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Stay away from fracture sores and see food therapy

Stay away from fracture sores and see food therapy

(1) Sydney celery juice: 100 grams of celery, 1 tomato, 150 grams of Sydney, half a lemon.

After washing, stir the juice in the juice machine and put it in once a day.

Effective in clearing heat and moisturizing.

It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of acne.

  (2) Carrot and celery juice: one carrot (medium size), 150 grams of celery, and one onion. Wash and stir the juice in a blender once a day.

Clear heat and detoxify and dispel fire.

Can assist dental caries.

  (3) Loquat leaf paste: 1000 grams of fresh loquat leaves (washed and depilated), add 8000ml of water, cook for 3 hours, filter and remove residue, then concentrate to a paste, mix with honey and mix well.

Eat 10 grams each time?
15 grams twice daily.

Efficacy clears lung heat, relieves phlegm and coughs.

Suitable for acne, rosacea, etc.

Avoid spicy spicy food and alcohol while taking this medicine.

  (4) Seaweed barley porridge: 9 grams each of seaweed, kombu, sweet almond, 30 grams of barley kernel.

Fry seaweed, kelp, sweet almonds with water, and discard the residue to take the juice, and then cook with porridge and porridge, once a day for 3 weeks as a course of treatment.

Efficacy: Activating blood and removing blood stasis, anti-inflammatory soft and firm, suitable for ulcers.

  (5) Hawthorn peach kernel porridge: Hawthorn, peach kernel 9 grams each, lotus leaf half sheet, 60 grams of rice.

First boil the first three flavors of soup, remove the residue, and add the previous rice to make porridge.

1 dose daily for 30 days.

For ulcers caused by sputum stasis and condensation.

  (6) Kelp mung bean soup: kelp, 15 grams each of mung beans, 9 grams of sweet almonds, 6 grams of roses, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

Wrap the rose with a cloth, cook it with each medicine, remove the rose and add brown sugar to eat.

1 dose daily for 30 days.
Suitable for ulcers.

  (7) Vinegar ginger papaya: 100 ml of vinegar, 60 grams of papaya, 9 grams of ginger.

Put 3 flavors together in a casserole and cook. When the vinegar is dry, remove the papaya and eat it with ginger.

1 dose daily, eat 2 times in the morning and evening.

7 consecutive days.

Effective on acne caused by spleen and stomach sputum temperature.

  (8) Chinese wolfberry anti-inflammatory porridge: wolfberry 30 grams, white pigeon meat, 100 grams each of the previous rice, fine salt, MSG, sesame oil each amount.

Wash the white pigeon meat and chop it into meat.

Wash the wolfberry fruit and the previous rice, add to the casserole, add the pigeon meat paste and the right amount of water, simmer the porridge, add the fine salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil when the porridge is ready, mix well.

1 dose per day, 2 servings, 5?
8 doses is a course of treatment.

It has the functions of supporting poison and detoxifying, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and reducing swelling and swelling.

Suitable for people with skin infections and acne on their face.

  (9) Coix kernel kelp and double kernel porridge: 15 grams of coix kernel, 15 grams of wolfberry, peach kernel, 10 grams of kelp, sweet almond, 20 grams of mung bean, and 50 grams of rice.

Wrap peach kernels and sweet almonds in gauze, decoction and juice, add coix kernels, kelp, wolfberry, and rice porridge.
2 times a day.
It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing fire and reducing inflammation, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and nourishing yin and emollient.
Suitable for ulcers.

  (10) Fruit and vegetable mung bean drink: take appropriate amounts of pakchoi, celery, bitter gourd, bell pepper, lemon, apple and mung bean.

First boil the mung bean for 30 minutes and filter the juice; wash the cabbage, celery, bitter gourd, bell pepper, and apple into sections or pieces, stir the juice, add the mung bean juice, drip the lemon juice, and add the honey seasoning.

1 daily?
2 times.

It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, mixed with acne.

  (11) Fruit and vegetable tartar-proof juice: take appropriate amounts of bitter gourd, cucumber, celery, pear, orange, and pineapple.

