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Kerala looking for the realm of yoga

Kerala looking for the realm of yoga

Kerala is a green, clean and magical land located on the southwest coast of India. There are neat rice fields, rows of eye-catching coconut groves and calm, turquoise and turquoise waters, all kinds of charming art forms.

  Speaking of India, almost everybody knows the touching story of the Mughal dynasty Shah Jahan and Taj.

But let’s have a glimpse into the essence of India, in another paradise on earth-Kerala.

  In the ancient and mysterious Kerala, it has never been a legend. Here, in addition to the introductory spiritual practice courses at the retreat, YOGA, meditation, Ayurveda and massage are daily required courses.Or visit the purest YOGA essence and the most authentic Indian sesame oil SPA at the Taj Palace Hotel to complete the conversion of life and spirit in the realm of heaven and man.

  Kerala-The Venice of the East Kerala is a green, clean and magical land located on the southwest coast of India. There are neat rice fields, and rows of eye-catching rows of coconut groves and calm waves are emerald green like emerald.The vast waters, various fascinating art forms, across the sea from Sri Lanka, multiple cultures blend, quiet and exquisite.

  Kerala’s Houhai resort is known as the Venice of the East. There are a total of 29 lakes connected to the Arabian Sea and Lake Fanbana. The vineyards inhabited by residents here are traditional South Indian boats with coconut palm sheds.The coastal buildings are quiet and beautiful, and the European-style dwellings dotted with stars are hidden behind the shade of coconut trees.

  Embark on a journey in the name of Yoga. When YOGA is considered as one of the indoor fitness programs, there are already YOGA practitioners who respect nature. They are no longer satisfied to confine themselves in a small space. They left the troubled city and went to practice YOGA in the wild.
  In ancient Kerala legends, the small village deep in the coconut grove on Kerala’s southernmost coastline is a holy place.

Today, it has become a famous spiritual center.

Everyone who comes to Kovalam Retreat can enjoy the purest form of nature.

The ancient thatched house is set in a coconut grove on a cliffside hillside by the sea, facing the blue ocean of the Indian Ocean.

Here you can enjoy different essential oils and procedures, training and guidance provided by the exclusive medical experts of the Retreat Village according to your physical condition.

This SPA creates a “temporary island in space”.

  The top Ayurveda SPA at the Taj Palace Hotel, if you have finished YOGA, you can go to the Taj Royals Hotel to enjoy a top-level SPA based on the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda in India for 5,000 years, which will make your physiology thoroughlyGet moisturized and liberated.

  TAJRETREATRESORT is located in the lush coastal jungle of Kovalam. The grand lobby and rooms still retain the royal style to this day.

Each bathroom is absolutely private, and you can see the lush garden view.

Particularly commendable is that the water garden that was once the royal family is now a luxurious spa.

The location of all the spa centers is facing the invincible sea view. You can relax in the infinite gentle smile of the Indian beauty.

  The magical luxury boat house Houhai trip. In addition to the Muslim style with oriental colors, the local buildings are more European-style small waterfront buildings. There is a small garden in front of the house and a brick house with an inclined roof. It is very warm and lovely.

No wonder the international five-star hotel TAJGARDENRE 鄄 TREAT and so on.

  The people here are simple and enthusiastic, and they have retained the world ‘s oldest style of boat house. I live in a one-bedroom, one-living suite, and on board, the captain wears a bunch of jasmine wreaths for me.A cook and a British housekeeper are included with the boat. After the boat is delivered, flowers, seasonal fruit baskets, European and American, Indian and Chinese meals are served daily. The meals are served on the green banana leaves. PureKerala style.

There was also an English afternoon tea, and another day was just so easy.

Allergic rosacea solves 7 emotional skin problems

Allergic rosacea solves 7 emotional skin problems

Emotions can upset your mind and make your skin worse.

Ted Grossbart, a clinical professor of psychology at Harvard University School of Medicine, tells us that any emotional problem, especially those that cannot be resolved immediately, can cause skin problems, perhaps blushing and allergies, and even unusual skin problems such as rashes.

How to control emotions, relieve stress and prevent them from harming our skin?

We provide some professional solutions.

  Skin selection editors feel that this emotional skin popular point is translated as “hand owing skin disease”, which is a form of compulsive psychology caused by skin problems, including tearing the skin, pulling down thorns, and squeezing blackheads.

This usually starts with a small flaw and ends up being uncritical and uncomfortable, causing scars and remorse.

  Solution · Heidi Waldorf, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, published a book called “HANDS OFF!

) Books, her advice to us is to use the Clarisonic facial cleansing brush to help those who have to peel off, and use the brush to exfoliate, which can safely smooth the skin and satisfy their needs.The pleasure of removing dead skin.

  If the problem is serious, then Iona Ginsburg, a clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University in psychiatry, advises: “It is important for patients to understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, and where his stress is coming from.

