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9 year old girl writes Diary of Death

9 year old girl writes “Diary of Death”

“I would jump off the building and die at school, so that I would not hear the teacher tell me to lie, and my classmates would not dare to bully me, and I would never hear the teacher scold me again.
“I died at school so the uncle police could catch the badass teacher.”
“Can you believe that the author of such a diary turned out to be a primary school girl only 9 years old?
This diary is a diary written by Yingying (pseudonym) in the fourth grade of a primary school in Ganjingzi District, Dalian in May 2003.
  莹莹的六一很充实   初见莹莹时,天真的小圆脸上挂着一个小酒窝,还夸张地梳了两个“朝天辫”,由于是“六一”节,莹莹显得很开心.
When she saw the reporter, she was a little nervous. Although she didn’t like talking, she gradually relaxed and even researched the reporter’s glasses.
During the conversation, the reporter learned that Yingying loves animals, loves nature, and is most willing to see the lions and tigers in the zoo.
Like many elementary school students, I like to eat cherries and watch the cartoon “Doraemon” . Although the atmosphere has been very pleasant during the interview for more than an hour, the reporter still saw from Yingying’s eyes that she was very youngProportionate sorrow.
  On May 31, the school organized the children to watch the performance. On Children’s Day, Yingying’s mother promised to take her to the labor park and children’s park to play. The mother also prepared a large schoolbag full of delicious food.
Yingying is very happy. She has a good mother. She feels very content, much better than last year’s Children’s Day (just during the SARS period).
  9岁女孩写出死亡日记   据莹莹的妈妈讲,莹莹的日记是她去年5月份在检查孩子的算草本时,发现孩子原来还有日记作业,她好奇地翻到这篇日记时,“”I will jump off the building and die at school” suddenly appeared in front of Yingying’s mother.
She could hardly believe her eyes, she was surprised, how could her daughter’s psychology be such a state; she felt more afraid and afraid of losing her daughter (Yingying is a single parent family).
  For some reason, Yingying was unhappy with the original class teacher.
Yingying feels that the teacher is especially bad for her, and everything is against her and she is against her.
Even the classmates did not dare to play with her under the teacher’s advice. She wrote a “diary of death” in extreme anger and pain, when she was only 9 years old.
  Yingying’s mother brought the former class teacher and Yingying’s school to the court for the “Diary of Death”. Recently, after mediation by the Ganjingzi District Court, Yingying’s school agreed to pay Yingying’s economic assistance fee of 3,000 yuan.
  ”I want to grow up quickly” When a reporter asked how old she was this year, she exaggeratedly said that I was 11 years old (actually only 10 years old).
She always hopes that she will grow up quickly and become an adult, and she is more willing to play with children older than her.
  Speaking of those thick “death diaries”, Yingying said that it was actually the homework assigned by the teacher. She was unwilling to write a diary. When the reporter asked if you were not afraid that the teacher would say you after seeing it?
She said firmly, not afraid.
  From her speech and behavior, the reporter found that she had a lot of unwillingness to say, a lot of helplessness, a lot of reluctance, and even a lot of hate that did not fit her age.
When the reporter asked her whether she had a lot of dreams or nightmares, she hesitated and answered that she still had more nightmares.
Yingying’s mother said that her daughter is now much better, and at least she would not cry inexplicably like before.
What is worrying is that Yingying does not want to forget all the previous unhappiness.
She said that she must keep in mind who is good to her and who is not good to her, and remember for a lifetime.
  Who and why forced such a young girl to write such a “death diary” may not be clear to us forever, but no matter who it is, it is outrageous because of these “death diaries”Already seriously hurt a little girl’s pure heart.
  Who will soothe the mind of the child? Director Wang Renyong of the United Psychological Counseling Institute told reporters that Yingying’s single-parent family is likely to be the root cause of the child’s character.
Due to the instability of the family, children’s psychology is very easy to be unbalanced, sensitive, sensitive, paranoid, and self-centered.
Because of the lack of security of children in single-parent families, children have less communication with the outside world, long-term depression, low self-esteem, unconfidence, and poor adaptability.
But on the other hand, children’s ability to write their own words in the diary is also a release of children’s psychological pressure. It can also be said to be a good thing for children’s mental health.
  The occurrence of this incident also reflects the weakness of school psychological education. He once again called on schools to pay attention to psychological education regardless of size. Mental health counseling rooms should be set up to train specialized psychological counseling teachers to teach psychology courses.

Use of chopsticks is sophisticated

Use of chopsticks is sophisticated


Three long and two short: This means that before or during the replacement process, chopsticks of varying lengths are placed on the table.

