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[Can 2-year-old baby drink honey water]_Baby_Influence_Contraindication

[Can 2-year-old baby drink honey water]_Baby_Influence_Contraindication

Honey is a common food, and many children like to eat honey, sweet like a lollipop.

In fact, not only children are captured, women, the elderly like to eat honey, it seems that honey is a good food for men, women and children.

Generally, brewing honey with water is good and healthy.

Too many treasure mothers want to give their children honey water for food problems, but can two-year-old babies drink honey water?

1. Do not eat honey before the age of two, and eat it when the baby is one year old.

This is because honey may contain botulinum, and babies under 6 months are easily infected, and symptoms of poisoning, such as constipation, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

2, the baby is under two years of age, the digestive system is constantly maturing, in order to prevent similar symptoms of poisoning, the doctor still recommends not to give him honey and its products before the age of one.

3. In addition, honey may also contain certain estrogen. If eaten for a long time, it may cause the baby to develop early.

So even babies over two years old can’t eat honey as they want, occasionally adding a little as a condiment is OK.

After the child reaches the age of 10, the restrictions on honey can be relaxed and they can basically consume honey as adults.

Children under the age of 3 have immature organ function and have lower detoxification capacity than adults. In summary, children should try not to take honey.

According to recent medical experts, about 10%?
Botox can be detected in 15% of honey. This bacterium can produce a very toxic botulinum toxin.

Babies have poor barrier functions, and botulinum toxin can enter the blood through the intestinal wall and cause infant poisoning.

Children show constipation, fatigue, suffocation, lactation, weak breathing, and severe cases can cause death.

Therefore, it is better not to eat honey for infants under 3 years old. If older children want to use honey, they must choose the kind of honey special for children that is far from the manufacturer, and heat it when eating, so that it is relatively safe.

In addition, royal jelly is also a kind of inedible food for young children. Royal jelly is a food secreted by worker bees for the queen to eat. Although it is rich in nutrients, it contains hormone-like substances, which can make children become obese and reduce appetite., Even precocious puberty is imminent; certain hormones and enzymes in royal jelly and allergic proteins convert sensitive people to allergic reactions; in addition, if the quality of honey is not pure, pollen rich in allergens, etc., is not suitable for allergiesChildren, some children who have eczema, children with allergic rhinitis or high blood pressure are not suitable for honey and royal jelly.

[Do not want to store macromolecules in the body, don’t eat these 6 kinds of foods!】

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Marubeni (603983) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Single Quarter Revenue and Profit Growth Accelerates E-commerce Channel Improvement

Marubeni (603983) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Single Quarter Revenue and Profit Growth Accelerates E-commerce Channel Improvement

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019.

Comments: The performance is in line with expectations, and both revenue and profit have increased rapidly. From January to September 2019, the company 北京夜生活网 achieved operating income12.

12 trillion, 10 years growth +14.

77% in 2019Q3 realized operating income3.

97 ppm, a +10 increase over ten years.

28%, an increase from the previous two quarters.

On January 9, 2019, the company realized net profit attributable to mothers3.

59 trillion, +52 in ten years.

26%, net profit after deduction to mother 3.

09 million yuan, an increase of 40 in ten years.

24%, of which non-recurring gains and losses mainly include government subsidies of 3,616.

450,000 yuan and investment income of 2195.

70,000 yuan.

Due to the company’s continued fine control over the first two quarters, the sales expense ratio in Q3 2019 gradually decreased to 32.

16%, accelerating the growth of net profit after deductions.

The main brands continued to promote high-end, and the growth rate 重庆桑拿网 of e-commerce channels improved.

At the report level, the main brand Yaomei continued to strengthen its brand building and comply with the trend of high-end, vigorously promote the MARUBI TOKYO series offline, and further strengthen the competitiveness of Shimaru in the high-end anti-aging field.

In addition, while stabilizing the eye cream ace, Marubeni has increased the intake of essences, and strives to capture the high growth outlet of essences.

The sub-brand Chunji is repositioned as a cutting-edge Internet brand, trying to create explosive products with social attributes, opening up the young consumer market.

The Lianhuo brand has fully upgraded counters and products. In 2019, it will launch a new series of imported high-end products imported from Korea. The makeup layout is ready to go.

