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Herbal tea to drink hot

Herbal tea to drink hot

Drinking herbal tea is one of the cultural characteristics of Lingnan.

  Lingnan’s “ground wet water temperature”, the water quality is hot and dry, the body is easy to “fire”, this is the herbal tea passed down from generation to generation.

Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea, Skull 痧.

Gourd tea, honeysuckle, scented tea and other varieties are blooming all over the world. These herbal teas are made by frying Chinese herbs with cold and bitter taste. They are suitable for the treatment of colds in four seasons, headache, fever, and stagnation.

  Today, herbal tea is still an indispensable element of life for Cantonese.

But the only feeling for foreigners who have drunk excessive herbal tea is one word: “bitter”!

  Why is it bitter? In the theory of Chinese medicine, medicine has five flavors: Xingan, sour, bitter, and salty.

Different medicinal flavors have different therapeutic effects.

  The bitterness can clear heat and detoxify, dryness, purging fire, lowering gas, and defecation, and is suitable for heat syndromes, such as dampness and heat syndrome, bloated sores, cough, vomiting and so on.

  The main effects of herbal tea are: clearing heat, reducing fire and dampness.

The drugs in the formula are mainly bitter cold and bitter, so it is bitter to drink, especially when herbal tea contains medicinal materials such as Coptis chinensis, Radix Isatidis, Scutellaria baicalensis and Rhubarb.

  Is bitterness better? The so-called good medicine bitterness is beneficial to the disease. Many people choose to drink the herbal tea that is too hard to understand, and think that this can achieve the cure of the disease.

  In fact, not all herbal teas are miserable, and not everyone needs to ask for help.

  Although herbal tea was originally developed for the purpose of clearing heat and purging fire, it has a bitter taste, but through the continuous improvement of traditional Chinese medicine, modern herbal teas with different formulas and different preferences have been developed.

  In most herbal tea shops, herbal tea is divided into two series: bitter tea and sweet tea.

The bitter tea series are herbal teas based on traditional Chinese medicines such as pungent, bitter, cold, and cold, such as cracks, twenty-four flavors, and so on.Scented tea and so on.

  When the summer heat gets angry, dry mouth, yellow tongue coating, upset temper, big fractures, acne, oral ulcers, dry stools, you should drink Wang Lao Ji or just cold tea like heat and purging fire.

Because the herbal medicine used in this kind of herbal tea is mainly sweet and cold, it will feel bitter and astringent.

  And when the lungs are hot and dry, causing cough, phlegm, sore throat, thirst, dry mouth, and hoarseness, what you need is a cup of herbal tea like Luo Han Guo Wu Hua Tea.

This kind of herbal tea is generally quite moist, and it doesn’t feel bitter at the mouth. Instead, it stays sweet in the mouth.

  Therefore, bitterness is not the criterion for judging the effectiveness of herbal tea.

Some people blindly believe that bitter herbal tea is effective. This idea is wrong, and it will affect your dialectical use. It may also have adverse effects and turn good medicine into poison.

  Is it not so bitter when it is cold? Some people think that herbal tea herbal tea is, of course, the tea that is cool and then drink; some people think that herbal tea can be made up by cooling, and it is not so bitter.

  Drinking iced drinks in summer is certainly cool, but herbal tea is still good to drink: first, after drinking hot herbal tea, it is easier to make people sweat and accelerate metabolism; second, cold tea is cold, and it is easy to damage the body’s yang and body fluids.The iced tea is left after iced, and it no longer loses the role of hot drinks. It is more important to damage the implantation, especially for the frail elderly, children and women.

  For those who are very afraid of bitterness, there are some techniques for drinking medicine: First, the temperature of the bitter medicine should be about the same as the body temperature. Too hot or too cold will aggravate the stimulation of the tongue taste buds and make the bitterness worse.

  The second is to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth during or after taking the medicine.

Because in addition to stimulating the bitter taste of the tongue taste buds, the bitter medicine then stimulates the nasal mucosa to produce an unpleasant and disgusting feeling.

As long as you do this, you won’t feel too strong about bitter tea.

After drinking the medicine, rinse your mouth with plain water and eat a piece of sugar, the bitterness will disappear.

Relentless killer guarding against beautiful eyes

Relentless killer guarding against beautiful eyes

Miss Zhang has been feeling uncomfortable for the past few days, she looks a little red, and also feels itchy, often rubbing her eyes with her hands.

