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Teach you the magical use of warm water and prevent illness

Teach you the magical use of warm water and prevent illness

Lead: Water is the source of life.

Boiling water is an “active fluid” that cannot be shared in the body.

Gradually developing the habit of using warm water in daily life has an incredible effect on protecting human health.

Good at using warm boiled water to prevent diseases while maintaining health.

Warm boiling water is boiling water in a container and letting it slowly cool down to about 25 degrees. It is just a warm water that is just suitable for mouth temperature and placed comfortably and comfortably.

You can also cool the boiling water in advance, add fresh boiling water when you use it, and redeem it to a palatable temperature.

Persistent use of warm boiling water throughout the year will bring unexpected effects to body health.

For example, six uses of warm boiled water, “warm mouthwash, gentle gastric lavage, warm tooth brushing, moistening throat, gentle softening and blocking, warming hangover,” are some simple and easy to use, convenient and effective methods.

Warm mouthwash After eating the food every other time, repeatedly rinsing with warm boiling water multiple times can remove food residues smoothly, which is a good way to keep your mouth clean. Before eating, use warm boiling water to rinse your mouth, which can remove some dirt in the mouth;Before going to sleep, use warm water to rinse your mouth, remove strange odors such as mouth smoke, rinse away food and throat residues, and make you fresh and refreshed.

When washing and rinsing with warm boiling water, the large mouth is longer, and the tongue is repeatedly “stirred” in the mouth and rolled into “tide”.

Nasal air, into the chest cavity, and then hold your breath, suddenly burst out, water and gas volley, heart, chest, mouth and nose suddenly refreshed!

Rush into the morning and get up early, take a cup of warm water, the gentle feeling, the stomach feels most comfortable!

It ‘s like sending a cleansing and sanitation team to your gastrointestinal tribes. When the warm boiled water approaches, it will be washed away and injected with the residues of the night’s movement.Quickly merge with toxic gas and dirt such as feces and excrete from the body.

Too many teeth are warmly brushed. People often use “cold water to wash their face and warm water to brush their teeth” as a morning homework. This is a good scientific habit.

Warm water to brush your teeth will not only have a half-time effect on removing dirt between the teeth and in the mouth, but also the warm water will flow and wash in the teeth, protecting the gums and the nerves of the teeth.Got.

Wenruntong throat In the process of eating, we often accidentally cause a throat plug in the throat due to carelessness. Do not dig blindly and damage the esophagus tissue.

The best way is to swallow with warm water and rinse off the residue.

Water is almost like a gentle “soft knife” with a blade. It has a good “special function” in clearing the esophagus and retaining it.

Elderly people with soft and congested food often feel uncomfortable because of eating, which causes the esophagus to “block up,” and some of them will become “chest plugged” because of their entangled mood.

At this time, use a soft glass of warm water to swallow slowly, and you will feel that your heart is open and cheerful, and you will feel relieved and relieved.

Warmth and drunkenness Many drinkers are prone to getting drunk and hurting themselves when changing cups.

People even have many so-called “hangover recipes”, hoping to get relaxed from drunk state, but the best way is to let drunk people drink a few glasses of warm water immediately, which can dilute the warm water gently to reduce alcohol and protect the human liver.Compensate for the large amount of water lost due to drunken vomiting.

At the same time, you can consciously insert warm water after each drink to replace the amount of hangover in the body, and remove the “alarm” that hangover harms liver function as soon as possible.

Keep warm water for health.

Why not make such a simple move?

I often feel dizzy in the morning.

I often feel dizzy in the morning.

Just woke up every morning, when the body’s blood pressure, blood sugar, and body temperature are lowest.

At this time, the person has not eaten and no energy is supplied, so it is the time when the blood and blood of the person are the most deficient. At this time, the body is not active, and it is unfolded, so it is also the time when the meridians are least dredged.

The symptoms shown at this time are the most true appearance of the body. For example, when you get up in the morning, your waist will be sore, and your activities will disappear after getting up. After you get up, you will feel dizzy and will ease after a while.It’s perfect, etc. Just because it happened just after getting up, it usually disappears or improves quickly. Few people care about it. Even if you ask the doctor, it doesn’t matter, there is no big problem.

In fact, this is a warning issued by the body, which directly tells you where the weaknesses of the body are. As long as you pay attention to it in time and correct it on the day’s diet and lifestyle, these minor problems will soon disappear.

And if you do n’t know what the warnings from your body mean, and you do n’t correct them in time, it ‘s the so-called “small holes do n’t make up, big holes are bitter”
, and your physical condition will become worse and worse in the future.