This approach is unlucky, usually we call it “three longs and two shorts”.


hzh{display:none;}  其意思是代表“死亡”。Because the Chinese used to think that people would put in coffins after they died. When people put in coffins before they were put in, the components of the coffin were two short wooden boards on the front and back, and three long wooden boards on the sides and bottom.A piece of wooden board together with gypsum casing material is exactly three long and two short, so it is extremely unlucky.


Fairy guidance: This method is also extremely unacceptable. This method of holding chopsticks is to use your thumb and middle finger, ring finger, little finger to pinch the chopsticks, and a small number of index fingers.

In the eyes of Beijingers, this is called “swearing.”

Because the index finger form always points at others during meals, Beijingers generally symbolize that the index finger refers to the other person, and most of them mean blame.

  Therefore, using fingers to eat people with chopsticks is tantamount to blame others. This is the same as swearing and cannot be allowed.

There is also a situation that means the same, that is to talk to others during meals and point people with chopsticks.


Pingu sound retention: This method is also not possible. The method is to hold one end of the chopsticks in your mouth and use your mouth to slap back and forth, making a squeaking sound from time to time.

This behavior is considered a mean practice.

Because the nature of chopsticks with your mouth when eating is a kind of rude behavior, coupled with sound, it is even more boring.

Therefore, this practice is generally considered to be a global tutor and cannot be allowed.


Knocking down the bowl: This behavior is expected to beggars asking for food. The practice is to knock the bowl with chopsticks when placing.

Because in the past, only those who asked for food hit the rice bowl with chopsticks. The sound of the sound was matched with the mourning in their mouths, which made pedestrians pay attention and give alms.

This practice is considered to be extremely mean and shameless.


Persuasion to patrol the city: This method is to hold the chopsticks, if there is no human shape, use the chopsticks to go back and forth in the dish on the table, I do not know where to place chopsticks.

Obvious behavior is a typical manifestation of lack of cultivation, and no one is extremely amazing.


Lost planing grave: This refers to holding the chopsticks in the dish to keep pulling in order to find prey, just like a grave planing grave.

This approach is similar to the “Lost City Tour”, which is a lack of education and annoying.


Tears of tears: In fact, this is when using chopsticks to put vegetables on your plate, trying to resist falling, and pouring the soup to other dishes or on the table.

This practice is considered severely rude and equally undesirable.


Upside down: This means that the chopsticks will be used upside down. This method is very despised. It is the so-called revival that chooses no food, so that it doesn’t care about the face. It is absolutely impossible to turn the chopsticks down.


Dinghaishenzhen: It is not acceptable to use a chopstick to insert dishes on the plate when it is placed. This is considered a shame to people placed at the same table.

Making such a move at dinner is the same as the typical middle finger in public in Europe, which is not acceptable.


In front of the public: when it is often for the sake of helping others to serve rice, in order to save trouble, insert a pair of chopsticks in the rice and hand it to the other party.

It is regarded as disrespected by the people, because Beijing ‘s tradition only begins when incense is used for the dead. If you insert a pair of chopsticks into the rice, it is treated as if it were incense for the dead.The bowl is never accepted.
Crossing: This is often not noticed. When you cross, put chopsticks on the table casually.

This is wrong. For Beijingers, it is considered that hitting a fork at a dinner table is a complete negation of other people at the same table. It is known that students write wrong homework, and the teacher’s fork in a book is of the same nature and cannot be accepted by others.

In addition, this approach is also disrespectful to yourself, because in the past, you only hit the fork when you took a lawsuit. This can also be a denial of yourself. This is also not possible.


Shocked on the ground: The so-called “shocked on the ground” means that the chopsticks are dropped on the ground by mistake, which is a manifestation of serious rudeness.

Because Beijingers believe that all ancestors were dormant in the ground and were beaten incorrectly, the landing of chopsticks is equivalent to shocking the ancestors in the ground. This is a great filial piety, so this behavior is not allowed.

  There is a break method. Once the chopsticks land, you should quickly use the floor chopsticks to draw a cross on the ground according to the direction in which you are sitting.

Its direction is north-south first, then north-south.

It means that I am not a thing, and I shouldn’t startle my ancestors, and then pick up the chopsticks, and say in the mouth that I should be damned.

Yoga 3 thin waist thin

Yoga 3 thin waist thin

Enhance digestive function, promote metabolism, improve drooping of internal organs, tighten muscles . Time: morning, middle, evening, and fasting before meals can be practiced.

5 exercises each time?
10 minutes, each position can do 2 according to personal circumstances
3 rounds.

  Cobra twist type: waist-abdomen effect: enhance digestive function, relieve constipation, promote metabolism, reduce waist, back, excess fat.

