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Light vegetables improve male fertility_1

Light vegetables improve male fertility

Men, here’s another reason to eat more vegetables: good for sperm.

Some studies have shown that male fertility and semen quality have both declined over the past few decades.

As a result, some black aboriginal clinic scientists think of the ability of vegetables and fruits to regenerate.

For the past four years, scientists have been studying the relationship between dietary and workplace exceptions and male infertility.

  One of the experiments they did was to examine the possible effects of antioxidants on sperm.

Scientists believe that antioxidants can reduce sperm damage caused by oxidative stress.

In theory, a large number of antioxidants can improve sperm concentration and activity.

  Sixty-one men who encountered problems in their marriage participated in the study, of which 30 had defective sperm and the remaining 31 were defective.

Surveys have found that men with better sperm quality eat more fruits and vegetables more often, and usually supplement their diet with vitamins and antioxidants.

The study was published in the journal Indigenous and Infertile.

Scientists say the findings suggest that a healthy diet can make sperm healthy as well.

So remember, men, an apple a day keeps infertility away from me.

Six major skin care skin instantly become supple_1

Six major skin care skin instantly become supple

For skin aging, we can choose “pre-aging” to prevent it before it happens; we can choose “anti-aging” to delay the aging process.

But for the aging transformation that has already occurred, it is often helpless.

This year, the new anti-aging concept has been released, which can not only delay the aging process, but also dial back the skin clock that has passed.

Edited for you to capture the six most popular tips from netizens, so that your skin becomes instantly tender!

  Many people have done moisturizing work for a long time, but their skin is not tender. In fact, moisturizing is basically impossible. If you want to moisturize, you must master the following three steps: Wash your face gently: Many people do n’t like a little oily or habitualityIt ‘s not a correct idea to wash the skin until it ‘s astringent, and some people are convinced that it must be thoroughly cleaned before the skin can breathe.

Washing your face gently and moderately is the most important of all moisturizing work. If you wash too much, its practical microscope to observe the skin’s water-retaining film will often be washed out. In this case, even the best moisturizing is very difficult to achieve the best results.
  Abundant moisture: Refers to a lot of water and water such as lotion, moisturizing liquid, moisturizing gel, moisturizing essence, moisturizing mask and so on.

Of course, if you want to save money, your skin also has a bunch of water after washing your face, so you don’t have to apply some water.

The reason for requiring moisture is mainly because the water retention of the skin is reduced, and the amount of skin on the skin is insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to give moisture to increase the residual amount of the skin.

However, if you think about the skin, if the water retention is insufficient, it will increase the water’s brightness. However, if the water cannot be retained, it will be less than an hour or two and the water will run out. So this method is only suitable for the skin that retains water retentionGood skin.

Therefore, most people who want to regain their tenderness must still add a third step.

  Sufficient moisture: For skin with poor water retention, if you want to lock the added water to prevent it from running away, the oil content is necessary, otherwise the water will evaporate to take away more water, and the skin will be more dry and give enoughMoisturizing locks in moisture, and the second step is profitable.

So if you have oily or acne-prone skin that can’t tolerate even a little oil, do the first step to prevent the skin’s water retention from being damaged by more recent ones. If the skin’s water retention becomes poor, use only the second one.Point help but not much.

  First recruit: Cleansing products through deep cleansing, cleansing products can push your breakthrough new cell skin to the surface layer, and achieve the effect of restoring the skin’s smoothness and brightness, thereby showing your truest temperament.

  Recommended product: LANEIGE Moisturizing Foaming Facial Cleanser Recommended reason: This product contains raspberry and blueberry extract, which can thoroughly cleanse the skin and protect the skin from external stimuli.

  The second measure: toner Toner unique to add water, soften the effect of horny, can quickly stimulate the skin to absorb the nutrients in the cream.

Such characteristics just set off your ability to “learn well, learn cleverly”.

  Recommended product: Avene soothing spring water has a variety of trace elements and minerals unique, which can effectively alleviate skin sensitivity, soothe, repair sunburned skin, and leave a layer of transparency on the hydrolipidic film of your skinThe protective film keeps you aware of gentleness and comfort.

  The third trick: the beauty lotion and the traditional skin care benchmark using the “cream” directly after the “toner”, the intervention of the beauty lotion is a great innovation.

Its light aqueous solution can quickly penetrate the skin and intensive skin care.