Because it has little effect on work and life, I didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking that it was caused by too busy work and excessive eyesight these days.

But after a few days, he still didn’t get better, so he had to go to the doctor.

  A doctor’s inspection revealed that it was an eye allergy (follicular conjunctivitis), and the culprit was the contact lenses worn by Miss Zhang.

The doctor told Miss Zhang that although her contact lenses are beautiful, if she wears them incorrectly or has allergies, it can easily cause eye damage.

Now the incidence of eye allergies is increasing. In addition to environmental factors, eye cosmetics and other factors, contact lenses are a very important reason.

Follicular conjunctivitis, in particular, almost 60% of people have worn contact lenses.

  Ophthalmologists introduce that patients with severe refractive errors (above 300 degrees) cannot wear appropriate frame glasses, and the birth of contact lenses has solved this problem, but over time, beautiful and elegant contact lenses have been well received.Fashion MM’s love, more and more people wear, there are more and more problems.

Because it covers the corneal surface, it will affect the direct respiration of the cornea, and wearing contact lenses will increase eye secretions and cause eye discomfort.

Therefore, you cannot wear it for a long time, and you need to wash and care every day. If you are too busy for work and other reasons like Miss Zhang, forgetting to take it off at night will cause eye damage.

  In addition, contact lenses are a foreign body for people with allergies, and it is not surprising that they cause allergies, and sometimes serious allergic reactions may even affect vision.

  Many allergic eye diseases are self-limiting, so the main purpose of treatment is to relieve symptoms and avoid sequelae.

Disengagement of allergens is the most effective treatment, so you should immediately stop wearing contact lenses and take related treatments.

Watermelon-Let the skin revolution

Watermelon-Let the skin revolution

Watermelon’s nutritional ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin, moisturizing the skin, nutrition, sun protection, and whitening effect.

You may also use these methods to make your skin a beautiful meal.

  Watermelon juice also contains a number of important health and beauty chemicals.

These nutritional ingredients of watermelon are easily absorbed by the skin, and have good moisturizing, nourishing, sunscreen and whitening effects on the skin.

  The first measure: Watermelon peeling skin rejuvenation facial mask beauty effect: spotting, hydrating, sedation Method 1: Cut this clean watermelon skin into two millimeters thin slices with a sharp knife.

Gently massaging the skin with melon peels has a soothing and hydrating effect.

  Method 2: Wash the whole watermelon, shave the green peel, and then shave a piece of white peel and put it on your arms and arms one by one. Change the new watermelon peel for about 5 minutes for a total of four times, and thenRinse well with water.

  Second measure: Watermelon Cooling and Softening Mask DIY Beauty Effect: Vitamins A, B, and C contained in watermelon are all necessary nutrients to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. When applied to the body, it will have a very good softening effect.

  Material: 1/4 cup of watermelon meat, paper mask making method: 1.

Use a fork or spoon to mash the watermelon until it becomes smooth.


Then apply the mashed watermelon meat to both ends.


Finally, apply a commercially available paper mask. After about 20 minutes, wash your face thoroughly with cold water.

  The third measure: Watermelon juice replenishes skin and beautifies skin effect: Watermelon contains a large amount of water and fiber. Applying the surface can make the skin refreshing and comfortable, and play a role in moisturizing and reducing pores.

  Material: Watermelon half way: first refrigerate the watermelon, peel the meat and peel it, apply the peel on the surface for 5 minutes, and then wash it with water.

  The fourth measure: Homemade watermelon post-sun repair mask beauty effect: often feel the skin beating after sun exposure, at this time the skin needs to be calm before you can have further treatment.

Watermelon peel mask can cool down the face and calm the skin.

  Ingredients: One piece of watermelon rind, and appropriate amount of honey.

  Method: Make a mask with watermelon peel juice and honey.

  To use: Apply directly on the face for about 25 minutes.

  Fifth measure: Watermelon fruit skin beauty effect: The diuretic effect of watermelon lies in the melon peel of chlorophyll to clear blood.

Pineapple contains pineapple, which can break down protein and help digestion.

  Material: 2 slices of watermelon and 1/8 of pineapple.

  Production method: 1.

Watermelon peeled and sliced to squeeze pure juice.


Peel the pineapple and cut it into long slices to squeeze pure juice.