In terms of channels, the company increased its investment and emphasis on e-commerce channels. In the third quarter, the growth rate of e-commerce was significantly accelerated compared with the previous two quarters.

Among offline channels, department store channels and beauty salon channels all maintained medium-to-high-speed growth.

Investment advice and profit forecast The company is one of the few domestic brands whose major brands are positioned in the mid-to-high end. The differentiated flagship eye cream and anti-aging are in line with the general trend of high-end consumption upgrade in the industry.

On the whole, the company’s past product and marketing integration has established a “Marumi” alternative brand power, and the growth space of single brands is still involved, raising EPS to 1 in 2019-2021.



76 yuan / share, PE50.



38. Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest that the industry’s prosperity is declining, competition in the brand market is intensifying, and new brand incubation is not up to expectations.

Hongqi Chain (002697) Company Annual Report Comment: Net Profit Increases 96% in 2019 and Strives to Maintain High Growth

Hongqi Chain (002697) Company Annual Report Comment: Net Profit Increases 96% in 2019 and Strives to Maintain High Growth
The company achieved revenue of 72 in 2018.2 ‰, an increase of 4 in ten years.05%, of which 17 achieved revenue in the fourth quarter.USD 5.9 billion, an annual increase of 2.02%; net profit attributable to mother 3.23 ‰, an increase of 95 in ten years.66%, of which the net profit attributable to the mother in the fourth quarter was 66.78 million yuan, an annual increase of 128%; the diluted return was 0.24 yuan. In addition, the company announced the 2018 dividend distribution plan, and plans to allocate 0 to 10 shares.53 yuan (including tax). At the same time, it is estimated that the attributable net profit for the first three months of 2019 is 65.20-8096 million yuan, an annual increase of 20% -49%. Brief comments and investment recommendations. The company’s 2018 revenue was 72.2 ppm increased by 4.05%, net profit attributable to mother 3.The 200 million yuan increased by 96%. We estimate that after excluding investment income, the net profit of the main business increased by 42%, of which 1-4Q increased by 8 each.6%, 34%, 76% and 53%, the main business is better.We believe that in view of the “convenience + freshness” format superiority, breakthroughs in growth space, and the continuous improvement of investment 北京夜网 income through the company’s operating efficiency and Xinwang Bank, the company maintains a high growth trend in 2019. 1. Revenue for 2018 was 72.2 ‰, an increase of 4 in ten years.05%, 146 new stores opened, 59 closed, the number of stores by the end of 2018 reached 2817.In 2018, the company accelerated market development, further consolidated and enhanced the company’s leading advantage in the convenience supermarket industry in Sichuan, and opened 235, 151, 174, 606, 538, 119, and 146 stores in 2012-18. The company adheres to the “commodity + service” differentiated competition strategy, continuously optimizes the product structure, enriches value-added service projects, and adds China Mobile and package payment services, employee inclusive payment services, smart scales business (yunke) and multi-locationWater collection business.In 2018, the value-added business income reached 62.8 ppm, a ten-year increase2.08%. In terms of categories, food, tobacco, and daily necessities increased by 4 each.98%, 4.79% and 2.8%; income increased by region, Chengdu urban area, suburban counties and secondary urban areas.89%, 4.24% and 1.42%, the company implements the development strategy of “Chengdu as the center and radiates to surrounding cities” and constantly expands new stores.In addition, the company’s other business income decreased by 1.05% to 5.7.9 billion. 2. Comprehensive gross profit margin 29.36%, an increase of 1 each year.64 units.Among them, food gross margin increased by 2.17 points to 23.68%, tobacco and alcohol increased by 1.88pct to 20.8%, the daily necessities increased by 2.47 points to 25.39%, the main gross profit margin increased by 2.14pct to 23.twenty one%. 3. Expense rate increased by 0 during 2018.42pct, mainly due to increased sales and management expenses.Selling expense ratio increased by 0.15pct to 22.38%, mainly due to the increase in store-related expenses; management expense ratio increased by 0.4 points to 1.81% was mainly due to the increase in the company’s media press expenses and depreciation booth expenses; the expenditure of financial expenses was 9.16 million yuan, a continuous decline of 47%, mainly due to the regular interest generated during the period. 4. The increase in revenue and improvement in gross profit margin drove a 96% increase in net profit attributable to mothers in 2018.Due to the large profits of Xinwang Bank, the investment income in 2018 was 56.51 million yuan (the investment in the same period in 2017 decreased by 21.33 million yuan).The contraction in revenue and gross profit margin drove a 75% increase in operating profit in 2018, and a further increase of 51% before 2017; finally, the attributable net profit in 2018 increased by 95%.66% to 3.2.3 billion, of which 1-4Q each increased 38%, 70%, 172%, 128%, the profitability is better.Excluding investment income, we estimate that the main business net profit will increase by 42% per year in 2018, of which 1-4Q will increase by 8 in each quarter.6%, 34%, 76% and 53%. Maintain judgment of the company.The company is a leader in Sichuan convenience stores, with both growth and efficiency.(1) Growth: ① Large space: We estimate that the market space of Chengdu convenience stores exceeds 6,800. The company has a high market share in Chengdu convenience stores, which can support the company’s rapid growth in the next 5-6 years. We expect that the number of stores in 2019 may reach3000 companies; ② Successful M & A experience: In 2015, Hongyan was acquired, reciprocity, Leshan universal, and the integration was completed by 1H17. We believe that the current company still has a better integration ability.(2) Efficiency: ① Integrated endogenous efficiency improvement: Ping efficiency, human efficiency, net interest rate and other low points in 2015-16, rebounded in 2017-2018, continued in 2018; ② create fresh + convenience samples:The company plans to renovate 300 fresh stores in 2019; ③ Xinnet Bank has made significant profits since 2018. We believe Xinnet Bank is expected to contribute sustainable investment income to the company. Update profit forecast.It is estimated that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 400 million each in 2019-2021,4.700 million, 5.5 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.6%, 17.7%, 15.9%, EPS is 0 each.3 yuan, 0.35 yuan, 0.4 yuan.Taking into account the company’s “convenience + fresh” business format, large growth space, the layout of the private banking cross-border financial industry, the ownership of a certain estimated premium, giving 2019 18-22 times PE (corresponding to 0.95 -1.16 times PS), corresponding to 5.3-6.A reasonable value range of RMB 5 maintains the investment rating of “Continuous Market”. risk warning.Store rents have risen; the uncertainty of store integration and the complexity of management after a large number of stores have opened; competition from other convenience stores.