  Recommended product: Freeplus Kanebo Moisturizing Repairing Liquid This product appeared in time, which not only conforms to the current trend of beauty skin care, but also moisturizes the skin.

Its unique seaweed essence NMF natural moisturizing factor can penetrate easily dry and rough skin like a combination, so that every inch of texture is filled with moisture.

In essence, its unique peach kernel, barley kernel, honeysuckle and other strictly selected high-quality and low-irritant raw materials can also promote the absorption of creams and provide a full range of moisture for the skin.

  The fourth trick: the cream The unique effect of the cream is that it can make its unique oil form a thin film on the skin to prevent the moisture in the stratum corneum from evaporating, so that you can handle everything with ease.

  Recommended product: Clinique Clinique Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream It can quickly replenish the skin’s required moisture, so that the skin is full and effectively soothes and dehydrates dry and dry skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth at all times.

  Fifth trick: Eye cream is the most delicate part of the body. The quality of the eye skin directly affects your overall charm display.

And a small bottle of eye cream can show your youthful beauty, why not?

  Recommended products: Freeplus Kanebo Nourishing Eye Cream Honeysuckle, Jujube, Chenpi and other carefully selected high-quality and low-irritant raw materials, will not add any burden to the soft skin, but also make full use of its unique effects to form around the eye skinProtective film prevents skin dryness and achieves moisturizing and healthy skin on eyes.

  Sixth trick: Isolation cream Isolation cream can not only prevent the intrusion of harmful substances in the air, but also provide a clean and gentle environment for the skin, so that your unique temperament is consistent.

  推荐产品:L’Oréal Paris巴黎欧莱雅多重防晒隔离露  它独有的高效紫外线A和紫外线B过滤膜专利肌肤活力素,不仅能有效预防肌肤变黑和出现色斑,还能使肌肤质地清盈、Not greasy.

Do you know how to keep up after getting up

Do you know how to keep up after getting up

Before we get up every morning, we insist on a few simple and easy movements, which will not only help to energize the whole day, improve work efficiency, but also help to enhance physical fitness, promote physical health and prolong life.

  Face rubbing: After opening the sleepy eyes in the morning, many people are accustomed to rubbing their eyelids with the back of their hands, which is certain for a clear head.

But it is not enough, rubbing the eyes does not prevent rubbing the face.

It is best to rub the “Yingxiang Acupoint” next to the nostrils at the same time with the middle fingers of both hands.

Then go up to the top of the head, separate to the sides, and merge along the two distal ends down to the position.

Repeatedly rubbing the face 20 times in this way will more than promote facial blood circulation, increase the ability of the facial skin to resist cold and cold, and refresh the brain to prevent colds.

As time goes by, there is also a reduction in facial wrinkles and a youthful look.

  Turn your eyes: Run your eyes, and do it in a hurry.

You can roll your eyes more than ten times, first right and left, then up and down.

Have the power to improve the optic nerve, enhance vision and reduce eye disease.

  Teeth: Lightly closed lips, upper and lower teeth slamming each other 36 times, it is advisable to rotate the tongue, and use the tongue to move the upper jaw several times.

It can promote blood circulation in the oral cavity, teeth, teeth, gums and gums, and enhance saliva secretion, so as to clear the dirt, improve the anti-caries ability and chewing function of the teeth.

  Lift your abdomen: lie on your back, straighten your legs, and breathe deeply.

When you inhale deeply, your abdomen lifts up strongly, and when you exhale, you loosen.

Repeating the abdomen stretching more than ten times can enhance the elasticity and strength of the abdominal muscles, prevent relaxation of abdominal wall muscles, slightly accumulate the abdominal abdomen, and have the benefit of strong digestion, absorption and absorption.

  Anal Lifting: Focusing on the anus ten times, it can enhance the strength of the anal sphincter, improve the perianal blood circulation, prevent anal prolapse and hemorrhoids.

  Comb hair: Sitting on the bed, fingers cross comb.

Comb from the forehead to the pillow, from the two ends to the top of the head, and repeatedly comb several dozens of times.

It can improve the blood nutrition supply of the hair roots of the head, reduce hair loss, white hair, promote hair brightening, and have the effect of refreshing the brain and reducing blood pressure.

  Bounce: Sitting on the bed, pressing the palms of both palms tightly on the ears.

With your fingers lightly hit the back of the brain, you can hear snoring sounds, every three or four times in the morning, it can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, strengthen hearing, and treat tinnitus.

  Cat body: Lie on the bed, spread your hands, straighten your legs, lift your hips, and arch your waist as hard as a cat arches its spine, then lower the high-up tibia. Repeat this several times to exercise your lower backThe muscles and joints of the limbs promote the flow of qi and blood throughout the body, and have the benefit of back pain.

White-collar workers are preparing to work out while working out in the morning

White-collar workers are preparing to work out while working out in the morning

Office workers always say “work is too busy, no time to work out.”

Exercise does take time, but as long as you have the heart, you can turn it to zero.

Today, I will introduce several fitness methods based on minutes. You can also choose according to personal needs to find a fitness combination that suits you.

Don’t use time as an excuse anymore, these sports will not take up much of your time.

  In the 8 minutes before the morning, the physical function of middle-aged people began to decline. It is very important to strengthen self-care on a daily basis.

If you don’t have enough time, you can make full use of the time before the morning to exercise.

  Rotate your eyes for one minute. The eyeballs can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, which can make you stand out.

  Tooth-rolling the tongue for one minute gently taps the teeth to make the teeth and gums circulate and strengthen the teeth; rolling the tongue can make the tongue move freely and increase its sensitivity.

  Rub your nose with your thumb for one minute and rub your nose up and down with both hands to prevent nasal congestion and runny nose caused by cold in the morning.

  Comb your fingers for one minute. Use your fingers from your forehead to the back of your head to comb them in order to enhance blood circulation in the head.

Prevents cerebral vascular disease and darkens hair.

  Gently rub the earwheels for one minute with both fingers to gently rub the left and right earwheels to fever, thereby transforming the meridian dredge, especially for tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness and other symptoms.

  The abdomen and anus can be repeatedly contracted for one minute to raise the anus, which can enhance the contraction of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, and prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  Step on the soles of the feet for one minute and alternately step on the soles of the feet with both heels to make the soles feel warm.

Stepping on the soles of the feet has the effects of living meridians, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and reassuring the mind.

  Extension and flexion of the limbs for one minute through the extension and flexion movement, makes the blood quickly return to the whole body, supply enough oxygen and blood to the heart and brain system, and enhance the displacement of the limbs’ large and small joints.

Scavenger for fresh orange juice skin

Scavenger for fresh orange juice skin

The deliciousness of fresh orange juice makes us love it. After squeezing oranges into juice, it is convenient to carry out and quench thirst. At the same time, orange juice also has a variety of effects. Drinking orange juice not only prevents diseases, but also removes makeup and cleanses the skin. It is amazingRight!

  Tips: Fresh orange juice should be consumed within half an hour. Fresh orange juice should be stored for more than half an hour, and its nutritional content and health effects will shift.

In addition, orange juice left for more than half an hour may cause gastrointestinal diseases.

In addition, don’t add sugar to the orange juice, because sugared orange juice has a higher conversion than soda.

  Salty orange juice quickly replenishes orange juice after physical exercise. Rich fructose can quickly replenish energy, and up to 85% of water can quench thirst and refreshment. Adding salt to supplement the effect is more obvious.

  Drivers should bring bottles of orange juice to prevent urinary tract infections. Drivers are always afraid to drink more water.

However, although this can avoid internal emergency treatment, it will cause urinary tract infections over time, especially for female drivers.

  Drivers are always prepared to keep orange juice in their cars.

Acidic fruit drinks can reduce the number of bacteria in the urethra, and the incidence of urinary tract infections is greatly reduced.

Vitamin C in orange juice can also increase the acidity of urine, making it difficult for various bacteria that induce urinary tract infections to survive.

In addition to orange juice, lemon tea, kiwi juice can be kept in the car, the ingredients contained in these drinks can also prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infections.

  Drinking orange juice reduces the risk of heart disease. Drinking 3 glasses of orange juice a day can increase the body’s high-density lipoprotein (HDL) content, thereby reducing the possibility of disease.

Orange juice contains a specific chemical component, flavonoids and citrin, which promote HDL increase and transport “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) to the outside.

  Orange juice can remove makeup and deeply clean the skin. Use a towel to soak the orange juice to wipe the skin. After fully absorbing for 5 minutes, wash it with water. It can remove makeup and thoroughly clean the dirt and oil on the face.

Use it with confidence even on sensitive skin.

However, it is especially reminded to avoid exposure to the sun after cleansing with orange juice.