All pure juices are mixed and stirred well, and immediately put or refrigerated.

  After eating watermelon, you may also use these methods to make your skin a beautiful meal.

How can you not try this simple and powerful method?

Decrypting 5 Duck Behaviors of the Left Girl

Decrypting 5 Duck Behaviors of the Left Girl

Ducks are a coquettish group. As long as one duck takes the lead, the other ducks will randomly coax and follow the trend.

The same is true of the remaining women. If the marriage is popular, they will quickly marry people. If everyone is proud of the surplus, they will all be proud of being single.

As long as one of them took the lead in the water, the other jumped, regardless of whether it was Huanchi or Smelly Ditch.

  They are 28-35 years old, with good-looking figures and a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan. They appear in various high-end cocktail parties, bars, clubs, and fitness centers. They are economically independent, wear various brand-name fashions, have a minimum bachelor degree, and live irregularly.There are countless suitors who don’t marry and don’t recognize love. They are modern women who can look good, but can be full-age or older.

These women who are outside the siege of marriage are often referred to as “leftover women”. Their mainstream population can be summarized as 3S women-single (single), 70 years old (born at 70), stuck (being stuck)living).
In the past, only people with bad conditions were easily left. Now, the “leftover women” who have good conditions in all aspects have become another fashion. Without any declaration, the era of “leftover women” has arrived.

  The “leftover women” are bright on the surface, but extremely empty inside, and more people compare them to ducks.

Because they may become swan of dreams, ugly ducklings with bad fate, or they may just become clumsy big ducks.

But no matter how they changed, they always carried the duck behavior more or less.

  1. Not everyone wants to be an ugly duckling that can turn into a swan, but there is only one beautiful swan, and there are tens of millions of ugly ducklings, so the remaining girls have to self-proclaim that they are “single makes me so beautiful”, Their “no love but no marriage” let us see the stubborn and high-profile like a duck.

Of course, the leftover girls cannot be generalized. There are those who are “leftover” helpless, those who want to be “leftover”, those who are depressed and sad, and those who feel good about themselves, but they have a duck mentality of “not enough”, soWill miss the golden age of marriage.

  2. Erlang’s legs can be raised too high. Ducks cannot raise Erlang’s legs. If you want to raise your legs, you can only achieve left and right feet unless you sit down.

The mentality of the left girls is a bit like the duck legs of Erlang, knowing that they cannot be left or left, in the end, it just makes them difficult, even walking is a problem.

  3. Duck is a crowd of coquettish people. As long as one duck takes the lead, the other ducks will randomly coax and follow suit.

The same is true of the remaining women. If the marriage is popular, they will quickly marry people. If everyone is proud of the surplus, they will all be proud of being single.
As long as one of them took the lead in the water, the other jumped, regardless of whether it was Huanchi or Smelly Ditch.
  4.Whether it ‘s leftover or helpless left behind, the remaining women like to hold their butts against people, and they like to walk and swing. You must not see a regular person on the street.Their hearts determine their publicity, even if they are left, they must hold their heads up and shake their bottoms.

  5. Duckbill and the leftovers are practicing frame, that’s really for the sake of death, let alone find nothing.

Their duck’s mouth and feet can resist thousands of miles away, but you may also have heard the words “duck mouth, tofu heart.”

Indeed, the leftover girls are more concerned about their mouths and happy hearts.

Use of chopsticks is sophisticated

Use of chopsticks is sophisticated


Three long and two short: This means that before or during the replacement process, chopsticks of varying lengths are placed on the table.

This approach is unlucky, usually we call it “three longs and two shorts”.


hzh{display:none;}  其意思是代表“死亡”。Because the Chinese used to think that people would put in coffins after they died. When people put in coffins before they were put in, the components of the coffin were two short wooden boards on the front and back, and three long wooden boards on the sides and bottom.A piece of wooden board together with gypsum casing material is exactly three long and two short, so it is extremely unlucky.


Fairy guidance: This method is also extremely unacceptable. This method of holding chopsticks is to use your thumb and middle finger, ring finger, little finger to pinch the chopsticks, and a small number of index fingers.

In the eyes of Beijingers, this is called “swearing.”

Because the index finger form always points at others during meals, Beijingers generally symbolize that the index finger refers to the other person, and most of them mean blame.