Measure what your friends do best

Measure what your friends do best

Translation: You and your friends went to play at Sea World. This is the first time you have seen these marine creatures so close. It is particularly exciting. What animal do you want to see most?


Dolphin 2.

Turtles 3.

Analysis of Rare Fish Answers: 1.

Choosing “dolphins” you are a person with a strong feelings, which is especially easy to move. When you are in trouble, friends just say to you “What do you need but say, I must help in the end!”

“It will make you cry so much; or when your friend secretly holds a birthday party for you, you will also be very moved. In short, you are a susceptible person who always has gratitude.


You are very content to choose “Turtle”, and you are also recognized as a friend. As long as you are a good friend, you will feel at ease no matter what you do.

Sometimes, the happiness you get from your friends is because of your help to them. Helping others is the foundation of happiness. When you have the ability to pay for your friends, you think it is another way to buy it with money.Wondering.


Choose “rare fish”. Your sanity is more important than emotion. For everything, you will take practical considerations as the starting point. To put it simply, on a cold winter night, I will give you a bowl of hot porridge.Hundred yuan, you will be more willing to accept.

You think that the spiritual concern is just an invisible spiritual comfort, which is not enough to solve the real problems, so money is the most dedicated effort for you.

Yijingmingmu Food Therapy-Medlar Congee

Yijingmingmu Food Therapy-Medlar Congee

[Raw materials]20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 100 grams of rice, sugar.

[Practice]Add wolfberry and previous rice to the casserole, add water and boil with high heat until boiling, change the text and wait for the rice to bloom. When the soup is thick, stop and simmer for 5 minutes.

[Usage]Allow morning and evening warmth, can be taken for a long time.

[Function]Nourish liver and kidney, and improve eyesight.

It is suitable for dizziness, dizziness, vision loss, waist and knee weakness, impotence, and nocturnal emission caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

[Comment]Lycium barbarum Ganping enters the liver and kidneys, can strengthen the waist and knees, strong bones and bones, eyesight and blood.

