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Chewing slowly, preventing disease and prolonging life

Chewing slowly, preventing disease and prolonging life

American medical professionals have found that chewing has a detoxifying effect on carcinogens.

Researchers have added human saliva to carcinogenic complications, but completely lost carcinogenicity.

Through the experimental understanding of white rats, the white mice that are often chewed are more sensitive than the non-chewing mice, and chewing helps prevent dementia.

At the same time, the researchers also found that chewing gum for 15 to 20 minutes a day helps to beautify the person’s face. After a few weeks of chewing, the wrinkles on the face can be reduced, and the increased double chin gradually disappears.

  However, although some people know the benefits of chewing, they can always be in a hurry when they eat. They don’t chat at the dinner table, they read books or watch TV while eating, and the things that are stuffed into the mouth are swallowed without chewing.Not to mention slow chewing.

  The food does not go through chewing, but it does not soak into the saliva and enters the stomach. But the stomach is not fully prepared to accept it, and it has not yet had time to secrete the essential gastric juice.

In this way, the stomach must spend considerable effort to digest the food that has not yet been chewed, and to secrete more digestive juice than usual.

If you work like this day after day, your stomach may get gastritis due to too much stomach acid, and you may get a stomach ulcer afterwards.

  Carbohydrates, especially plant foods, need to be chewed more than protein foods.

Because, if the meat disappears in the stomach, it basically basically absorbs the salivary enzyme contained in the saliva in the mouth for digestion.

In the stomach, diabetes depends on the help of other enzymes secreted by starch to complete the digestive process.

If the plasma food does not chew in the mouth, it will definitely increase the burden of the flour, and the possibility of phosphate being sick is great.

  If you do not want gastritis, stomach ulcers, pancreatic disorders and other diseases, eating should not be too fast.

If a meal can be chewed to 30 times, preferably 50 times, until it has been chewed to the extent that nothing can be swallowed, it will be less or not contagious.

  The Yoga doctrine also suggests that almost hard foods, that is, soft foods, and even liquid foods, must be chewed so that foods and drinks can absorb energy and are more beneficial.

Sleeping in the spring, getting up early, enjoying the most mood

Sleeping in the spring, getting up early, enjoying the most mood

The theory of TCM health care believes that “spring corresponds to the liver”, which means that the climatic characteristics of spring have a close relationship with the liver of the human body.

In the early spring, experts pointed out that raising liver and protecting the liver should start from four aspects: diet, daily life, exercise and emotion.

  Diet: Light diet, nourishing yin and moistening dry spring diet should be selected according to personal physique, ordinary healthy people are not suspected of a large amount of tonic.

People with particularly weak body can eat sea cucumber, Cordyceps and other supplements in moderation.

  For healthy people, pay attention to the lightness of the spring diet. Do not overeat dry, spicy food.

  At the same time, because the yang rise is easy to hurt the yin at this time, so pay special attention to nourishing yin, you can choose more lily, yam, lotus seeds, medlar and other foods.

  For the saying that “eat liver and liver”, Li Zhihong said that you can eat some pig liver in moderation, but you must ensure food hygiene.

  Living: Three months from the early morning sleep to the late morning and early spring, it is the season when all nature recovers and all kinds of creatures flourish.

People also have to follow the laws of nature, go to bed early and get up early, relax after getting up, take a leisurely walk in the courtyard to relax their emotions.

  People have been accustomed to the “early sleep late” in the winter, the transition to the spring “late sleep early” must have a process of gradual adaptation, not too eager to change, but to adapt to the natural day and night time changes and gradually change their sleephabit.

  Exercise: moderate exercise to restore vitality Spring sports health care is the best time to restore the body’s “energy”.

Because the cold winter restricts people’s exercise, the body’s body temperature regulation center and internal organs function have different degrees of attenuation, especially the muscles and ligaments of the whole body, and more exercise is needed to enhance their motor function.

In the spring, people should exercise appropriate activities, such as walking, jogging, gymnastics, Tai Chi, etc., to maintain vitality in the body, enhance immunity and disease resistance.

  However, the spring climate presents a large temperature difference and a strong wind. It is necessary to pay attention to wind and cold. Therefore, when encountering strong winds, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the outing exercise so as not to damage the liver.

  Emotion: The mood is comfortable. The key Chinese medicine theory is that the liver belongs to wood, which corresponds to the spring. It is in anger, and its physiological characteristics are “history and malignant depression”, so there is a saying of “great anger and liver injury”.