“So they will take small steps to treat them, some putting band-aids on a few key fingers, preventing them from continuing to tear their skin.

If you can’t help squeezing out the acne on your body, stick the fingers you need for squeezing to the band-aid.

  · You can also find some healthy activities to keep your hands busy, such as squeezing decompression toys, playing guitar, etc. are also one of the treatment methods, the purpose is to make you forget to tear your skin.

  · One method is hypnosis.

Give the patient an instruction under hypnosis, such as stop biting the dead skin on his finger when he sees a stop sign. This can help patients with emotional skin disease resist temptation.

  Blushing This usually occurs in social situations, because of fear or shyness, which activates a person’s fighting or flight response, releases adrenaline, and dilates blood vessels in the face, which causes blushing.

People with severe blushing problems often have low self-esteem and affect social and emotional issues.

  Solution · If you only blush on specific occasions, such as speaking in public, then taking beta blockers beforehand can help stop adrenaline production.

  · You can also have ice cubes in your mouth or a mouthful of ice soda in your throat.

Coldness can help slow nerve stimulation and reduce the chance of blushing.

  These are only temporary solutions, and there are long-term solutions for emotional blush patients.

“Based on biofeedback, you can try to control your blood vessels,” doctor Tausk said.

This technique requires the use of scientific instruments, including various measurement tools such as blood pressure meters.

With exercise, patients will learn to think of certain things, or do certain actions that will lower blood pressure, reduce stress and flush, so that eventually they can control their emotions without the machine.

  Rosacea rosacea is a sign of uncontrollable blush and persistent redness, which may worsen due to stress, spicy food, red wine, sudden changes, etc.

Rosacea is also often accompanied by acne, in which case the blood is usually quenched and bacterial.

  Solution · Controlling stress and avoiding the various triggers mentioned above are the key to controlling rosacea. Oral antibiotics can also be used to reduce antibiotics and bacteria.

  · The method suggested by Heidi Waldorf, assistant clinical professor of dermatology, is to use a pulsed laser, such as Vbeam, to perfectly improve the patient’s persistent redness.

  Reduce the number of superficial blood vessels in the face, thereby reducing facial blood flow.

After 1–3 treatments, the polishing effect is generally available.

  Acne because of stress hormones causes the skin to secrete more oil, which can lead to pores, neuropeptide inflammation and acne problems.

Severe acne can also lead to psychological problems such as inferiority and social disorders.

  Solution · Dermatologist and clinical psychologist Richard Fried suggests finding a suitable method of decompression to keep the skin in good condition.

“Tai Chi, running, having sex, taking a hot bath, and anything else that can help your body decompress can reduce acne,” Richard said.

  · Of course, even zen masters may have acne problems. Don’t be nervous when you have this problem. Use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to clean the pores.

If the problem is serious, ask your dermatologist for a cortisone injection in 24 hours.

  If you have a large acne area, ask a dermatologist for a prescription lotion, lotion and pills that contain soluble antibacterial elements and retinoids to kill bacteria and inflammation.

For those who have huge cysts due to stress, doctors can give them antibiotics to get through this painful period as soon as possible.

  Emotions can upset your mind and make your skin worse.Ted Grossbart, a clinical professor of psychology at Harvard University School of Medicine, tells us that any emotional problem, especially those that cannot be resolved immediately, can cause skin problems, perhaps blushing and allergies, and even unusual skin problems such as rashes.

How to control emotions, relieve stress and prevent them from harming our skin?

We provide some professional solutions.
  Allergic dermatologist and clinical psychologist Richard Fried told us: “When the skin is dehydrated, the cells that were once plump will shrink and the spaces between the cells cause sensitivity.

“Even people in good health may find that the creams they usually use suddenly make them feel pain and itching, but this is generally temporary sensitivity.

  Solution · Supplement omega fatty acids (fish, linseed, evening primrose oil) and vitamin D3, which is the key to skin repair.

  · Avoid excessive skin irritation and skin care products containing excessive skin rejuvenation, scrubs, preservatives, and fragrances.

Choose soothing ingredients, mild moisturizing cleansing products, certain camomile, green tea extract, and more.

  · Moisturizers usually contain dimethyl silicone oil, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid. They are the guarantee for repairing the foundation of the skin and can help the skin move better.

  Acute measles The red scars of acute measles are not aesthetically pleasing. Excessive emotional changes will cause the body temperature to rise, and then cause adrenaline secretion, which may cause acute measles.

Worry, anger, or even laughter, any feeling that makes you hot can cause a sudden appearance of hives for several hours.

And it can happen repeatedly over the course of a week and months.

  Solution · To treat this type of acute measles, calming your mood is a crucial step.

Antihistamines are very effective. In addition to stabilizing the release of histamine from cells, antihistamines can also have anxiolytic effects.

That’s why these pills can make you sleepy.

  Relaxation therapy is effective for some people and can do yoga and deep breathing.