  Dizziness Dizziness occurs after bed together in the morning, and it will improve after a while. Most of this happens to people who have been chronically ill and people who have hidden troubles in their bodies.

At this time, the most important thing for friends with this situation is to make up for qi and blood in time.

Eat all kinds of nutritious porridge, try to crush all the food you eat through the grinder, and eat more solid paste, angelica powder, catfish, these three things are to accelerate blood.

Soak your feet 1 with warm water every day?
2 times, be sure to avoid all cold foods, fruit is best to replace all.

Soon after conditioning in this way, you will find that dizziness has eased and disappeared.

  Get up early in the morning, dizziness often occurs.

Subconsciously, people always give themselves an explanation that seems reasonable: “Sleep too late at night.”

And he will comfort himself and say, “This is a small problem and it doesn’t hinder things.

“In fact, under normal physiological conditions, after a night of rest, you should feel full in the early morning without dizziness.

  Do not think that dizziness is a small problem. The occurrence of diseases has a certain incubation period. Usually, the small problems we commonly see may devour precious lives every day.

Therefore, if you are dizzy for a long time, you should be careful, it may be a precursor to serious illness.

  Cerebral arteriosclerosis causes dizziness.

The inner diameter of the cerebral arteries becomes smaller, and the blood flow in the brain decreases, resulting in cerebral blood supply, insufficient oxygen supply, and dizziness.

In addition, patients will often be accompanied by insomnia, tinnitus, emotional instability, forgetfulness, numbness in the limbs and other symptoms.

  Criminal caused dizziness.

Such as rheumatic heart disease, congenital hypertension, hypertensive hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocarditis, etc., atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries of the heart, causing myocardial infarction, weakened blood power, can not pass to the brain nerve center, and expand the brainOr infarct.

Therefore, in the early stages of hypertension, patients will consciously experience symptoms such as headache, dizziness, weakness of limbs, and difficulty concentrating.

  Cerebral thrombosis causes dizziness.

It is also because arteriosclerosis causes the intimal area of the arterial lumen to shrink, and the distal part can still be automatically adjusted to reduce vasoconstriction and establish a collateral circulation to maintain “normal” blood flow and temporarily prevent cerebral thrombosis.
However, patients may still experience dizziness or dizziness.

  Suggested Food Therapy: Take 3 crickets, 15 grams of ground dragon, 15 grams of honeysuckle vine, 15 grams of hook vine, 9 grams of black snake, 9 grams of ground worm, 6 grams of whole scorpion, 25 grams of blood vine, 25G, astragalus 90 g, salvia 30 g.

Decoction, 1 dose daily, 2 times daily.

This prescription can activate blood circulation and clear the stasis, reach the veins, and treat the dizziness caused by cerebral thrombosis.

  Take 1 duck egg and 20 red beans, stir well and steam. Take it on an empty stomach in the morning once a day for 7 days.

Can treat dizziness caused by other than the above intention.

  25 grams of Chinese herbal fence, 1 shell egg, 50 grams of rice, boiled into a gruel, you can add an appropriate amount of oil, salt, MSG seasoning.

After cooking, remove the fence residue and eggshells, and take the porridge and eggs twice a day, usually for 3 consecutive days, the symptoms of dizziness and headache will be significantly improved.

This porridge is completely sweet and delicious, can treat dizziness and headache, and has an auxiliary antihypertensive effect.

  Suggested ways to prevent dizziness: Life is exercise.

To prevent dizziness, you need to give yourself extra exercise time. As long as you exercise more, you can continuously adjust your body functions and balance the system.

Usually pay more attention to rest.

Scientific sleep can effectively prevent dizziness, 9 hours for elementary and middle school students, 8 hours for college students, 8 hours for adults, 6 for the elderly?7 hours.

Watch your diet.
Avoid eating salty foods; drinking water properly; eating more fresh vegetables and fruits; controlling drinking of tea and coffee drinks, etc. to reduce the excitement of the brain vestibular system and alleviate dizziness.

reduce pressure.

Exercise, rest or relax when you are busy at work; practice correct sitting posture, sit upright, unless you do not bend too long; if you do heavy work, such as moving furniture or digging in the garden, you mustTake 1 break.

When reading or writing, make sure the light is sufficient, but not too bright; do not squint, because squint strains your muscles and rest for 10 minutes every hour.

  Dizziness exists in some people, and dizziness proves that a person’s physical health is out of condition.

When you feel dizzy, to prevent a fall, you should squat on the spot. It is best to lie down and rest for a while if possible.

If it is the first episode, don’t panic.

To stare at a fixed object; sometimes (such as when the body is shaking), it is better to close your eyes tightly.