The physiological characteristics of the liver are like stretching, smooth emotions, not depression, and boredom.

  Experts pointed out that the focus of health care in spring is to keep your mood comfortable, and strive to be not in a hurry, not angry, not angry, to ensure the smoothness of the liver.

  Spring health, emotionally optimistic, not depressed or angry, do not overwork, so as not to increase the burden on the liver.

People with liver disease should have a wide heart and a quiet heart.

Under the turmoil of impetuousness and full of vitality, to be able to maintain the stability of the internal environment and prevent mental illness.

Causes and solutions for liver fire

Causes and solutions for liver fire

Liver fires are often caused by anger and anger, liver depression, depression, fire, lungs, or liver heat, or long-term illness.

So what are the causes of liver fire?

How do we solve it in our lives?

The following is a detailed introduction to the pathological cause of liver-fired lungs, and what causes liver-fired lungs.

The main cause of liver fire in the lungs: anger and liver, emotional depression, fire and lung fire.

Often caused by anger and anger, depression, emotional fire, lungs, or liver, heat, lungs, or long-term illness, lung disease, liver gas, and other crimes.

The solution to the liver fire crime lungs 1, internal rule of law: Qinggan Xiehuo, Ningfei cough.

The main side: Qi San (or Longdan Xiegan Decoction) combined with Qinghua Decoction (or Xie Bai San) addition and subtraction.

If the liver is blazing, coughing and anger, face red eyes, mouth bitter, add gentian; if the heat is inside, cough, add bamboo leaching; if hot and yin, dry mouth want to drink, upset, plus habitat, smallpox, reed root; if the wood fire smolders, lung qi and yin deficiency, add ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra; if cough in the blood, add crane crane grass, mantle charcoal, ground bone; if bleedingSuch as rush, add rhino horn, raw rhubarb, blunt ginseng powder or Yunnan Baiyao; if the blood is dying, pale, cold limbs, sweating, ginseng decoction, or ginseng, attached to the decoction.

2, external treatment method (1) aconite amount, smashed, paste Yongquan points.

(2) The amount of garlic, the simmered juice sticks to the spring, and the feet alternate.

3, diet therapy (1) sangju tea mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum amount, boiled water, drink.

(2) winter melon porridge winter melon kernel, 50 grams of rice, porridge to eat.

(3) scorpion porridge scorpion scorpion kernel (study), the previous rice 50 grams, first the previous rice porridge, and then add the drug to take.

(4) Pear and Chrysanthemum drink. Pear and Chuanbei steamed, juice, and served with chrysanthemum.

(5) Mint tea takes fresh mint leaves, boiled water, and tea.

Drinking urine after drinking will cause the bladder to rupture and must go to the toilet after drinking.

Drinking urine after drinking will cause the bladder to rupture and must go to the toilet after drinking.

Eating and gathering with other friends and family, it is inevitable to have a drink, and while the drink is open, the disaster may come quietly.

Li, a 25-year-old boy from northeast, may not dream of waking up and rupturing his bladder. The reason is that he urinates after drinking.

After the Spring Festival holiday, Li came to Beijing to meet old friends, drinking and chatting until late at night.

He has never understood urination since he started drinking and being drunk.

The next morning, he was awakened by the abdominal pain that was killed in his sleep. He was unbearable and immediately went to the hospital for emergency treatment.

After examination by the visiting doctor, it was found that Li’s entire abdominal muscles were very tense, like a wooden board. There was obvious pain when touched gently, and even could not be supine.

The patient had a strong sense of urine, but several attempts to urinate could not resolve the urination.

CT examination suggest: a large amount of fluid in the pelvic and abdominal cavity, there may be a bladder rupture.

Due to the puncture of the dark red liquid from the abdomen, the patient was diagnosed with immediate bleeding after taking into account the patient’s bladder rupture leading to bleeding and peritonitis, and the condition was life-threatening.

In the emergency surgery, anesthesiology and operating room collaboration, the urinary surgeon uses laparoscopic techniques to complete the rupture of the bladder with only three small holes in the abdomen, avoiding the long belly left in the past.A large wound of about 10 cm, and surgery is performed by a cosmetic supplement. The scar is a thin line that saves the patient’s life while minimizing the surgical wound and making it more beautiful.

At present, Li’s condition is stable and he can be discharged from hospital soon.