Peel the bitter gourd, peel the pineapple, and cut into pieces. Stir the cucumber, celery, pear, orange, bitter melon, and pineapple together into the honey.

1 daily?
2 times.

With heat-clearing and detoxifying, bactericidal effect.

Suitable for ulcers.

  (12) Mung bean barley kernel soup: 25 grams each of mung bean and barley kernels, 10 grams of hawthorn, wash, add 500 grams of water, boil for 30 minutes, boil, and cease to heat after rolling for a few minutes, do not expose, cover for 15 minutesYou can use it as tea.

3 daily?
5 times, suitable for oily skin, has the effect of preventing acne and youthful nausea.

Relentless killer guarding against beautiful eyes

Relentless killer guarding against beautiful eyes

Miss Zhang has been feeling uncomfortable for the past few days, she looks a little red, and also feels itchy, often rubbing her eyes with her hands.

Because it has little effect on work and life, I didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking that it was caused by too busy work and excessive eyesight these days.

But after a few days, he still didn’t get better, so he had to go to the doctor.

  A doctor’s inspection revealed that it was an eye allergy (follicular conjunctivitis), and the culprit was the contact lenses worn by Miss Zhang.

The doctor told Miss Zhang that although her contact lenses are beautiful, if she wears them incorrectly or has allergies, it can easily cause eye damage.

Now the incidence of eye allergies is increasing. In addition to environmental factors, eye cosmetics and other factors, contact lenses are a very important reason.

Follicular conjunctivitis, in particular, almost 60% of people have worn contact lenses.

  Ophthalmologists introduce that patients with severe refractive errors (above 300 degrees) cannot wear appropriate frame glasses, and the birth of contact lenses has solved this problem, but over time, beautiful and elegant contact lenses have been well received.Fashion MM’s love, more and more people wear, there are more and more problems.

Because it covers the corneal surface, it will affect the direct respiration of the cornea, and wearing contact lenses will increase eye secretions and cause eye discomfort.

Therefore, you cannot wear it for a long time, and you need to wash and care every day. If you are too busy for work and other reasons like Miss Zhang, forgetting to take it off at night will cause eye damage.

  In addition, contact lenses are a foreign body for people with allergies, and it is not surprising that they cause allergies, and sometimes serious allergic reactions may even affect vision.

  Many allergic eye diseases are self-limiting, so the main purpose of treatment is to relieve symptoms and avoid sequelae.

Disengagement of allergens is the most effective treatment, so you should immediately stop wearing contact lenses and take related treatments.

Matthew Effect

Matthew Effect

The twenty-fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible says, “Everything is added to him to make him redundant.

No, even all he has to take over.

In 1973, Merton, a researcher in the history of science in the United States, used these words to summarize a socio-psychological phenomenon: “More and more honors have been given to the scientific contributions of the currently well-known scientists, while those who are not well-knownOf scientists do not acknowledge their achievements.

Merton named this sociopsychological phenomenon the “Matthew Effect”.

  Social psychologists believe that the “Matthew Effect” is a social psychological phenomenon that has both negative and positive effects.

Its negative effects are: celebrities and unnamed people do the same, the former often praises the superiors, interviews by reporters, seekers and visitors come one after another, and various laurels also come one after another, and the results often make themSome people take pride in their self-awareness and irrational attitudes and fall behind in the path of their lives; others remain unaware and even suffer criticism and jealousy.

Its positive effects are: first, it can prevent society from prematurely recognizing those immature results or prematurely accepting seemingly correct results; second, the “honor addition” and “life honor” produced by the “Matthew Effect””” And other phenomena have a huge appeal to the unknown, causing the unknown to struggle, and this struggle must have obvious results beyond the celebrities’ past in order to obtain the desired honor.

In this sense, social progress and scientific breakthroughs really have something to do with the “Matthew Effect”.

Women chasing men, looking across the mountain

Women chasing men, looking across the mountain

There is a saying in China that women chase men’s veil, but the cruel fact is that the yarn is not paper after all, and it will break as soon as it is rolled.of.

In fact, the topic of women chasing men is not new, but whether women chase men is a veil or a mountain, the key is to see how clever you chase.

