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Preventing fractures in the elderly

Preventing fractures in the elderly

According to research, after hip fractures in the elderly, the mortality rate is as high as 40%, and the 5-year survival rate is only 20%.

Therefore, hip fractures are known as the “last calamity” of the elderly. After the hip fracture occurred, some elderly people’s health deteriorated rapidly, and they could only stay in bed for a long time and even died within a year.


hzh{display:none;}  老人骨质疏松容易骨折在我国60岁以上的老年人中,女性患骨质疏松的概率为90%,而男性只有60%。Women from the year before menopause to 5 after menopause?
10 years, the amount of bone lost every year accounts for 5% of osteophytes?
8%, and the bone loss in a lifetime accounts for about 50% of osteophytes.

  Young people who have too much calcium in their bones are at high risk of osteoporosis, and they are prone to fracture.

If the elderly stay in bed for a long time and exercise is reduced, the amount of calcium lost every day is as high as 150 mg, and the amount of calcium lost every week accounts for 1% of the total body calcium, which is equivalent to the amount of calcium lost by normal people in a year.

  More sun exposure and more exercise can prevent fractures1. Don’t always keep cats at home. Regular outdoor exercise should be done regularly. Sun exposure and exercise are a good way to add calcium. Warm sunlight can promote vitamin D in the body.Synthesize, relieve calcium loss and strengthen bone.

  2. The influence of tobacco and alcohol on calcium absorption. You should smoke less and drink less. Eat more calcium-containing foods such as dairy products and soy products. Balance your diet to delay the aging process.

  3. Pay attention to the safety of the ground environment when walking, install handrails in the bathroom, and use non-slip b on the floor; use a cane when going out, and do not go out in rainy or snowy weather to reduce the risk of falling.

  Tips: It is recommended to maintain a balanced diet and appropriately increase some protein, calcium and vitamin foods, such as dairy products, seafood, soy products, eggs, fish and fresh vegetables, etc. are the fundamentals to accelerate bone recovery.

  Of course, proper functional exercise can fully improve the physical condition, can also promote blood supply to the affected limb, strengthen the function of the joints of the limb, and is also essential to accelerate bone healing.

Topical nourishing intensive custom preservation

Topical nourishing intensive custom preservation

Topical fresh-keeping recipes aim at the seasonal climate. Enjoying intensive fresh-keeping and intensive maintenance can be described as a luxurious long vacation for the skin. It provides the most efficient and comprehensive nourishing care in a short time, quickly recharges the skin and restores the best state.The skin provides the right remedy, spares no effort to provide superior support, continuous and appropriate intensive maintenance treatments, and can even change and optimize skin texture.

  Winter is a critical time for the skin to reserve energy, and moisturizing becomes the first.

As the air becomes drier and colder, the waste keratin is more likely to accumulate, resulting in poor blood circulation on the surface and disordered water and oil balance. At this time, you should choose a cream product with a higher moisture content to absorb and massage, and promote skin blood circulation and metabolism.Deep nourishing effect and cold resistance; bid farewell to the early and spring seasons of winter, the climate is dry and changeable, the day and night humidity difference is large, coupled with the fierce attack of ultraviolet rays, the whitening homework must be promoted to the top priority.

  La Prairie Caviar Crystal Essence ¥ 3700 / 30mL In summer, sun protection has been recognized. At the same time, you must pay attention to cleaning the excessive body salt and sebum discharged by sweat, otherwise it will cause stains due to the accumulation of the surface;The increase in the number of baths will cause excessive water loss and imbalance of PH value, which will also lead to dark skin and dark spots. It is recommended to use more toner or toner in the summer to strengthen moisturizing, soften excess horny and facilitate nourishment and absorption;Whitening is required all year round, but relatively speaking, autumn is the best time to whiten.

The advanced behavioral period of 2 weeks of moisturizing repair should be followed by intensive whitening treatment.

  HR Helena Precise Skin Renewal Night Anti-Wrinkle Essence is a new and unpriced massage technique. The freshness of the finger and ring finger are the two standard fingers for massage. The strength is the most suitable. The fingers should move slowly and evenly on the skin during massage.Never pull the skin (you can observe the mirror during the first massage, the standard is that the fingers will not pull the skin lines when moving).

  ¥ 12200 The necessary “hand” massage: ①Apply the nourishing cream evenly on the lower jaw, forehead and face. Lift the lower jaw along the corner of the lips, and gently massage up to the eye socket.Until it returns to the lower jaw, repeat the massage until it is completely absorbed; ② Make a “v” posture with the index finger and middle finger, gently stretch the entire lower jaw along the cheeks to stop at the earlobe, repeat 5 times, effectively delay skin relaxation, eliminateAnnoying “double chin”; ③ Use the middle finger and ring finger to lift up and massage 5 times from the corner of the lip to the base of the ear; ④Move the same five times from the nose along the orbit to the temple;First massage up to the bun, then extend through the bun to the temples on both sides and repeat the movement 6 times.

  Supreme Aupres Revitalizing Essence Cream ¥ 650 / 30g