  If this doesn’t work, find a cool and clean room and use music to calm yourself.

  Rash Even if you have not been exposed to an oral rash patient, you may still have a sudden rash problem.

Itching, pimples, and peeling caused by mood swings, you may develop a slight rash and itching due to the histamine released by the body.

Anyone can get a rash, but people who have ever had eczema, psoriasis, or immune-related rashes are more likely.

These problems are exacerbated because stress can ignite T cells (white blood cells) and cytokines (proteins that regulate inflammation).

  Take psoriasis, for example, the role of excessively active T cells and chemicals suggests that the skin’s metabolism needs to be restarted, so that the skin’s metabolism has changed from normal 28 days to 8 days, resulting in cell accumulation, thickening, and replacement.This leads to psoriasis.

  Solution · Worry that it is really necessary for many people who love skin rash. Some doctors suggest that skin treatment and psychotherapy should be performed at the same time.

Small doses of antidepressants and anxiety can reduce stress and prevent emotional bursts.

  · Doctors’ study of patients with psoriasis found that those who added meditation music to their treatments had a 48% improvement in healing time.

So hypnosis can also relieve symptoms. Some doctors will guide patients to imagine lying in a pool of yogurt, and the dry and itchy skin is relieved.

With the pictures portrayed by psychologists, patients imagine the pictures themselves, which can affect their psychology.

“The stress is gradual, but learning to manage your own skin’s response will reveal incredible possibilities.

“Said dermatologist Ranella Hirsch.

Watermelon-Let the skin revolution

Watermelon-Let the skin revolution

Watermelon’s nutritional ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin, moisturizing the skin, nutrition, sun protection, and whitening effect.

You may also use these methods to make your skin a beautiful meal.

  Watermelon juice also contains a number of important health and beauty chemicals.

These nutritional ingredients of watermelon are easily absorbed by the skin, and have good moisturizing, nourishing, sunscreen and whitening effects on the skin.

  The first measure: Watermelon peeling skin rejuvenation facial mask beauty effect: spotting, hydrating, sedation Method 1: Cut this clean watermelon skin into two millimeters thin slices with a sharp knife.

Gently massaging the skin with melon peels has a soothing and hydrating effect.

  Method 2: Wash the whole watermelon, shave the green peel, and then shave a piece of white peel and put it on your arms and arms one by one. Change the new watermelon peel for about 5 minutes for a total of four times, and thenRinse well with water.

  Second measure: Watermelon Cooling and Softening Mask DIY Beauty Effect: Vitamins A, B, and C contained in watermelon are all necessary nutrients to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. When applied to the body, it will have a very good softening effect.

  Material: 1/4 cup of watermelon meat, paper mask making method: 1.

Use a fork or spoon to mash the watermelon until it becomes smooth.


Then apply the mashed watermelon meat to both ends.


Finally, apply a commercially available paper mask. After about 20 minutes, wash your face thoroughly with cold water.

  The third measure: Watermelon juice replenishes skin and beautifies skin effect: Watermelon contains a large amount of water and fiber. Applying the surface can make the skin refreshing and comfortable, and play a role in moisturizing and reducing pores.

  Material: Watermelon half way: first refrigerate the watermelon, peel the meat and peel it, apply the peel on the surface for 5 minutes, and then wash it with water.

  The fourth measure: Homemade watermelon post-sun repair mask beauty effect: often feel the skin beating after sun exposure, at this time the skin needs to be calm before you can have further treatment.

Watermelon peel mask can cool down the face and calm the skin.

  Ingredients: One piece of watermelon rind, and appropriate amount of honey.

  Method: Make a mask with watermelon peel juice and honey.

  To use: Apply directly on the face for about 25 minutes.

  Fifth measure: Watermelon fruit skin beauty effect: The diuretic effect of watermelon lies in the melon peel of chlorophyll to clear blood.

Pineapple contains pineapple, which can break down protein and help digestion.

  Material: 2 slices of watermelon and 1/8 of pineapple.

  Production method: 1.

Watermelon peeled and sliced to squeeze pure juice.


Peel the pineapple and cut it into long slices to squeeze pure juice.


All pure juices are mixed and stirred well, and immediately put or refrigerated.

  After eating watermelon, you may also use these methods to make your skin a beautiful meal.

How can you not try this simple and powerful method?

Top ten happy newbies in the workplace


Top ten happy newbies in the workplace

Without understanding the various conditions of the job market and lacking advance preparations, we will definitely suffer Waterloo.

Finding a job can actually be very happy, as long as you diligently recite the top ten happy plasters of this article every day, to keep you away from the tragic job search period.

  Understand that if you are rooted, you are still confused about “who am I”, “what do I want” and “why do I work?”

It is recommended that you quickly and thoroughly think about it, introspection, reading, consult parents, teachers, experts, only by clearly understanding their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, expertise and future goals, can you find a job that suits you, now seriously yourselfThe call of the heart.