  Therefore, using fingers to eat people with chopsticks is tantamount to blame others. This is the same as swearing and cannot be allowed.

There is also a situation that means the same, that is to talk to others during meals and point people with chopsticks.


Pingu sound retention: This method is also not possible. The method is to hold one end of the chopsticks in your mouth and use your mouth to slap back and forth, making a squeaking sound from time to time.

This behavior is considered a mean practice.

Because the nature of chopsticks with your mouth when eating is a kind of rude behavior, coupled with sound, it is even more boring.

Therefore, this practice is generally considered to be a global tutor and cannot be allowed.


Knocking down the bowl: This behavior is expected to beggars asking for food. The practice is to knock the bowl with chopsticks when placing.

Because in the past, only those who asked for food hit the rice bowl with chopsticks. The sound of the sound was matched with the mourning in their mouths, which made pedestrians pay attention and give alms.

This practice is considered to be extremely mean and shameless.


Persuasion to patrol the city: This method is to hold the chopsticks, if there is no human shape, use the chopsticks to go back and forth in the dish on the table, I do not know where to place chopsticks.

Obvious behavior is a typical manifestation of lack of cultivation, and no one is extremely amazing.


Lost planing grave: This refers to holding the chopsticks in the dish to keep pulling in order to find prey, just like a grave planing grave.

This approach is similar to the “Lost City Tour”, which is a lack of education and annoying.


Tears of tears: In fact, this is when using chopsticks to put vegetables on your plate, trying to resist falling, and pouring the soup to other dishes or on the table.

This practice is considered severely rude and equally undesirable.


Upside down: This means that the chopsticks will be used upside down. This method is very despised. It is the so-called revival that chooses no food, so that it doesn’t care about the face. It is absolutely impossible to turn the chopsticks down.


Dinghaishenzhen: It is not acceptable to use a chopstick to insert dishes on the plate when it is placed. This is considered a shame to people placed at the same table.

Making such a move at dinner is the same as the typical middle finger in public in Europe, which is not acceptable.


In front of the public: when it is often for the sake of helping others to serve rice, in order to save trouble, insert a pair of chopsticks in the rice and hand it to the other party.

It is regarded as disrespected by the people, because Beijing ‘s tradition only begins when incense is used for the dead. If you insert a pair of chopsticks into the rice, it is treated as if it were incense for the dead.The bowl is never accepted.
Crossing: This is often not noticed. When you cross, put chopsticks on the table casually.

This is wrong. For Beijingers, it is considered that hitting a fork at a dinner table is a complete negation of other people at the same table. It is known that students write wrong homework, and the teacher’s fork in a book is of the same nature and cannot be accepted by others.

In addition, this approach is also disrespectful to yourself, because in the past, you only hit the fork when you took a lawsuit. This can also be a denial of yourself. This is also not possible.


Shocked on the ground: The so-called “shocked on the ground” means that the chopsticks are dropped on the ground by mistake, which is a manifestation of serious rudeness.

Because Beijingers believe that all ancestors were dormant in the ground and were beaten incorrectly, the landing of chopsticks is equivalent to shocking the ancestors in the ground. This is a great filial piety, so this behavior is not allowed.

  There is a break method. Once the chopsticks land, you should quickly use the floor chopsticks to draw a cross on the ground according to the direction in which you are sitting.

Its direction is north-south first, then north-south.

It means that I am not a thing, and I shouldn’t startle my ancestors, and then pick up the chopsticks, and say in the mouth that I should be damned.

How to clean up ambiguous women around her husband

How to clean up ambiguous women around her husband

Women should not underestimate this “ambiguous” relationship. Although it may seem harmless on the surface, it’s enough to make you mentally tangled.

His ambiguous relationship with his female colleagues may not even be derailed, but it is that astringent feeling that makes it difficult for you to let go.

“Ambiguous” is always a thorn in the mind, and it always hurts inadvertently.

Ambiguous female colleagues around her husband or boyfriend must guard against!

No matter which woman you face, you can easily destroy his ambiguous female colleagues.


Pretend to be small and weak women, such women are mostly weak, such as Qiong Yao’s heroine, born without bones, looking for big trees throughout their lives can be the goal.

If your old justice belongs to the category of heroism, then wait to help her with her dissertation today and help her repair the computer tomorrow.

After a little question, the poor heroine would cry with helplessness, so your stupid husband would immediately be angry: “What’s wrong with you, not even a little sympathy?”