According to the urinary surgeon, bladder rupture is not common in the clinic, and it is often filled in the bladder and hit by external forces, such as when it collides.

Under normal conditions, the bladder is just like a balloon. Although it has a certain elasticity as a temporary storage of urine, it has a limited capacity. When it is filled with urine, it will produce urine, which will cause the brain to manipulate the body to urinate.

However, after drunkenness, alcohol inhibits the nerve center and makes urination feel dull.

In addition, the aunt and bone around the bladder can play a protective role.

However, when the urine is full, the bladder moves upward to separate the pubic bone, while the bladder wall becomes thinner, and slight external force can easily cause bladder rupture.

Therefore, the doctor prompts each friend to drink as little as possible during the party. After drinking, you must go to the toilet and do not urinate!

Once dysuria occurs, you should see a doctor in time to avoid a tragedy.

Shoes do not fit, stomach problems will come to find?

Shoes do not fit, stomach problems will come to find?

Appetite has a lot to do with the feet.

The foot consists of a number of bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, etc. There are 66 acupoints of 6 meridians on the feet, and there are multiple neural reaction points connected with the internal organs.

When the shoes are not fit, the feet are uncomfortable, which leads to a decrease in appetite and a stomach problem.

  A few days ago, a report by the Japanese medical community pointed out that the health of children is related to wearing shoes.

Experts suggest that children should not wear too small and too tight shoes, otherwise it will hinder the child’s blood circulation and metabolism, affecting the child’s appetite, resulting in anorexia or picky eaters, thus affecting the growth and development.

  This reminded the reporter of a little boy named Xiaoyu.

Xiaoyu is only two and a half years old. He recently came to the United States from Suzhou, China with his family.

He wore thin shoes all day, he didn’t like moving, he looked quiet and thin.

Recently, reporters have always heard Xiaoyu’s mother’s disappointment: Xiaoyu has been malnourished recently and does not like to eat.

According to the advice of Japanese experts, the reporter told Xiaoyu that she should let Xiaoyu walk on the lawn, the beach or the guidance. Don’t worry that he would fall or be injured. Usually he should not wear thin shoes for him.Should be replaced with looser soft shoes.

Yesterday, the reporter saw Xiaoyu again, and he really put on a new pair of shoes.

  Xiaoyu’s mother said happily to the reporter: “After paying attention to shoes and health problems, Xiaoyu’s appetite is much better.

He also likes to eat cereals that he does not eat.

“Be careful to care for the “second heart” experts believe that if adults wear shoes inappropriately, it will affect appetite.

Appetite is a pleasant feeling for certain foods before or during eating. It is based on conditioned reflexes, and any discomfort in the body and mind can cause appetite changes.

Psychological factors have an effect on appetite mainly because the gastrointestinal tract is innervated by autonomic nerves, and the psychological and physiological communication and regulation are through intermediaries such as autonomic nerves, hormones and neurotransmitters.

When the spirit is happy, the appetite increases; when the sorrow is depressed, the appetite decreases.

In addition, studies have found that the function of the central nervous system can also affect feeding function.

The researchers injected norepinephrine into the peripheral region of the hypothalamus in mice. After 5-10 minutes, the rats began to eat for 20-40 minutes. The same method can also make the eaten monkey continue to eat.

Injection of serotonin in the lateral hypothalamic area reduces the food intake of the mice, while direct injection of serotonin into the ventricles of the ventricles or hypothalamus inhibits feeding in mice.

Acetylcholine promotes animal feeding through the limbic system.

Also, eating is one of the high-level activities, and the regulation center of the hypothalamus and feeding plays an important role.

Destruction of the peripheral region of the hypothalamus caused the rats to refuse to eat and refuse to drink, facing the food indifferent to obesity and die.

  Appetite has a lot to do with the feet.
The foot consists of a number of bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, etc. There are 66 acupoints of 6 meridians on the feet, and there are many neural reaction points connected with the internal organs. Therefore, the traditional medicine of the motherland believes that the feet are human bodies.root.

Modern medicine believes that the foot is the “second heart” of the human, the “second brain” and the “second body.”

  Wearing high heels causes anorexia Young women like to wear higher heels, shoes with harder soles. It takes a long time to cause pain in the foot pads and soles. Through nerve conduction, people are restless, even sad, depressed, which leads to loss of appetite or refusal.

In addition, during severe pain, the secretion of acetylcholine in the human body is greatly reduced, while the secretion of serotonin is increased, and the appetite is greatly reduced by the neurochemical mechanism of feeding.