  Self-confidence and self-confidence are the essence of no one. Only when you train yourself every day, have confidence in yourself, and truly face your strengths and weaknesses, can you love others, love work, and distribute a confident self-confidence in interviewHis temperament won the favor of the examiner.

  Fully prepared for life. If you want to go to a good job in this “battle” fierce job market, there are too many things to prepare, such as basic knowledge of enterprises and industries, preparation of autobiography, resume, interviewWaiting for coping skills, of course, we must be psychologically prepared to enter the job market and become fresh.

  It’s time-saving to do everything. Don’t fight alone in this employment jungle. Quickly inform your friends and relatives and collect a wide range of employment opportunities and intelligence to save time and hit your target.

  Don’t be shy about showing yourself the opportunity. Do n’t be shy about showing yourself. In all levels of job application, you must take the initiative to try various opportunities to let the business owner know that it is a jade. Just sculpting and carving will be a shining diamond.Courage to be yourself.

  Unless you are writing an autobiographical resume or going to an interview, you must have a good self, words, and polite responses to make a good impression and further enhance your chances of being hired.

  Creative humor is a bitter part of life. Some aspects of life are bitter. During the job search process, it does not hinder the use of creative ideas and sense of humor. I believe that the examiner will be particularly impressed today and will definitely like it.

  Listen carefully as a smart book. Don’t be too noisy during the interview process. Listen to the business owner’s question first. Try?

Understand, observe the culture of the company, ask questions prepared in advance, and listen carefully to determine whether they are suitable for the job.

  In the face of refusal to make progress as a job search, it may not be satisfactory. Accepting the silence (resume) of the business owner and refusal (notified by notification) does not mean that you have a problem with your ability. As long as you observe it yourself, try again.Looking for a suitable job, maybe Seon is ill-informed.

  Success and renewal as the basis for success When job hunting encounters setbacks, you don’t need to consider it as miserable as the end of the world. Once you learn a lesson, continue to redouble your courage, and the distance from success will be closer and closer.

In the early spring, you have a sore throat and see what kind of fire you are.

In the early spring, you have a sore throat and see what kind of “fire” you are.

The Chinese medicine monarch refers to a calculation. Recently, many of you have had acne, and the scorpion has hurt. It is more difficult than usual.
This does not blame the constellation does not blame the water, in fact, it is in the early spring, it is just spring. It is a vibrant season, and the grass grows like a baby who just woke up.
As the first season in the four seasons, it represents vitality, vitality, and makes people feel that the air they breathe is relatively fresh. This is a good season for health, but it is especially easy to pay attention to the fire. There is a virtual fire: drinking duck肉粥   出现虚火的人,比如出现长痘、喉咙痛、口腔溃疡、失眠、多梦。This type of person drinking cold tea will cool down and cause the body to be more virtual.
  So how do people with virtual fires eat?
Very simple, drink duck porridge!
Duck porridge is an ancient prescription in the ancient Chinese medical book “Elbow Reserve”, which can supplement Yin and benefit blood and clear heat.
有实火:喝凉茶   对有实火症状,比如出现口渴、口臭、便秘、眼睛红肿、牙龈肿痛、脾气大、爱发火等,降火不妨喝点凉茶,比如金银花+野菊花泡水喝The girl added two more sputum.
The essence of herbal tea is herbal tea, and the drug is cold.
(点击图片进入商城) 春天易烧两把火 第一把火:胃火   表现症状:胃肠道症状表现为胃部灼热疼痛、腹胀、口干口臭、大便稀烂、便秘、牙龈肿痛、胃口不Wait a minute.
Stomach fire is also divided into two types: virtual fire manifests as mild cough, bad appetite, constipation, abdominal distension, red tongue, and little fur; real fire manifests as upper abdominal discomfort, dry mouth and bitterness, and dry stool.
  Stomach fire is the stomach heat.
For the anger caused by improper diet such as alcoholism, spicy food, over-eating cream and thick taste, Chinese medicine refers to stomach fire, which is usually caused by damp heat and food stagnation.
Chinese medicine believes that the regulation of stomach fire should follow the principle of clearing heat and clearing stagnation. Eat diet and control, eat too much superheated food, eat less sweet food, and add yellow-green vegetables and seasonal fruits to supplement vitamins and inorganics.Insufficient salt, and proper attention to oral hygiene.
For medical treatment, Chuan Lian, wick flower, lotus seed core, Ophiopogon japonicus and other diarrhea fire can be used.
  Fire-reducing food: fresh radish juice, mung bean porridge.
Radish juice practice 1. Wash and peel the white radish and cut into small pieces.
  2. Put the white radish block into the juicer and mix it into juice. Add plenty of cold water to mix well when drinking.
  White radish can help sputum excretion from the intestines, promote intestinal peristalsis, and improve problems such as flatulence and constipation.
In addition, white radish also has anti-inflammatory effects, which can effectively eliminate bad breath caused by constipation.
Mung bean porridge Ingredients: 30 grams of gypsum powder, glutinous rice, mung bean, the right amount.
  Practice: firstly boil the gypsum with water, then filter the residue, take the clear liquid, and finally add the glutinous rice and mung bean porridge.
The second fire: liver fire symptoms: headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, dry mouth, bad breath, bad breath, rib pain, sleep instability, body sultry, thickening of the tongue, cheeks and pox.
  Liver fire is caused by external stimuli, so it is very important to adjust emotions and stabilize emotions. Anxiety will add fuel to the fire, and maintaining a good mood will help regulate the body’s anger.
To prevent liver fire, it is not advisable to eat spicy, sea bream, too greasy, fried food, and mutton, shrimp, fat, ebony, etc., so as not to add fuel to the fire.
  Fire-reducing food: 枸杞 chrysanthemum tea.
The practice of rock sugar chrysanthemum tea Material: 枸杞 10g, white chrysanthemum 10g, crystal sugar amount.
  Practice: 1. Wash the sputum and chrysanthemum separately.
  2. Boil the water.
  3. Put the medlar and chrysanthemum into the cup and wash it with boiling water.
  4, put the right amount of rock sugar into the cup, stir well.
I don’t know what kind of “fire” I have, but also have a safe and easy to use universal coup: After getting up in the morning, brush your teeth and wash your face, drink a cup of warm salt water, about 200 ml.
It not only helps detoxification, but also has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire. Especially, it is effective in dealing with acne, and it is also effective in dealing with sore throat.
Eating these fruits can also reduce the fire. Watermelon: sweet and cold, with heat and heat, diarrhea and irritability, appetizing, digestive and diuretic functions, mainly used for summer heat and polydipsia.
However, patients with heart failure and edema cannot eat more.
荸荠: sweet and cold, with the heat of the lungs and stomach, the function of phlegm and phlegm, can clear the eyes, cure hemorrhoids, blood in the stool.
Prevention of meningitis, high blood pressure, can help treat chronic cough, spit and phlegm.
Pear: sweet and cool, slightly sour, with the function of clearing heat and fluid, moistening the lungs and removing phlegm. It is often used for fever, pain, thirst, thirst, heat, cough, dryness, cough, constipation, etc.However, the stomach cold spleen diarrhea is not eaten.