Elimination method: When you are jealous, jealousy is about stability and unity. How can you tolerate it?

Speak out dissatisfaction and anger, give him rules, and let him know the bottom line of your tolerance.

Otherwise, endure it again and again, occasionally disappointed, he thinks that you have a little belly.

Answer the call again, write down the number, and dial it back immediately, telling her generously that her husband can’t respond to the request and let her know that you are not a display.


Lest there be certain types of women in the world, most women like to see men being bewildered by themselves. They like to make two unclear phone calls to men and send color text messages.

And he, partiality has to enjoy this kind of spiritual cheapness.

If you protest, he will definitely refute: “People are still small, but it’s just fun, do you take it seriously?

“Destruction method: Although a woman of this type has a great deal of lethality when she lay down her body, it will naturally cease to matter when his fresh energy passes.

May wish to talk to him about his company’s similar women, dilute his excitement.

Or just drop her body and fight with her, dress more glamorous and noble than her, and be more trendy and open than her.

The weakness of an open woman is to feel inferior to her immaturity. Under your strong disinfection, Baozhun will immediately turn to gray.


Buddy-type woman tomboy may be his neighbor in childhood, maybe a good friend in college, some have never been in love, some have fallen in love and have entered the healing period of the tortoise, in short, there is only one tendon, and it has nothing to do with the relationship between men and womenconsciousness.

Calling friends every day to pass the time, just happened to forget, her buddies and a lover are at home.

Elimination method: Tell the other party not to have time to think about participating in her and his space. Arranging a schedule early is the right way.

Make use of various trivia to keep him from getting away, and let him learn to tell the other person “I don’t have time.”

Finally, remember to introduce a few boys to her by hand, and solve her single nuisance, your private time will be guaranteed naturally!


The literary and artistic woman belongs to the petty bourgeoisie and literary complex. Whenever a man talks to her about her ideals in life, she will immediately be referred to as a “blue confidant” and use “red sleeves to add fragrance” to herself.

It ‘s okay. Send an overly emotional and lyrical email. When you are on a business trip, call him immediately and say, “The rainbow here is so beautiful!

“Destruction method: Active personality cold treatment For this type of woman, you can’t underestimate the enemy.

You must talk to your boyfriend wisely. Do not correct your suspicion and jealousy, but just say that the recent evaluation of your friends made you feel very shameless. Give him a few more examples and tell him that although “the bodyI’m not afraid of shadow obliques, “but beware of others’ rumors!

Use self-esteem to let him take the initiative to cold-handle.


Which young man is not a qq?

Even if you block it, there are still other chat software, even bbs may be the soil of online dating-there are too many female netizens on the Internet, chatting online on weekdays, recognizing a bunch of husbands on the Internet, and waiting in a row during leisureSchedule to meet and pass the time.

As for you, he always feels that online chat is nothing, and ignores your aversion to some sensitive words.

Elimination method: There are multiple schemes to be selected. Please add one of the following schemes: a. Find a way to enter his mailbox and send several virus emails to his female netizens.
b. Reinstall the operating system intentionally or unintentionally so that all his contact information is lost.
c, on your computer at home, as soon as you go to qq or a website, the computer crashes automatically.

Nine types of wrinkles suggest you are sick!

Wrinkles or kidneys are not good

Nine types of wrinkles suggest you are sick!
Wrinkles or kidneys are not good


With the increase of age, the length and length of wrinkles are constant, but if you do not increase wrinkles due to age, you may need to pay attention, because wrinkles in different parts may represent problems in different parts of the body.

1.[Forehead wrinkles]: hints about wrinkles related to depression: horizontal wrinkles on the forehead are a sign of whether a person is diligent in thinking, and small wrinkles represent whether its owner has keen observation and positive thinkingAttitude.

For brainpower, the most important thing is memory, which requires nourishment from diet.

If the wrinkles on the forehead are incoherent and wavy, such people will soon experience restlessness, mental pain, and depression.

Coping methods: do happy things, relieve yourself of stress, and use both hands to gently stretch and massage on the forehead.

2,[nasal bridge wrinkles]: hints about wrinkles related to memory: there is a wrinkle on the forehead on the bridge of the nose, indicating that this person probably has the mental work that often requires meditation, and people with this kind of wrinkles are prone to migraine headaches.