  In high heels and thin shoes, the toes are easily squeezed, and the blood circulation of the feet is not smooth. In severe cases, the blood circulation in the brain is not smooth, which further reduces the blood supply to the lateral region of the hypothalamus in the feeding center, causing anorexia and even anorexia.Resisting food, no matter how good the food can not induce appetite.

  If you find that your appetite is not very good, it is best to check if the shoes on your feet are suitable.

Are you busy with the autumn?

If you eat well, you have to remember to raise your stomach!

Are you busy with the autumn?
If you eat well, you have to remember to raise your stomach!

The weather is as cool as a day, and it is said to stick to the autumn, and stick to the autumn, but the good syringes have a healthy stomach.

Today, those foods that are friendly to the stomach!

The relationship between porridge porridge and Chinese people is like porridge itself. It is thick and sticky, and it is easy to digest. When it is sick, when there is no appetite, a bowl of thick and sweet porridge warms the stomach.One is satisfying!

Wo Ke remember porridge?


Now warm stomach, good porridge economic and trade road, Meihu home, No. 43-11, Wuhu Central Primary School, opposite the tea, the store is very bright, the environment is good, there are daily porridge such as hibiscus fish porridge and preserved egg porridge, there are also tidal casserole porridge, all are very good, order a small dish, and then a snack, warm and comfortable.

Gao Ting Yue · Fresh Enough Cooking · Hong Kong Kee New Wu District Xindi Holiday Plaza No. 82 0510-82730966 / 15852744800 I heard that the porridge pot bottom?

This shop is ingenious, with the introduction of porridge, pumpkin porridge as the bottom of the pot, supplemented with a variety of fresh seafood ingredients, red mud carbon, edged stove, soft and smooth, who said that porridge must be clear soupThis porridge is both delicious and healthy, why not?

Light food “light food” is not a specific food, or a form of any food, light is not only a meal, but also the consumer’s no burden, no pressure, more nutritious, more enjoyable, more delicious, except onlyIt is delicious, and it is very healthy. I am afraid of the calories of the foodies. When the food is just right.

Food color, health, light luxury restaurant, Guanshan Road, Coastal City, Bafanghui 59 Building, No. 1 elevator, second floor, right hand side, the environment of this store is very good, the decoration is very good, the area is diverse, there is a separate “box”, there are children to playThe place where the chandeliers in front of the dining table are very much liked.

There is an exclusive menu, which is listed in the same way as Western food, and will also mark the cumulative calorie value.

The exquisite packaging is a ritual for a light food dish.

Wagas has a distinctive loft-style layout inside the 1st floor of the Coastal City, 168 Lixin Avenue, creating a simple, stylish and relaxed feeling, perfect for friends.

The dishes are cooked in olive oil, with less oil and less sugar, reflecting the healthy light foodism of Wagas.

His family’s juice and carrot cakes are the best-selling champions!

The tomato bacon is a fine pasta with Italian pasta. The tomato sauce is very good. The acidity, sweetness and freshness ratio are just right. It is neither too sour nor too sweet.

Can’t stop eating a bite?
There is no more suitable food than noodles.

The main nutrients of noodles are protein, trace, glucose and so on.

Noodles absorb and absorb, improve anemia, enhance immunity, balance nutrient absorption and other effects.

Su Xichang has the habit of eating early noodles. In the morning, a bowl of Yangchun noodles, warm stomach and nutrition, a vibrant day begins again!

The No. 120 Cao Zhang Xincun Village, Min Kee, is a low-key facade. The signboard is a bowl of wonton noodles.

Every day, I insist on doing it now, and the boss is always on standby.

Excellent selection of materials, refined high-gluten flour and fresh duck eggs, the dough pressed out with bamboo stalks, thin, very tight, without alkali, can also get crisp, elastic teeth, noodles.

Qing San Road, Qingyang Road 156-10 (next to the market) is on the Qingyang Road, where there is a noodle restaurant that has been open for 33 years. It has been passed down for two generations, and it has changed three places, and the new and old customers are still full of friends.

Nowadays, the old store is newly opened. In a bigger and cleaner environment, there is a more important taste than feeling.

Health and private kitchen dishes originated from the delicious cuisine in the ancient courtyard of the ancient house. In the past, the high-ranking officials of the high-ranking officials “had a good taste of the kitchen, competed against the wind”, and compared each other’s taste in the first meaning of life.