枇杷: Lee lung gas, phlegm and cough (heat cough), and stomach gas, have a cool and thirst-quenching effect.

Constipation, treatment of sores, bronchitis are not eaten.

Persimmon: sweet and cold, moist lung and cough, clearing away heat and revitalizing phlegm and softening, spleen, sputum, cure cough, stop bleeding, have high curative effect on hemorrhoids.

However, eating more will produce persimmon stones, so it is appropriate.

Dragon fruit: Dragon fruit has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, repelling the intestines and laxatives.

Eating dragon fruit can also promote eye health, increase bone density, help cell membrane formation, prevent anemia and anti-neuritis, keratitis, lower cholesterol, whiten skin and prevent dark spots.

Tips to prevent your baby from spitting milk

Tips to prevent your baby from spitting milk

Just fed and vomited again. What is going on?

I have just breastfed the baby, but immediately vomited it. Many young mothers and fathers have experienced baby spitting.

Must be both anxious and distressed at the time?

In fact, “spitting milk” is very common, generally do not have to worry too much, analyze the cause of spitting milk and the physical characteristics of the baby, you can master some effective techniques.

Help your baby avoid spitting.

  It’s just a burp. It’s not that the spit baby is normal after drinking milk, but after a few minutes, the mouth milk suddenly appears at the corner of the mouth.

In this case, you don’t need to be overly nervous, because judging from the amount of baby’s vomiting, it doesn’t belong to vomiting or even overflowing milk.

  Spitting and spilled milk actually refer to the phenomenon of milk flowing out of the baby’s mouth.

Spitting is a backflow of food due to the inadequate digestive system of the baby’s stomach and intestines.

Under normal circumstances, vomiting may occur shortly after breastfeeding. Before vomiting, the child has an open mouth and neck, a painful expression.

Because all the food in the stomach is emptied, the amount of spitting is relatively large, and in severe cases, spitting may occur.

If this is the case, parents need to be careful, and the baby should be taken to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

  The overflowing grandmother refers to the situation where the air is brought into the stomach when eating milk, and a small part of the milk is squeezed out due to the pressure in the stomach, causing the milk in the stomach to involuntarily flow back to the outside of the mouth.

The amount of spilled milk is relatively small, and it usually occurs when you just spit out a mouthful or two when you have just finished milking. Please be assured in this case. In fact, the baby just took a snoring, so that a small amount of milk overflowed from the corner of the mouth.

  By observing the baby’s performance during vomiting, parents can more accurately determine that the baby’s vomiting happens to be in this situation. If it is only a slight spill, there is no need to take special treatment methods, as long as you can help the baby slap.Can be effectively improved.