Such people rarely get sick if there are noticeable cross-shaped continuous wrinkles.

How to cope: There are a variety of foods that enhance memory, and you do n’t want to stop yourself from baking brain-building biscuits: knead 1 spoon of thyme and 10 spoons of wheat flour with a little water to form a dough, then bake a delicious brain-building brain in the ovenCookies, because thyme and wheat flour are recognized as trace element foods, which are good for enhancing memory.

Facial skin also needs to add energy, and skin care products containing creatine have the ability to enhance the skin’s natural working ability.

3,[cheek wrinkles]: can abrasion of blood vessel problems hint of wrinkles: the cheek is a relatively weak place on the skin and skin, it is easy to suture blood vessel problems.

If the right face has deeper wrinkles than the left face, the liver may be bad.

Cheeks appear twill and check for hypertension.

If sickle-shaped wrinkles appear on your cheekbones, your feet may be sick.

Coping methods: Pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables in the diet, and you can often exercise with moderate exercise.

For facial skin itself, attention should be paid to moisturizing and exfoliating.

4,[nasal wrinkles]: the representative organ is a hint of heart wrinkles: nasal wrinkles are inherited wrinkles, with age, it will become more obvious in old age.

The organ represented by nasal wrinkles is the heart.

The fine scattered wrinkles produced by each wrinkle bifurcation are of corresponding significance to the facial physician.

If there are many cross-shaped wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, the possibility of severe distortion of the spine or kidney is not ruled out. People with such wrinkles usually deform the spine.

How to cope: In order to enhance heart function, you can reduce a small amount of red wine every day, which is known as the best heart tonic drink.

Skin care products that use vitamin C at the same time can prevent the skin from sagging.

5.[Wrinkles between the eyebrows]: May be a hint of tension and pressure wrinkles: The wrinkles between the two eyebrows are commonly called annoyed wrinkles. When people are concentrating or angry, the so-called angry wrinkles appear between the two eyebrows.

In addition, if you are under physical health stress or stress, angry wrinkles will follow.

In addition, the line between the eyebrows may also be a sign of a bad sinus.

How to cope: if you want to increase your concentration, eat 5 daily?
10 sweet almonds, this food is known as the best nerve food.

6,[peripheral wrinkles]: Represents the hints of emotional wrinkles: the skin around the eyes is very delicate, and the wrinkles are often called smile wrinkles or emotional wrinkles.

However, we would rather call it emotional wrinkles, because emotional wrinkles can also appear around the eyes when you are in a good mood, and when you are worried, worried, or sad.

Around the eyes of optimists there will be arc-shaped “smile lines”. This kind of wrinkles is a disease of weak connective tissue in the muscles and hearing loss. Such people may have hemorrhoids.

Dense wrinkles on the upper eyelids are a sign of a bad heart.

The dense crow’s feet are a sign of hearing loss and migraine.

Coping: You should control your emotions and relax yourself.

7,[under the eyes wrinkles]: a sign of detoxification ability Wrinkles hint: Wrinkles under the eyes is a sign of the kidneys and bladder’s ability to eliminate toxins in the body.

The skin under the eyes is extremely thin and dries quickly.

Bags under the eyes need kidney tonic.
Half-moon wrinkles under the eyes are a sign of disease in the kidneys, bladder and heart.
Coping methods: diet should be potentially alkaline foods, drink plenty of water.

Wheat-based foods have the power to cleanse the kidneys thoroughly.

In order to prevent the thin skin under the eyes from sagging prematurely, care should be taken carefully and an appropriate eye cream should be used early.

8.[Vertical Wrinkles on Mouth]: Signs suggesting the reduction of hormonal levels of wrinkles: After menopause and menopause, when the human body lacks estrogen, small vertical wrinkles will appear on the mouth, so it marks a decrease in hormonal levels.

There are wrinkles above the mouth and below the nose, indicating that this person may be stereotyped and not very friendly to people, which is also the cost of weak hormone activity.

If the long wrinkles that appear from your nose to your lips are diagonal, your heart may not be good.

How to deal with it: Soy, wheat and many vegetables (such as broccoli, gourd, etc.) have the effect of improving hormonal balance.

From the age of 40, skin needs high-potency substances like soy protein for care to moisturize dry and mature skin and reduce skin wrinkles.