Recent studies have found that it has obvious antihypertensive, hypoglycemic effects, and anti-aging.

Complications to hypertension, diabetes, and sexual dysfunction.

Decrypting 5 Duck Behaviors of the Left Girl

Decrypting 5 Duck Behaviors of the Left Girl

Ducks are a coquettish group. As long as one duck takes the lead, the other ducks will randomly coax and follow the trend.

The same is true of the remaining women. If the marriage is popular, they will quickly marry people. If everyone is proud of the surplus, they will all be proud of being single.

As long as one of them took the lead in the water, the other jumped, regardless of whether it was Huanchi or Smelly Ditch.

  They are 28-35 years old, with good-looking figures and a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan. They appear in various high-end cocktail parties, bars, clubs, and fitness centers. They are economically independent, wear various brand-name fashions, have a minimum bachelor degree, and live irregularly.There are countless suitors who don’t marry and don’t recognize love. They are modern women who can look good, but can be full-age or older.

These women who are outside the siege of marriage are often referred to as “leftover women”. Their mainstream population can be summarized as 3S women-single (single), 70 years old (born at 70), stuck (being stuck)living).
In the past, only people with bad conditions were easily left. Now, the “leftover women” who have good conditions in all aspects have become another fashion. Without any declaration, the era of “leftover women” has arrived.

  The “leftover women” are bright on the surface, but extremely empty inside, and more people compare them to ducks.

Because they may become swan of dreams, ugly ducklings with bad fate, or they may just become clumsy big ducks.

But no matter how they changed, they always carried the duck behavior more or less.

  1. Not everyone wants to be an ugly duckling that can turn into a swan, but there is only one beautiful swan, and there are tens of millions of ugly ducklings, so the remaining girls have to self-proclaim that they are “single makes me so beautiful”, Their “no love but no marriage” let us see the stubborn and high-profile like a duck.

Of course, the leftover girls cannot be generalized. There are those who are “leftover” helpless, those who want to be “leftover”, those who are depressed and sad, and those who feel good about themselves, but they have a duck mentality of “not enough”, soWill miss the golden age of marriage.

  2. Erlang’s legs can be raised too high. Ducks cannot raise Erlang’s legs. If you want to raise your legs, you can only achieve left and right feet unless you sit down.

The mentality of the left girls is a bit like the duck legs of Erlang, knowing that they cannot be left or left, in the end, it just makes them difficult, even walking is a problem.

  3. Duck is a crowd of coquettish people. As long as one duck takes the lead, the other ducks will randomly coax and follow suit.

The same is true of the remaining women. If the marriage is popular, they will quickly marry people. If everyone is proud of the surplus, they will all be proud of being single.
As long as one of them took the lead in the water, the other jumped, regardless of whether it was Huanchi or Smelly Ditch.
  4.Whether it ‘s leftover or helpless left behind, the remaining women like to hold their butts against people, and they like to walk and swing. You must not see a regular person on the street.Their hearts determine their publicity, even if they are left, they must hold their heads up and shake their bottoms.

  5. Duckbill and the leftovers are practicing frame, that’s really for the sake of death, let alone find nothing.

Their duck’s mouth and feet can resist thousands of miles away, but you may also have heard the words “duck mouth, tofu heart.”

Indeed, the leftover girls are more concerned about their mouths and happy hearts.

Watermelon Cuiyi Heatstroke Therapy

Watermelon Cuiyi Heatstroke Therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine calls watermelon rind “Watermelon Cuiyi”, which is a good medicine for clearing away heat and relieving heat and quenching thirst.

Dry the watermelon rind and grind it for topical use.

Watermelon peels relieve heat and refresh appetizers, appetizing and hydrating, and its sugar content is not much, which can be categorized for consumption.

  Summer heat diuretic: Cut the watermelon peel with the outer hard skin into small pieces or strips, boil in water, add tomatoes, eggs and seasonings, drink soup and eat melon peel.

  Summer acne: 100 grams of mung beans, add 1500 ml of water, cook the soup, remove the mung beans 10 minutes after boiling, put 500 grams of washed watermelon skin (without peeling) and re-cook.