  It needs to be reminded that this situation will be significantly improved by overcoming the baby’s gradual growth. Usually, the baby’s milk overflow phenomenon will gradually improve after starting to eat solid food.

  Coughing can also cause vomiting babies to catch a cold, especially when they have a viral respiratory infection, which can cause symptoms such as coughing.

Coughing can cause increased abdominal pressure, and it is often accompanied by vomiting.

If you feed your baby at this time, it is very easy to vomit.

  A cold cough will cause faster breathing and cause vomiting and overflowing, so pay attention to the coordination between breathing and feeding and swallowing. When your baby is coughing or preparing to cough, do not breastfeed, so as not to cause vomiting.

Feeding at this time will seriously cause the milk to spray out of the nasal cavity and hurt the baby’s young organs.

  Be especially careful when feeding your baby when he or she has a cold. The speed must not be too fast. Make sure that the baby has swallowed the milk before feeding the next one and try to “slightly eat more.”

  The vomiting baby’s stomach caused by an incorrect feeding position does not lie downwards like older children and adults, but is in a horizontal position. The stomach has a small capacity, stores less food, and the stomach contraction function is not fully developed, so it can easily occur.Spit milk.
Fathers and mothers who do not understand the characteristics of the baby’s stomach may inadvertently increase the possibility of spitting out the baby when feeding.

  Mistake 1: Supine feeding may be because you are afraid that your baby is tired, or you can even breastfeed. Too many parents adopt the method of feeding their baby while lying supine. This is actually not scientific.

Due to the particularity of the baby’s stomach structure, it is easy to cause milk to stay in the stomach when lying on its back, and it is easy to cause vomiting.

The more correct posture is to hold the baby for feeding, so that the baby’s body is inclined at about 45 degrees, and the milk in the stomach naturally flows into the small intestine, which can effectively reduce the chance of vomiting caused by lying down and feeding.

  Mistake 2: The proportion of air entering the adult when feeding, the position of the throat of the newborn is higher, and the way they contain nipples is awkward. The air is easy to suck into the stomach together with the milk when feeding, which will cause burps or shakingIt is easy to vomit when you are physically.

  It is indeed when the baby is feeding, the first is to try to move lightly, do not shake the baby’s body crooked.

The second is to let the child’s mouth cover the entire nipple when feeding, and do not let the air flow in.

When feeding with a bottle, the milk should be completely filled with teats, and try to avoid the air brought into the child’s stomach during feeding to cause vomiting.

  It is important to pay attention that after feeding, be sure to let your baby take a nap: hold the baby up against the shoulder, pat the baby’s back, and let him breathe the air in his stomach when he sucks out.Then put the baby on the bed, so that it is not easy to spit milk-this “putting” is also about skill, experts advise us that it is best to let the baby stand for a while after feeding, the best position when laying down is right sidePosition, the pillow is slightly raised, these small measures can effectively reduce vomiting.

Old people practicing Tai Chi can prevent falling fight

Old people practicing Tai Chi can prevent falling fight

As the saying goes, “eat and prevent phlegm, walk and prevent falling.

“The elderly are prone to osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. If they fall down accidentally, the light will hurt the bones and the others will be bedridden.

How to prevent falling, Tai Chi is a number of ideal sports.

  Yang Chengyi, the founder of Yang Style Taijiquan, asked the boxer to “the body should be right and not leaning, and the spine and the tail should be vertical and not biased.”

There are ancient books, and the boxing skills are superb. The bowl of water is on the top of the book, and the books do not spill and fall.

Explain that the correct puncher in the posture can always maintain the balance of the body. Over time, let the wind and rain hit, do not lean forward and lean back, and swing east and west.

  ”Taijiquan is quiet and moving, although it is still quiet, so the slower the shelf is, the better.” This is the slow feature of Taijiquan, and it also shows the function of anti-fall.

Taijiquan movements such as silking, walking like a cat, careful, step by step, over time, the boxers will develop a good habit of cautious and careful, in case of crisis, not panic.

With good psychological quality and habits, the way of doing things is light and free, and it is not easy to fall.

  Yang Chengyi’s special representative “Taijiquan is the first meaning of sub-fiction”.

Just as people walk, the left foot is actually the right foot, the right foot is the left foot, and one after the other, one virtual and one real, step forward.

After practicing, the boxers are more able to cope with emergencies.

If the forefoot step on the banana skin, it will inevitably slip the void, and the back foot will be seated, just as the roots of the tree will not fall.

In addition, the long-term practice of Tai Chi Chuan boxing is extremely low, according to the physical center of gravity is low, it is more difficult to fall.

  Some people have said that the American Senior Citizens Association has conducted comparative tests.

One group of seniors practiced gym equipment, while the other group practiced Tai Chi. The result was a good balance function, a good brain, a steady walk, and a 50% reduction in fractures than the former.