  [Case]Yu Jun has been pursuing the king for more than four years. Friends and girls have advised her to give up, but she still has to insist.

She always insists stubbornly that he is the favorite of her life, he will be attacked by her, and she will marry him in the near future, when she will be the happiest woman in the world.

  Yujun met Wang, who just broke up with his girlfriend, online when he was helpless in his senior year.

Two frustrated people can always find comfort in chatting with each other, and they soon know that the two majors are the same, and both are in Nanning.

A month later, Yu Jun, who found a job, thanked Wang for encouraging her. The two agreed to eat barbecue together at the snack street near the university.

That night they both talked a lot and he even kissed her.

Later, because of work, he often asked her to help write some materials. When she gave him the written materials, he always praised her, Bingxue smart.

Under the compliment of Wang, Yu Jun began to like him slowly.

At a friend’s party, Wang drank too much, and Yu Jun was responsible for helping him home.

When Yujun covered the quilt for Wang and was about to leave, the drunk king suddenly pulled Yujun into his arms, and the confusing Yujun kissed the king.

When the king was going to tear off Yujun’s clothes, the king suddenly sobered up and pushed away Yujun.

Yujun cried and left Wang’s residence.

Afterwards, Wang called Yujun and explained that he drank too much that night, hoping that they would still be good friends.

  However, since then, Yu Jun has been completely obsessed with the king.

She did not treat him as a friend. She had confessed to Wang in person, but Wang rejected her relentlessly. He said, you are not the type I like, and you are far from my ideal object.

Regardless of Yu Jun, she has to change for him, lose weight, dye her hair, apply makeup, and take training exams.

On Wang’s birthday, Yu Jun ordered a cake for him, bought gifts for him, and asked his friends to send him special products not far from his hometown.

Yujun gave him something, and Wang accepted it, but never compromised and promised to be her boyfriend.

  Not long ago, Wang told Yujun that I have a girlfriend and I am getting married this year.

But Yu Jun thought that if Wang did not get married one day, he could not give up. Who can guarantee that Wang’s bride will not be himself?

  [What a man says]Charm is Wang Dao Xiao Yilang, a 28-year-old copywriter of an advertising company. If he doesn’t like this woman who pursues himself, I will euphemistically but resolutely reject her and be a good friend with her.

But if this woman is really attentive to me, maybe I might compromise and accept her.

After all, dislike is only temporary, and love requires things to drive. She has done so much to care for me. Maybe I like her?

Personal circumstances are different. If a man does not like this woman at first, there is definitely room for discussion; but if he absolutely does not like that, there is no way the woman can treat him better.

And the pursuit of blindly like Yu Jun, doing things at a discount, will make men feel unattractive, can’t excite men’s interest, and will definitely fail.

It ‘s better to change your tactics, raise your posture a bit, improve yourself, make yourself stronger, create opportunities for the man to know his change, let the man’s eyes shine, and see you who are completely different, only to youLook at it differently.

In a word, charm is king, and this is not just the beauty of appearance.

He naturally likes you when he sees you attractive, but if he doesn’t like you, he should have no fate.

  It’s meaningless to be Dong Shi, a 35-year-old employee of a public institution. I won’t refuse in person, hurting someone who likes me.

Friends can do it, but it ‘s just that something ca n’t handle the distance properly. It ‘s been a long time. I ‘m experienced in this.

However, because of Wang Wang’s comment, she is still far from his ideal object.

Yujun then worked hard on his image, but in fact he was doing Dong Shi’s work, which was meaningless.

But she forgot that Wang once praised Yu Jun’s fine writing, that was an appreciation of the inner things.

What a woman cannot afford to lose is the aspect of her personality.

I feel that she has come to a wrong zone, and she is willing to change herself with others, but as a result, the part that was previously realized was not found by others.

If you can go back to the past, stick to your inherent good things, have intellectuality and personality, and don’t pay too much attention to formal things, then there may be hope.There is plain beauty, and as long as there is beauty, it only needs an effective discovery channel.

Decorative effects are never as good as natural ones.

