Yoga postures for pregnant women

Yoga postures for pregnant women

It is suitable for beginners. It can be practiced in the first trimester, the second trimester and the second trimester.

  Benefits: Tibia and thigh muscles.

  Note: If the thigh and knee muscles contract too much, the distance between the knees can be slightly changed. If you don’t feel the effect of stretching, the knees can be separated and widened.

  Method: Kneeling on your knees, with your knees separated to a comfortable width (Figure 1), with your thumbs on the front and in contact with each other, your hands on the ground between your knees, inhale and lift your sternum, and keep your spineStand upright with your hands stretched straight forward and above the ground when exhaling (Figure 3). Do not lift your crotch from your heel. If possible, hold your forehead close to the ground if you feel this position is very comfortable.

May wish to close the lower jaw to the ground to strengthen the increase.

Keep this position, and feel comfortable as a limit, while practicing triumphant breathing.