In the end, the Americans produced an evidence that they admire the wisdom of the Chinese Orientals. Tai Chi, which does not cost a penny, is better than the modern equipment.

9 meals in the spring to teach you 1 day minus 1 kg

9 meals in the spring to teach you 1 day minus 1 kg

The weather outside is getting more and more spring, is the appetite very good?

Don’t forget the spring weight loss plan, the following spring weight loss tips, teach you how to lose a pound a day, healthy and fast weight loss!


Foods that are cooked in Chinese cooking, such as steamed vegetables, fish, shrimp, chicken, etc. Look like: Do you like boiled vegetables?

Many people will say NO, it is too tasteless. In fact, after reading the MM below, you will know that boiled vegetables can be delicious, and let the weight loss effect have both!


Use low-fat vegetable oil to stir-fry, or use a watering can to spray oil when cooking, instead of using a low-fat, sugar-free nutritional meal with a dumping method: four hours before bedtime, do not eat the menu if you can’t find a similar food.

In addition to DIY, you can directly purchase the quantity if it is not indicated, then a cup or a cup (small size selection). If not indicated, use low-calorie, low-fat and sugar-free (both hot and cold).

If you want to eat steak or meatballs, you would rather use the grill instead of the fried!

When picking ground meat, it is better to replace chicken meat with chicken meat than pork, beef and other meats. It has the characteristics of low fat and low heat, and the meat is more refreshing and tender.

Using any cooking method, it can produce delicious food with a variety of accessories, and it is rich in nutrients, and it can almost become the first choice for dieters to take animal protein.


Breakfast is normal, don’t eat greasy, for example, eating a banana, only 8 calories can be filled in a moment. The number of people who have not eaten breakfast recently is increasing, and the source of vitality for one day is breakfast, so it hasBananas that are immediate and lasting for energy are the best food for breakfast.

In addition, because bananas are low-speed foods, even those who are losing weight can eat without worry.

Solar health | Mang grows a good life, not sick for a year!

Mango health tutorial, a hand?

Solar health | Mang grows a good life, not sick for a year!

Mango health tutorial, a hand?

Click on the blue word above and remember to follow us!

Mang species is the ninth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, and the third solar term after summer.

This year’s mangling time is: 7:6:18 on the morning of June 6.

The word “mang” literally means “the wheat with awns is fast-receiving, and the rice with awns can be planted.”

“Monthly Seventy-two Houji Collection”: “May Festival, that is, there are crops of awns that can be cropped.”

“Dietary health seasons, health should pay attention to spleen heat and dampness.

At this time, you should eat hot and cold summer food, such as watermelon, lotus leaf, loofah, cucumber, celery, leeks and so on.

01 The foods that suffer from bitterness and bitter taste have the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, releasing heat and nourishing yin, into the heart, and spleen and stomach. After passing the awning, we can properly eat some bitter foods, such as bitter gourd, lotus seeds, kale, buckwheat,Lettuce, etc., have great conversion benefits to the human body.

02 Drink sour and sour taste can condense sweat, stop diarrhea, dampness, some sour fruits have the effect of heat and thirst, such as ebony, hawthorn, lemon, grape, strawberry, tomato, pineapple, mango, kiwi and the likeBecause of its moderate tonic, it can also prevent excessive sweating and gas consumption.

It can also be absorbed by juice, but it is not possible to use beverages instead of water, soda, cola and other beverages, which contain saccharin and absorption. These substances can cause bad stimulation in the stomach, which will affect digestion and appetite.

03 porridge ancient medical scientist Li Shizhen suggested that porridge is the best diet in summer, you can add mung beans, lotus seeds, lotus leaves, reed rhizome, lentils, etc. and enter the rice porridge, after eating, you can use the spleen and stomach, heat and heatEfficacy, usually glutinous rice red bean porridge heat spleen, dampness and liver, melon porridge tonic body, Shengjin in addition to trouble, are a good match.

04 Clearing up the “clearing up” does not mean eating vegetarian dishes, fruits, etc., nor is it the absolute purity of the pursuit of diet.

In fact, “clearing up” focuses on the selection of supplements, but it also has the function of relieving heat and eliminating heat while supplementing. This duck meat, its biggest feature is that it is not warm, hot, clear, and nourishing.The stomach, the spleen tonic, the role of dampness.

In addition, loach, its high protein, low fecal quality, known as “water ginseng”, can promote Buzhong Yiqi, detoxification and beauty.

The mango species is heavier than the “anti-defense” heatstroke: to prevent summer snoring, like the spring sleepy, autumn lack, and sleepless winter March, “summer snoring” is a physiological manifestation of people in the summer.

The most important thing about heatstroke prevention is to prevent summer snoring.

Here are two things to do: 01 Potassium: Stabilize blood pressure, summer heat and high temperature, the body sweats a lot, potassium will be discharged with sweat.