  Men care more about the weak than the strong. The owner of Achao ‘s 25-year-old curtain shop, who wants me, let her chase after her.

Just like when it comes to Yu Jun giving up or insisting, the key is whether there is anyone around Wang. Men care more about the weak than the strong.

If there is no one around Wang, if they are not far away, then it is very simple, find an opportunity to create a vertical undercover Chencang!

Men are victims of the word responsibility in a certain kind of high resolution. If a man finds that he has done something that requires responsibility, many things are not a substitute for emotional words.

Hehe, it’s a bit of a mess, so whether this man has a sense of responsibility is very important.

  I like to hunt down a senior from a university whose prey is less than 22 years old. To be honest, I feel that being chased by a woman is like being raped, like a “lost body” of a woman, which is very unpleasant.

The woman now is really proactive. When I see you and want to be with you, I openly show love to you, without being reserved or shy.

Seriously, I have been chased by such a woman, and I was scared.

That woman was always in the place where I appeared, blocking me, sending me things, and asking me to take her to play together. Sometimes, the brothers cheated again, making me often unable to step down.

She didn’t think about it. We were not all the same. Besides, I didn’t like her to take the initiative to come to her. It felt really boring.

I like to hunt for prey, not to be pursued. In the pursuit, even if I keep getting frustrated, I will become more and more brave. It feels like a man!

  [Reporter’s note]Female chasing man, speed limit 30 In the interview with reporters, some women tried to do everything but still declared failure in the process of pursuing men, while some women saw their own prey, but just wentFingers, let the man run up obediently to himself.

Su Li is such a happy woman. When asked about her success, she mysteriously coquettishly said, “As a woman, chasing backwards is not impossible. You ca n’t even send flowers, write love letters, and pull banners like a man.Bragging about myself, waiting for the rabbits, giving gifts, doing free full-time part-time work . Some methods, used in men chasing women, will make people feel very romantic and touching, but it must be considered reasonable on the woman’s side.

If a woman wants to chase backwards, she needs to use a little cleverness and a little tricks. She must use wisdom to fasten the man, and use her talents to attract men to the palms of his hands, and he will willingly bow to your skirt. ”

  It seems that frankly showing love violently will only increase the sudden death rate of love. Smart women, knowing this, will not put the speed on the highest gear, like men seeking women, rushing forward, and wandering all the way, andIt is to slow down the speed to 30, chase slowly, to welcome and refuse, to be good at separation, to grasp the distance, to move his mind, to move his will, to win his eyes, and to get what he wants.Let this man bow his head and take the initiative.

When you chase him, he still thinks he is the initiative.

Zhang Xiaoxian said that the pursuit of a woman is actually just telling this man by action, please pursue me!

It means pulling the stance, hanging the fishing line, and wishing to hook it.

Yoga is perfect for your life

Yoga is perfect for your life

Yoga originating in India is as old as Chinese traditional qigong, and it seems to be full of mystery.

The word “yoga” is a transliteration of Sanskrit, meaning “combined” and “consistent”, that is, the combination of self and inner spiritual factors.

In recent decades, yoga has quietly spread throughout the world.

Today’s yoga has transcended the realm of painstaking practice and has become a unique means of fitness. While cultivating the natural beauty of the body and obtaining a high level of health, it has awakened the great motivation in the human body and used it to develop itself.Unique potential to gain self-actualization.

In total, there are 80-104 movements of yoga in mind and tranquility, which are divided into many factions. Among them, “BIKRAM” yoga is most popular in western countries.

Taiwanese coach Mo Huiping is a representative of this group of yoga.

Teacher Mo Huiping said that BIKRAM is also called hot yoga.

It is best for the practitioner to perform at a temperature of 38-40 seconds (it can also be performed at a constant temperature). Actually, the same can be done in the sauna, which can not only fully move the switch section, but also can lean the muscles and ligaments.

She told reporters that practicing yoga must first be physiologically peaceful and then cooperate with breathing exercises.

If you use your energy wisely, you will be able to give full play to your potential and complete your posture.

The thoughts of “resting with movement” and “resting with peace” fit well with yoga, which is why she is so intimate with this ancient fitness method.