Under the joint action of their “famous products” and their own famous chefs, a famous dish was created. Due to its own unique characteristics, it formed a private kitchen.

Every private dish has some very good main health dishes, eat more big dishes, and eat some fresh and fresh!

Green Food Square Jintaihu Phase II No. 1444 0510-82607168 / 18051571717 The chef of the heart will treat every dish as a work, pay attention to the taste and effect, his family’s Tianma chicken soup, pure natural without added, a bowl of warm medicated chicken soupGo on, don’t talk about the stomach, the whole torso is dry and comfortable.

No. 90 Duxiang No. 90 Private Restaurant Du Lane No. 90 This shop is located in the alley opposite the Maoye Road in Qingyang Road. At the intersection, you can see the signs on the roof. The shop is not about three small tables, one box, belonging to the oldThe taste of Wuxi, the dish is burnt with rapeseed oil, the aroma is very good, healthy, big dishes, hard vegetables, vegetables are still very refreshing and delicious.

This season, the ice can be put away, and the warm water will be drunk, and the hot meals will not be enough.

Although the stomach function of the foodies is usually very strong, but still have to raise the stomach, keep healthy, in order to eat for a long time!

Adenovirus infection may cause obesity

Adenovirus infection may cause obesity

Recent scientific studies have shown that adenovirus infection can cause obesity.

At the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston, the Pennington Biomedical Research Center released the results.

  Many people now know that obesity is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, neurological and endocrine factors, but it is not known that viral infection is also one of the factors of obesity.

  As early as the 1980s, zoologists found that chickens infected with the avian flu virus did not lose weight, but gained weight.

This phenomenon has led scientists to reduce first, and obesity may be related to viral infection.

More than 20 years of research have found that seven viruses can cause obesity in animals.

  Adenovirus belongs to DNA virus and can be transmitted through respiratory, viral toxicity, droplets, sex, feces, etc., causing acute upper respiratory infection, enteritis and conjunctivitis.

Related studies have thoroughly confirmed that adenovirus can increase the weight of chickens, mice and primates, and that 30% of obese people have adenovirus infection, while non-obese people have an infection rate of only 11%.

  The researchers extracted adult stem cells from the aunt’s tissue of the liposuction, exposed half of the stem cells to the adenovirus, and the other half were not exposed to the adenovirus.

After 1 week of in vitro tissue culture, the researchers found that most of the stem cells infected with adenovirus developed into a few cells, and in the stem cells that did not infect the adenovirus, only a few cells developed into a few cells.

Researchers believe that adenovirus may have the role of promoting stem cell differentiation into tiny cells.

  The researchers point out that not all patients infected with adenovirus can develop too much, and even lead to a possible cause of extra obesity.

They are currently exploring ways to make people more susceptible to adenovirus infection, so as to find reasonable prevention and treatment.

It is predicted that vaccines and drugs that can effectively prevent infectious obesity will be developed in the next 10 years.

Slow weight loss, healthier, faster weight loss, regaining weight

Slow weight loss, healthier, faster weight loss, regaining weight

Click to buy friends who pay attention to weight loss, should pay attention to many friends set weight loss goals, are reduced by 20 pounds a month, three months to reduce 50 pounds and the like.

Can’t help but find some knowledge to share with everyone.

Slow weight loss is more healthy. “If we fast diet, the basal metabolic rate will slow down. In the end, we can only eat more and less, but the weight will not drop.” Another problem brought by rapid weight loss is: regaining weight.

  There are a lot of diets on the Internet that promote quick and easy diets. If you adopt these diets, the effect may be very fast, but after you finish this diet, you will soon get back.

  After the vicious circle, it not only strengthens the belief that you are destined to be obese, but also successfully develops the habit of maintaining healthy weight.

  A slow and viable plan can win weight loss at the end.

  The US National Association for Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases points out that no matter how many kilograms you want to lose weight, practical goals and slow practice can really reduce weight and maintain.

“What goal should you set for a month?
4 kg,” that is, one and a half kilograms a week.

 The “slow and stable” weight loss method is “Little Things Theory of Dieting”. This concept refers to maintaining a slow and stable way to lose weight, slowly reducing the bias, so that you hardly feel the probability is being reduced.“When I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel that I am losing weight.” So, slowly, it’s possible to build a balanced diet that includes multiple foods.

Dizziness has some common symptoms and six symptoms remind you of dizziness

Dizziness has some common symptoms and six symptoms remind you of dizziness

Is there a common symptom of vertigo?