Prone position: Place your hands on your side and chin on the ground.

Inhale and support your body with gravity. Slowly raise your spine and tilt back in the order of head, neck, shoulders, and chest.

Exhale, twist your shoulders, head to the right and back at the same time, keep your posture, and breathe 5 times naturally.

Inhale, turn your shoulders and head back to the middle position, exhale in the opposite direction, keep your posture, and breathe 5 times naturally.

Inhale back to the middle position, exhale slowly back to the original prone position, you can relax your hips with your head sideways.

  Tiger style: waist-abdomen function: increase the strong spinal and sciatic nerves, reduce the aunt in the waist, waist, thigh area, strong reproductive organs, especially suitable for female exercises.

Kneeling with your legs bent on your knees, your hands supporting the ground, your body straight, your body in a quadrangle, your left and right wrists, and your arms forward.

Inhale, raise your head, stretch your chest at the same time, and lift your right leg backwards.

Exhale while recovering the right leg to the abdomen, and lower your head.

The head is in contact with high blood pressure below the abdomen.

Repeat 4?
6 times.

Change your left leg.

  V-shaped posture: The function of tightening the waist and abdomen: tightening the abdominal muscles, tightening and raising the protruding stomach, improving the drooping of internal organs, at the same time correcting the legs and correcting the spine.

Sit forward with your feet upright, bend your knees, hold the soles of your hands with both hands, and pull your fingers toward your chest.

Inhale, straighten forward, straighten your chest, adjust your breathing, pull your feet up with your hands, stretch them straight, use the coccyx as the fulcrum, keep your body balanced, and breathe naturally 5 times.

Exhale while slowly returning to the original sitting position.

Applying food to remove dark circles

Applying food to remove dark circles

Many MMs often stay up late, emotional fluctuations, eye fatigue, too slow venous blood flow, insufficient oxygen supply to the red skin cells of the eye skin, excessive accumulation of cardiovascular and metabolic waste in the venous vessels, chronic chronic hypoxia, dark blood andFormation of stagnation and pigmentation of the eyes.

The result was two dark circles.

Today I will teach you how to use food to apply dark circles.

  External application to remove dark circles Method 1: Put potato chips on the eyes to take fresh potatoes, scrape the potato skins, and then wash, cut about 2 mm thick slices.

Lie on your back, lay potato chips on your eyes, wait about 5 minutes, and then wash with water.

Note that larger potatoes are preferred because of their longer coverage.

Do not use sprouted potatoes because they are poisonous.

Note: Potatoes contain powder, which can supplement the lack of eyes.

  External application to remove dark circles Method 2: If the dark circles appear frequently, you can use honey to reduce the dark circles. After washing your face, do not dry the water, let it dry naturally, and then apply it around the eyesFor honey, massage for a few minutes, and then wash with water after 10 minutes. Do not wipe off the water to become dry, just apply cream.

  Method 3: Remove the dark circles by hot application. After washing your face in the morning, warm the towel with hot water, then apply it to the eyes to allow the hot air to guide the blood circulation. When the towel cools, immerse it in hot water to replace it.Apply a cold compress for about one minute. Cold and hot compresses can eliminate venous congestion and eliminate blood vessel exposure.

After finishing, apply eye cream to improve hydration.

  Method 4 for external application to remove dark circles: The egg silver ring is boiled in a blink of an eye, the shell is cooked, covered with a towel, and then the silver ring is placed.

Close your eyes and go around the eyes, about 10 times on each side.

Heat and massage can increase blood circulation in the eyes.

The (magic) effect of eggs and sterling silver has the function of dispersing blood stasis.

  Method 5 for external application to remove dark circles: Calla lily dregs apply to the eyes. Wash the calla lotus root first, shave the horseshoe, and then chop the lotus root horseshoe.

Put the ingredients in a sweat press and add 2 cups of water to stir.

Separate the water and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Tips Water is allowed, two-pronged.

Apply before bedtime to reduce the chance of dark circles at sunrise.

Because lotus root and horseshoe are powdery, iron and protein, they have the effect of removing blood and removing blood stasis.

  Method 6 for external application to remove dark circles: Apples are applied to the eyes and the apples are sliced.

Close your eyes and place them under your eyes.

Wait 15 minutes.

Gently wipe your eyes with a cotton swab moistened with water.

Tips Cut apples don’t want to be oxidized, soak them in brine.

  External application to remove dark circles Method 7: Slice the cucumber and apply a slice of fresh cucumber to cut into thin slices. After cleaning the eye, apply it to the eye for about 15 minutes to replenish the moisture in the eye and improve it.Eye blood circulation effectively relieves dark circles.