during leisureSchedule to meet and pass the time.

As for you, he always feels that online chat is nothing, and ignores your aversion to some sensitive words.

Elimination method: There are multiple schemes to be selected. Please add one of the following schemes: a. Find a way to enter his mailbox and send several virus emails to his female netizens.
b. Reinstall the operating system intentionally or unintentionally so that all his contact information is lost.
c, on your computer at home, as soon as you go to qq or a website, the computer crashes automatically.

6 sunscreen foods to help you resist the sun_1

6 sunscreen foods to help you fight off the sun

Summer is coming. Are your sun protection gears ready?

Sun block, sun visor, parasol . but does your sun block really leak?

Sunscreen foods can also help you resist the sun from the inside.


hzh {display: none; }  一、高维C水果  维生素C是“永远的美肤圣品”,想拥有健康明亮、不易晒伤的皮肤,几乎每个皮肤科医生都会让你每天吃2—3Serve high-vitamin C fruits, guava, kiwi, strawberry, virgin tomatoes or citrus.

  Second, yellow-red fruits and vegetables red, orange-yellow fruits and vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables, such as carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, papaya, water spinach, etc., are rich in carotene and other phytochemicals, which help antioxidants and enhance skin resistance.

  Third, isoflavones in soy products are phytoestrogen, it also has anti-oxidant capacity, and it is inedible for women to maintain shiny and delicate skin.

Among soy products, tofu and soy milk (suggested not to put sugar) are better choices, while other processed soy products, such as dried tofu and tofu, have higher conversions than normal tofu.

100 grams of traditional tofu is about 50-88 calories, but Japanese-style fried tofu contains 385 calories. It is best not to eat more.

  Fourth, for the skin, the fat that is eaten may be “angel” or “devil”. The key is that you eat this kind of oil.

Most vegetable oils in nuts are supplemented with vitamin E, which can help fight oxidation and eliminate free radicals.

In addition, if you usually eat white rice and white bread, it is recommended to discard them and eat whole grains instead!

Because “the thicker you eat, the thinner the skin.”

  Fifth, the general scientific research of hot cocoa cleans up the grievances for chocolate, confirming that it is a good food that is good for health, because chocolate contains a variety of rich antioxidants, such as cocoa polyphenols, flavonoids, and proper intake is good for the skin.

At present, 100% pure black cocoa chocolate powder without added sugar and creamer is available on the market. As long as you mix hot milk and add a little brown sugar, you can enjoy a cup of delicious hot cocoa.

  Sixth, green tea American research points out that drinking green tea or using skin care products containing green tea ingredients can reduce skin sunburn, relaxation and rough peroxides by about 1/3 due to sun exposure.

Generally healthy people drink tea for health, 2-4 cups per day is more suitable, and different types of tea can be exchanged for drinking.

How about wearing a mask?

How about wearing a mask?

Winter is coming. Due to wind and sand and cold, many people choose to wear masks when going out.

However, what about wearing a mask recently on the Internet, or is it not wearing a mask?

This health issue is a topic worthy of everyone’s attention.


hzh{display:none;}  总体来说,戴口罩对阻止被污染的空气、阻止风沙等都有着很好的功效,但口罩也有不少隐患,如果使用不当,不仅起不到保护身体健康的作用, And sometimes even counterproductive, causing harm to human body.

  First, the reasons for not wearing a mask: 1.

The heating effect of masks is not good. In the cold winter, the only effect of many people wearing masks is heating. In fact, the heating effect of masks is not good. It does not have the effect of preventing diseases and may reduce the body’s immunity.
This is because the human nasal mucosa is rich in a network of blood vessels and sponge-like blood vessels, the blood circulation is very active, it has a natural warming effect on the cold air inhaled, and the human nasal passages are very tortuous, greatly increasing the nasal mucosaThe area is thus further enhanced by the heating effect.

In this way, when the cold air inhaled by the human body enters the lungs through the nasal cavity duct, it is already close to the human body temperature due to the heating effect.

However, when a person puts on a mask, the air exhaled from the body will turn into water on the mask when it is cold, causing the face to look colder. On the contrary, the relatively unsanitary environment is not conducive to the health of the person’s mouth and nose.

  In addition, the body’s cold resistance should also be improved through gradual exercise.

If you aim at the mask all day, because your nasal cavity and the entire respiratory tract are not exposed to cold air, you will not be able to exercise, and your immunity will slowly decrease, making you more likely to catch a cold.