Dizziness is the spatial orientation and balance dysfunction of the human body. It produces a subjective symptom based on the human body’s orientation and dysfunction. It is a disease of illusion of movement. The vertigo of uncomfortable time will be seriously affected.Daily life of people.

So what are the symptoms of dizziness?

Let us take a look together.

What are the common symptoms of vertigo?

1, deafness will occur unconsciously in the early stage of deafness, and there are obvious feelings after multiple episodes of vertigo.

It is usually unilateral ear hearing, and occasionally binaural ear hearing.

Deafness will increase when the vertigo occurs, and it will improve when the interval is intermittent.

2, tinnitus patients in the early days, they will feel low-pitched hair and tinnitus on the ear, after a long time will become high-pitched continuous tinnitus.

When the vertigo occurs, the tinnitus will suddenly increase, and the degree of tinnitus will gradually ease or disappear during the interval.

3, during the head fullness stun episodes, some patients have a full head or ear fullness, heavy, pressure, or burning sensation around the ear.

The nystagmus observes the patient’s eyeball during the onset of the climax, and generally there is an involuntary tremor with a fast and slow phase.

4, when the vertigo is mostly sudden vertigo dizziness, it will feel the surrounding objects rotate in a certain direction and the plane, or the feeling of shaking from side to side.

These symptoms are alleviated when you close your eyes.

Therefore, the patient often takes a certain position and closes, and does not dare to turn.

Although sometimes it falls to the ground because of fright, the patient’s mind is completely clear.

Patients are often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, pale, cold sweats and decreased blood pressure, and the condition will be relieved in a few minutes or hours.

Symptoms disappear and go to the interval.

The length of the interval varies from person to person. There are people who only happen once in a lifetime, and people who repeat it many times.

5, nystagmus observed in the patient’s eyeball during acute orgasm, generally involuntary vibrations with fast and slow phase.

6, neurological deafness hearing test shows sensorineural deafness.

How can the elderly improve amnesia?


How can the elderly improve amnesia?

When the elderly arrive in their later years, they will often forget what they are going to do. Where are the things just put?

As a young child, do you sometimes feel helpless?

But in fact, this is a stage that many older people must pass. So what methods can help the elderly overcome amnesia?

Let’s take a look at it!

  How to improve amnesia for the elderly 1 , rubbing the brain amount: rub the two eyebrows on the palm of the hand for more than ten times.

  2, hoe, hair root: first with the hands and fingers to slam the entire head more than ten times, followed by a ten-pointer to rub the entire head more than ten times.

  3, “comb”, squatting temples, Mobaihui points: the temples are located at the two fingers outside the eyes, Baihui points are located in the middle of the head, each massage more than ten times.

Two hands and ten fingers from the beginning to the beginning of the hair, do the “hair comb” action 12 times; then the two hands thumb in the two temples, the other four fingers against the top of the head, from top to bottom, from the bottom up for a linear massage 12 times; finallyThe two thumbs are in the temple, and the rotation force is pressed by the inserted force, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, 12 times each.

  4, dry face: head massage to prevent forgetfulness and dementia, the last step is to dry face, that is, with the palm of the hand from the eyebrows, slightly rubbed down to the lower jaw more than ten times.

  In addition to the above methods, there are some small coups?

Let’s take a look at it together!

  1, the picture Lenovo remembers the name of the person because the brain is better at the image memory, so remember the other party’s name, do not hinder the careful face of the other face, combine its face with the name, as much as possible with the picture, associative memory.

  2, often recall all kinds of passwords in life, online login, bank cards, credit cards, etc. have passwords.

Experts suggest that many people like to use their home phone or birthday when setting a password.

Although easy to remember, the safety factor is very small.

The letter plus the number of cryptographic safety factor coefficients, but the memory defect is also sized.

When setting a password, the elderly may have some elements that are easy to help with memory.

For example, the name of the first dog plus the age when you raised this dog is an alphanumeric cipher that is difficult for hackers to crack. The safety factor is high. Frequent recall of the password can further enhance memory.

  3, remember where the key is placed If you often find yourself looking for a key everywhere, then you may wish to put a small basket in the room entrance door or nail a hook in the kitchen wood, special key.

After you open the door at home, immediately put the key in the prescribed place, and take the key directly here when you go out.

Forming the rules of life, the brain will enhance memory and closely relate the key to the basket or hook.