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White-collar workers are preparing to work out while working out in the morning

White-collar workers are preparing to work out while working out in the morning

Office workers always say “work is too busy, no time to work out.”

Exercise does take time, but as long as you have the heart, you can turn it to zero.

Today, I will introduce several fitness methods based on minutes. You can also choose according to personal needs to find a fitness combination that suits you.

Don’t use time as an excuse anymore, these sports will not take up much of your time.

  In the 8 minutes before the morning, the physical function of middle-aged people began to decline. It is very important to strengthen self-care on a daily basis.

If you don’t have enough time, you can make full use of the time before the morning to exercise.

  Rotate your eyes for one minute. The eyeballs can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, which can make you stand out.

  Tooth-rolling the tongue for one minute gently taps the teeth to make the teeth and gums circulate and strengthen the teeth; rolling the tongue can make the tongue move freely and increase its sensitivity.

  Rub your nose with your thumb for one minute and rub your nose up and down with both hands to prevent nasal congestion and runny nose caused by cold in the morning.

  Comb your fingers for one minute. Use your fingers from your forehead to the back of your head to comb them in order to enhance blood circulation in the head.

Prevents cerebral vascular disease and darkens hair.

  Gently rub the earwheels for one minute with both fingers to gently rub the left and right earwheels to fever, thereby transforming the meridian dredge, especially for tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness and other symptoms.

  The abdomen and anus can be repeatedly contracted for one minute to raise the anus, which can enhance the contraction of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, and prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  Step on the soles of the feet for one minute and alternately step on the soles of the feet with both heels to make the soles feel warm.

Stepping on the soles of the feet has the effects of living meridians, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and reassuring the mind.

  Extension and flexion of the limbs for one minute through the extension and flexion movement, makes the blood quickly return to the whole body, supply enough oxygen and blood to the heart and brain system, and enhance the displacement of the limbs’ large and small joints.

Scavenger for fresh orange juice skin

Scavenger for fresh orange juice skin

The deliciousness of fresh orange juice makes us love it. After squeezing oranges into juice, it is convenient to carry out and quench thirst. At the same time, orange juice also has a variety of effects. Drinking orange juice not only prevents diseases, but also removes makeup and cleanses the skin. It is amazingRight!

  Tips: Fresh orange juice should be consumed within half an hour. Fresh orange juice should be stored for more than half an hour, and its nutritional content and health effects will shift.

In addition, orange juice left for more than half an hour may cause gastrointestinal diseases.

In addition, don’t add sugar to the orange juice, because sugared orange juice has a higher conversion than soda.

  Salty orange juice quickly replenishes orange juice after physical exercise. Rich fructose can quickly replenish energy, and up to 85% of water can quench thirst and refreshment. Adding salt to supplement the effect is more obvious.

  Drivers should bring bottles of orange juice to prevent urinary tract infections. Drivers are always afraid to drink more water.

However, although this can avoid internal emergency treatment, it will cause urinary tract infections over time, especially for female drivers.

  Drivers are always prepared to keep orange juice in their cars.

Acidic fruit drinks can reduce the number of bacteria in the urethra, and the incidence of urinary tract infections is greatly reduced.

Vitamin C in orange juice can also increase the acidity of urine, making it difficult for various bacteria that induce urinary tract infections to survive.

In addition to orange juice, lemon tea, kiwi juice can be kept in the car, the ingredients contained in these drinks can also prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infections.

  Drinking orange juice reduces the risk of heart disease. Drinking 3 glasses of orange juice a day can increase the body’s high-density lipoprotein (HDL) content, thereby reducing the possibility of disease.

Orange juice contains a specific chemical component, flavonoids and citrin, which promote HDL increase and transport “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) to the outside.

  Orange juice can remove makeup and deeply clean the skin. Use a towel to soak the orange juice to wipe the skin. After fully absorbing for 5 minutes, wash it with water. It can remove makeup and thoroughly clean the dirt and oil on the face.

Use it with confidence even on sensitive skin.

However, it is especially reminded to avoid exposure to the sun after cleansing with orange juice.