  ”Yoga needs to be practiced in a quiet state of mind”, this is what Teacher Mo said to reporters before the practice began.

Looking at the people practicing yoga all around is relaxed and peaceful, like removing any distractions, cultivating meditation, focusing all the attention on the sensations generated by each action, and making the mind overly concerned about any part.
The journalist who is used to it is really not used to it. He always consciously or unconsciously observes the people around him. As a result, the action is always half done and he can’t persist. It seems that he has the perseverance to repair his morality.

Everyone can practice yoga. In this tens of square meters of gymnasium, there are teenagers and elderly people in their 70s, both male and female.

Yoga fitness has long been recognized as one of the safest and most creative exercises.

Yoga makes the body slowly and gradually shrink, easy to learn, no equipment, no deviation.

It doesn’t have aerobics, gymnastics-like vertical movements, and it doesn’t stretch your ligaments hard. There is almost no possibility of injury.

You can practice even if you have never participated in any other exercise and think you are stiff, as long as you can reach the position you can reach.

Mr. Mo said, “Although everyone steps differently, as long as you break to the most comfortable position, you can stay where you can for a while, and you will achieve the effect of exercise. Do not force yourself to feel uncomfortable.

“Not only that, yoga practice is very beneficial for a person’s muscle system, mental system, endocrine system, and digestive system.

Yoga exercises can relax your muscles after you finish the machine and help stretch your muscles.

It can help people’s body shape to be more evenly weighed and have beautiful lines; at the same time, it has the effect of quiet nerves, and a lot of people will reduce fatigue after training.

Focusing on practicing yoga can also balance various glands in your body, soothing from physiology to psychology; a large number of forward bending, reclining, twisting, oblique abdomen, squeezing and other movements in yoga movements can massage people’sInternal organs are very useful for digestion.

Some yoga poses can also treat diseases such as gallstones and lumbar muscle strain.

  Although there are no strong ligaments, yoga has the potential to help soften the body.

People of different ages and genders, as long as they routinely do yoga amplitudes and regard it as a way of life, it will not be difficult to find physical changes after a few weeks.

In addition to self-cultivation, yoga also pays attention to spiritual cultivation, which is very helpful for peace of mind and enhancing endurance in life.

Practice Collection Time: 1.

Yoga can be practiced at all times except meals; preferably three or four hours after a meal.


Early morning or evening is a good choice.


In the evening, the movement is generally more flexible than in the morning, so the yoga posture will be done in place.


Exercises in the evening can help to relieve the fatigue of the day and restore energy.

  Location: The location of the practice is especially important for yoga.

In troubled cities, people find it difficult to find pastoral or forest to practice, so you should choose a quiet, clean, comfortable and airy room as soon as possible.  The floor should be a mat made of natural materials, which is thin and suitable. It is not too soft or too hard. The mat must support its spine.

  Dressing Because yoga has a large number of twisted and twisted torso and limb movements, it is best to wear loose clothing, bare feet, and remove watches, belts or other accessories before starting the exercise, which may hinder movement.

  Diet yoga should be fasting.

Try to do the exercises three or four hours after a meal.

Try to avoid eating things that are too greasy, spicy and prone to hyperacidity; eat only 1 hour after the exercise.

  Caution 1.

Don’t force yourself.

When doing yoga poses and other exercises, remember not to force them.

Beginners may find their muscles or ligaments are stiff. After a few weeks of regular practice, their muscles and ligaments will be more flexible and flexible.


People with tinnitus or retinal problems should try to avoid upside-down body movements.

  Rule 1.

Breathing through the nose: Nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and also stabilize the nerves, making the body healthier.


Do not eat for an hour before or after practicing yoga: keep fasting.


Grasping the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement is more important than completing posture.


The number of breaths you can take to complete the posture is limited to your physical fitness.

Beginners can keep the number of breaths three to five times, and then increase the number slowly.


As long as you practice yoga as long as you can do your best, you can achieve results.


Six months after surgery and women’s physiological period should not practice difficult movements.


Hypertension, hypertension patients and pregnant women do only simple actions.