Once the body is deficient in potassium, it will basically not decrease with physical strength, and endurance will also decrease. The most prominent manifestation is that the limbs are sore and weak, and in severe cases, it will be accompanied by cardiovascular system dysfunction and even breathing difficulties.

When the body sweats a lot, in order to quickly add potassium, you can drink some juice or sugar brine to prevent excessive reduction of blood potassium, which can prevent “summer snoring” and prevent high blood pressure and low blood pressure.

02 Nap: Maintaining the heart in the summer, the day and night are short, the sleep time is relatively reduced, and the nap is an appropriate supplement.

“A nap for a quarter of an hour and an hour for a night” can prevent “summer snoring” and help to conserve the heart.

Nap is a good way to raise your heart.

When the yang is too strong at noon, you need to rest to nourish the yin and achieve the purpose of yin and yang.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly people with cardiovascular disease, if they do not pay attention to lunch break, it will cause blood viscosity increase and even increase the risk of myocardial infarction.

Of course, the nap time should not be too long, usually half an hour is appropriate.

Because you sleep too long during the day, you can’t sleep at night, causing bad circulation and affecting health.

Under the Mangshi Detoxification Health Soup, three kinds of detoxification health soup are recommended below, which can help the stomach to replenish the spleen and remove the dampness evil?
1 薏仁红豆汤-清热湿湿[Materials]Coix seed, 30 grams of red beans, 5 red dates, 1 spoon of sugar.
[Practice]Coix seed, red beans and water 2 bowls of small fire slow cook for 1 hour, add red dates, sugar for 30 minutes until the beans are rotten.

[Efficacy]heat and spleen, dampness and liver.

2 Wuwei simmering yin and kidney yin, help kidney yang[material]vinegar schisandra 5 grams, 10 grams of medlar, sugar amount.

[Practice]Schisandra and chopped hazelnuts are added to the porcelain cup, brewed with boiling water, soaked for a while, then white sugar, stir well.

【Efficacy】Zi Shen Yin, help kidney yang, apply to the “Xia Xu” disease, is an effective agent for health and replenishment.

3 loofah porridge cools blood and collaterals, moisturizes the skin[material]1 fresh loofah, the previous rice 100 grams, white sugar itself.

[Practice]peel the fresh loofah and simmer, add the rice into the pot, cut the fresh loofah into 2 cm long, 1 cm thick strips, add water to the pot, boil the fire and cook the porridge with simmer.Add sugar to it.

【Effect】 Clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and collaterals, moisturizing the skin.

What is the performance of premenstrual syndrome to prevent premenstrual syndrome?

What is the performance of premenstrual syndrome to prevent premenstrual syndrome?

In the absence of experience, I don’t know medical common sense. Many adolescent girls often have various conditions during menarche.

When there is a menstrual cramp, most people will be overwhelmed. Some people even think that they are ill, and medically refer to this mental state as premenstrual syndrome.

So how can we prevent this premenstrual syndrome?

The performance of premenstrual syndrome1, this is a prone to premenstrual tension syndrome, which is related to the increase of the ratio of estrogen/progesterone in the whole body. Excessive or excessive estrogen in the body leads to the appearance of water and sodium retention in the body.Edema, headache and other symptoms.

2, the best, usually emotionally nervous, impetuous, depressed people are also prone to premenstrual tension syndrome.

This discomfort usually begins in 7-14 days before menstrual tide, and is aggravated 2-3 days before menstruation. It is characterized by nervousness, nervousness, irritability or depression, generalized weakness, fatigue, insomnia, headache, and thought.Not concentrated, memory loss, etc.

3, some people can also appear hands, feet, facial swelling, lower abdomen bulge, pain and breast pain.

These psychiatric symptoms and symptoms of water and sodium retention disappear or are significantly alleviated after menstrual cramps.

First of all, we must relieve the mental tension and ideological burden, calmly treat menstrual cramps, try to be relieved and relaxed.

The first method to prevent premenstrual syndrome is to relieve mental stress and ideological burden, calmly treat menstrual cramps, and try to be relieved and relaxed.

2, in daily life to avoid unnecessary mental stimulation, diet should be less salt, life should be regular, more participation in some entertainment and sports activities, you can make the symptoms obviously disappear or even disappear.

3, for more serious symptoms, under the guidance of a doctor, taking benzophenone and other sedative drugs or progesterone, androgen, etc. to treat.

Precautions for premenstrual syndrome 1. Exercise moderately before menstruation; 2. Maintain good psychology, communicate with friends or relatives, don’t be emotional, try to do what you like.

3, the diet should be reasonable, it is best not to eat cold drinks, you can eat more food to drive cold.

Tips: Menstruation is the physiological maturity of every girl, and it is a natural phenomenon that every adolescent girl will experience.

When menstruation comes, it should be treated with normal psychological state, and emotional and mental stress and ideological burden are renewed.

It is the most important thing to face with a relaxed attitude. Maintaining mental health can prevent the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome.