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Simply look at the tongue to know the health

Simply look at the tongue to know the health

The tongue is an important organ in the mouth. Many diseases of the human body can be manifested through the tongue. It is like a barometer of the health of the body.

There is a layer of tongue coating on the tongue, which is a layer of moss spread on the tongue body. Normal people’s tongue coating should be thin and moist, dry and moderate, not slippery and dry.

  People with thick tongue coating may be implanted with digestive and respiratory diseases; yellow and thick tongue coating may indicate dampness and heat in the body, or inflammation in the digestive and respiratory tracts, and coughing may also indicate inflammation in the lungs; people with thick tongue coating may haveCold and damp; At the same time, patients with yin deficiency and those with chronic wasting diseases, such as tumors and tuberculosis, may show no tongue coating.

  Dark red tongue or ecchymosis, indicating insufficient blood and qi and cerebrovascular diseases. Older people need to consider whether blood viscosity or blood lipid is high; people with weak tongue should check whether they have anemia or malnutritionQi deficiency and chronic diseases.

  Tooth marks on both ends of the tongue may be qi deficiency. If it is accompanied by yellow, it indicates that there is hot and humid, and white may be cold and damp. Tongue pain may indicate oral ulcers and ulcers. If the tongue of the elderly is numb, it should beConsider whether there is insufficient blood and blood viscosity is too high.

  Observing the tongue coating is only one aspect of the diagnosis, and the symptoms shown by the tongue coating may also be artifacts.

Experts in traditional Chinese medicine remind you that if you find any abnormalities in your tongue, you should go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis in time, and never implant or use your own medicine.

Superstar moisturizers show their magic


Superstar moisturizers show their magic

If you sometimes feel dry skin; sometimes there are small fine lines on the face, but they gradually disappear through the water vapor; occasionally staying up late, wrinkles appear under the eyes.

Then you need to replenish.

Some things that celebrities are most willing to do is choose the skin care method that suits them best.

OK, in order to keep the skin hydrated, let’s take a look at what these stars are busy doing?

  Zheng Xiuwen’s moisturizing “bottom pot” on the physiological experience of the mask: When using SK-II as a mask, she was especially concerned about the environment of applying the mask. It must have soft light dripping, and soothing music and fragrant aroma.
  Trust in nature: buy fresh vegetables and fruits and eat a homemade VC dinner.

During work, make a cup of rose tea to help your body detox.

  Skin care concept: Natural product beauty has become fashionable, especially fruits, which have been brought to full use of their beauty potential, whether it is the products of major brands or homemade skin care products, which can bring you unprecedented care and make you like fresh fruit.Beautiful and fresh!

  Zhang Huimei Fragrance SPA will last forever the fatigue of youth and disappear without a trace, forever youthful vitality.

  Natural essence aromatherapy and beauty skin: Aromatherapy oil is a plant essential oil. Rose buds contain only a few extractable parts. About 100 roses can be used to extract a drop of rose essential oil, which shows its preciousness.

  Choose the essential oil that suits you: dry skin: lavender, sandalwood, orange blossom, rose, geranium.

     Oily skin: bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, lemon, rosemary, geranium, sandalwood.

  Combination skin: jasmine, lavender.

  Zhao Lin Spa is very health and beauty. When I go to a beauty salon to make a spa, she thinks this is the best way to skin care and health care.

  Nutrition drinks restore physical strength: A special “he” and “her” nutrient water swept the country, and Zhao Lin was also attracted by this healthy “water” life concept.