Drink soup several times a day.

Among them, mung bean is sweet and cool, which can reduce swelling and qi, clear heat and detoxify; watermelon peel is sweet and cold, can clear heat and relieve heat, remove annoyance and thirst.

  Spleen Relief: 100 grams of fresh watermelon peels, 10 jujubes, decoction, daily tea.

  Severe heat and lungs, thirst, dry cough without sputum or constipation: fresh lentils, 50 grams of fresh wormwood, 60 grams of fresh lotus leaves, 200 grams of jellyfish, 500 grams of watermelon peels, 250 grams of loofah, wash and cutAfter simmering in a casserole, simmer in a casserole for 1 hour, season with soup and eat jellyfish.

1 dose per day.

  Aphrodisiac: Shred the watermelon rind, remove it after boiled in water, serve with cooked chicken and lean meat with seasoning.

Variety rice eat healthy

Variety rice eat healthy

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition, and have the effect of “tonicating deficiency, strengthening energy, strengthening spleen and stomach, and strengthening kidney deficiency”.

It contains a large amount of starch and cellulose, which can prevent constipation and reduce the incidence of bowel cancer, but also help reduce the formation of cholesterol in the blood and prevent coronary heart disease.

  Rice is a staple food that most people cannot live without every day, but from the point of view of practice, it has been very monotonous.

In fact, as long as rice is mixed with some miscellaneous grains or vegetables, its nutritional value will increase many times, and it will have a certain therapeutic effect.

  Pumpkin rice Pumpkin has a high nutritional value, especially the highest content of carotene in melon. The pectin in it can increase the viscosity of rice and make sugars absorbed slowly. Therefore, pumpkin rice is suitable for diabetics.

In addition, mannitol in pumpkin has a laxative effect, which can reduce the harm of toxins in the stool to the human body and prevent colon cancer.

  Black fungus rice first boil the rice, then add black fungus to cook rice or porridge.

Black fungus is a edible and medicinal fungus with high nutritional value, rich in iron, and particularly high in lysine and leucine.

In recent years, it has been found that it can reduce blood viscosity and have obvious preventive effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Taro rice Add taro to the rice and steam it into rice.

Taro granules are soft and easy to digest. It is suitable for people with urethral diseases and tuberculosis, as well as the elderly and children.

In constipation or redness and swelling in summer, eating taro rice can especially make laxative and detoxify.

However, taro contains starch and starch, and it is easy to swell gas if you eat more. Pay attention to the right amount when eating.

  Huaishan Yam Rice Add Huaishan Yam to the rice and cook it like rice or porridge.

Huai yam is rich in nutrition and has always been regarded as an inexpensive and tonic product.

Because it does not contain impurities itself, and the mucin contained in it can prevent trace deposition of the cardiovascular system and protect the arteries and blood vessels, it can prevent arteriosclerosis, and can reduce the subcutaneous aunt and avoid obesity.

  Sweet potato rice is a good health food.

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition, and have the effect of “tonicating deficiency, strengthening energy, strengthening spleen and stomach, and strengthening kidney deficiency”.

It contains a large amount of starch and cellulose, which can prevent constipation and reduce the incidence of bowel cancer, but also help reduce the formation of cholesterol in the blood and prevent coronary heart disease.

At the same time, it is an alkaline food that can neutralize the acidic substances produced in meat, eggs, rice, and noodles, and regulate the acid-base balance of the human body.

  Mung bean rice is the best way to relieve heat in summer.

Mung beans are cool and sweet, and have the functions of clearing heat and relieving heat, diminishing water and swelling, soothing throat and thirst, and lowering blood pressure. It can prevent and treat fever, thirst, irritability, and poor urination caused by heat stroke.

Rice is eaten together. The most important thing is to cook it thoroughly, and the brakes can better digest it.

In particular, beans are hard in water, so they must be cooked first, and then cooked with the rice to avoid placing “cooked rice.”

  Oatmeal cooks rice or glutinous rice with oats to make porridge or rice, which is a good health food for the elderly.

Oat contains crude fiber and unsaturated fatty acid content, which can lower cholesterol, regulate cholesterol triester, and reduce blood viscosity. It can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It can treat diabetes and constipation. You can lose weight by eating more.