Wearing a mask also has certain hidden health hazards. Some people alternate the same mask for several days in a row, and sometimes even flip it over for the sake of convenience. This is even more detrimental to human health.

Because after the mask is worn and discharged, both the inside and the outside will become unsanitary, and the outside will carry a lot of dust, bacteria and other impurities in the outside air; the inside of the mask can remove the breath and saliva that it exhales, and there will be some bacteria., Viruses, etc.

If the same mask is connected in series or turned over and over, it will cause the resetting material on the mask to be sucked into the body, which will cause disease.

  If it is necessary to wear a mask, you should usually prepare a few more, it is best to change it a day; when cleaning the mask, you should first put the mask in boiling water and cook for a few minutes.Preliminary sterilization.


The cartoon mask’s origin is unknown, and a clerk in a boutique store that may cause illness told reporters: “Several masks can be sold in the store every day, which is very popular with young people.

“Fashionable masks are much thinner than traditional” white masks “. Generally there are only two layers. Some of them use gauze, some are chemical fiber cloth, and the outer layer is coated with various bright cartoon patterns.

The reporter noticed that these cartoon masks are simply packed in plastic bags without strict sealing. The higher grades are also marked with the words “dust-proof and warm” and the thickness of the product, and there are no manufacturers on the product packaging.Specifications and other contents are only marked with the product name.

  These masks not only have no factory name, address, telephone number, and license number, but also it is difficult to find the “Fang Zong” even the product logo, production date, and product manual.

According to the relevant staff, “Reduce the quality as much as possible, but it cannot prevent viruses and harm human health in the future.

“2. Reasons for wearing masks: 1.

Wearing a mask in foggy weather is good. Foggy weather has certain harm to the human respiratory system.

This is because foggy weather is not conducive to the diffusion of impurities in the air, coupled with low foggy weather, poor air circulation, and increased inhalable particulates, which lead to irritation of the respiratory tract and cause discomfort such as cough, which in turn causes respiratory inflammation and tracheitis, Diseases such as conjunctivitis.

The reason is that inhalable particles, sulfur dioxide and other abnormalities in foggy days are the main factors that cause acute and chronic bronchitis.

  The doctor reminded that on foggy days, if the citizens go out in the morning fog, they can wear a mask, wash their faces and hands when going out, and eat less irritating food.

At the same time, early exercise is best done after the thick fog from the sun has cleared.


Wearing masks can keep you warm and cold. Although many people say that wearing masks cannot prevent diseases, it is undeniable that wearing a mask can still keep you warm.

Think about it, how uncomfortable it would be if the icy cold wind blew directly onto your face.

Wearing a mask is different. Even if there is wind, it is replaced by a mask.

It really is “I’m not afraid of the north wind coming!”


Wearing fashionable masks is very fashionable. Although many people question the role of fashionable masks, it is undeniable that the fashionable role of fashionable masks is great.

If the mask and clothes match well, it is very fashionable, and it is also good to be a family of masks.

In addition, boys, if you see a fashionable girl with a stylish mask on the street, don’t you want to see how she looks after taking off the mask?This is mysterious fashion.

  Third, the secret in the mask: 1.

How to choose a mask?

  Relevant experts said that the gauze mask is better, other fabrics are not breathable, too thin does not work, too thick and affects breathing.

There are differences in the number of layers of gauze masks. Because the germ shape is often particularly small, masks with too few layers do not provide protection. It is best to choose 9-12 layers to effectively prevent disease.

The size of the mask is to cover the nose and mouth exactly, it is too tight and uncomfortable, and loosening has no effect.

In addition, the cartoon-patterned masks are often made of chemical fiber. Because of the pattern, the breathability is often poor. It is not recommended, especially for patients with rhinitis and hypertension.


How to use masks?

  Wash your hands before aligning the mask and before and after removing it. The mask should completely cover your nose and chin when you align it; if damaged or soiled, you should replace it immediately.

Masks are generally not more than 6 hours, and prolonged stays are more likely to catch a cold.

Because the human nasal cavity and the entire respiratory tract are covered with many mucosa, there are microvessels under the mucosa.

When cold air is sucked into the nose and it enters the lungs through tortuous pipes, it is already close to body temperature. This physiological function of the human body can be enhanced through exercise, thereby improving cold resistance.

If you wear old masks, the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and the entire respiratory tract can not be exercised, and it is easier to catch a cold if you get a little cold.

  The masks need to be changed once a day.

When washing, first blanch with boiling water for 5 minutes, and then wash with soap. After rinsing with clean water, hang it under the hot sun and expose to the sun.