9.[Side lip wrinkles]: May be a characteristic wrinkle hint of gastric disease: Wrinkles begin at the edge of the lips and tilt downward.

The wrinkles on the right reveal an overload on the liver and gallbladder, while the wrinkles on the left signal a problem with the spleen.

Small wrinkles in the corners of the mouth may be characteristic of arrogance and stomach problems.

How to cope: The doctor believes that the liver is most active between 1-3 am. If you often wake up in the middle of the night, liver remedies and sleeping pills can help you fall asleep.

In terms of diet, chestnuts have a tonic effect on the liver and spleen.


How to improve your self-esteem during the interview

How to improve your self-esteem during the interview

Even if he was born with brilliance, the interview dress was sloppy.

Here is the latest clothing guide for men preparing for professional interviews.

  Suits: The most acceptable colors for men’s suits are light blue, black with light gray, followed by brown and beige.

The texture should be pure wool. Visually, wool is better than any other material.

Don’t choose suits designed by European designers because they are cut tighter and are too fancy for the conservative world we live in.

Two-piece suits are perfectly acceptable now, but a few years ago people had to wear three-piece suits for interviews.

  Shirts: The dress code here is simple: Principle 1: Always wear long-sleeved shirts; Principle 2: Always wear white or light blue shirts; Principle 3: Never violate Principles 1 and 2.

When I say “white”, I don’t necessarily exclude white shirts with light red or light blue stripes. Although these “white” shirts are not first-class, they are all desirable.

The single-color white shirt conveys an unspeakable feeling: honesty, cleverness and solidity.

It should be your number one choice, and artists, writers, engineers, and other special circumstances sometimes conflict with white, and for them, light blue is perhaps the best choice.

Remember: the lighter the color and the more subtle the background, the better your impression will be.

  Tie: A pure silk tie produces the best professional effect. Its elegance reflects the best and is the easiest to tie.

Linen ties are too casual and wrinkle most easily, only suitable in warmer weather.

Wool ties are not only casual in appearance, but also difficult to knot.

Man-made fibers have a luminous characteristic. When you want them to have a light and elegant feel, their colors are dazzling and may damage your professional image.

From this point of view, a tie made of pure silk, or a mixture of 50% wool and 50% silk should be your choice during the interview.

  Ties should add color to your clothes, which means that your dress should have a balance in general: the general experience is that the width of your tie should be roughly the same as the width of your suit top and the lapel of your chest. It has become popular so farThe standard generally accepted by people for more than a decade is that the width of a tie is between 23/4 inches and 31/2 inches.

If your tie is wider than this standard, then you feel like you are still in the disco era.

  Shoes: Men should wear black or brown leather shoes, other materials and colors are not appropriate, and they will take too much risk!

  Lace-up leather shoes are the most conservative choices, but they are almost universally accepted, and those without straps are also decent, but don’t confuse this kind of shoes with boat shoes.

Such strapless leather shoes need to be simple and generous, with a lighter upper, which is more suitable for formal occasions during the day or at night (laced leather shoes are a bit awkward at dinner occasions).

  Socks: Socks should be coordinated with clothes. Therefore, the color should be blue, black, gray, or brown. The length of the socks should be as long as you don’t expose too many bones when you step on your legs. It is also not suitable when you move your feet.As for the bulge on the toes.

In short, more elastic wrap and calf socks are your best choice.

  Trinkets: The watches you wear should be simple and elegant, which means that “Mickey Mouse” watches, sports watches and watches with advertising styles are excluded.

No one is attracted to digital watches anymore; you don’t have to worry about being laughed at by simple watches with leather straps.

  In any case, avoid wearing seemingly cheap fake and inferior gold straps.

  If you want to raise the price, it will definitely strengthen your professional image, the luggage effect is the best, and the effects of these other materials are far worse.

Brown and fuchsia are better choices.

The box itself should be generous. Although some very expensive brands can show your value, they often only cause the effect you want.

  Cotton or linen handkerchiefs should be a must-have for every job seeker. Pure white is the best color.

It is common for job seekers to have sweaty palms before an interview.

Therefore, the handkerchiefs you prepare can also be used to alleviate the sequelae caused by this symptom, and try to avoid embarrassing handshake.

  The belt should match the shoes you choose.

Therefore, blue, black or gray suits will require black belts and black shoes, while brown, tan or beige suits should be equipped with brown belts and shoes.

Depending on the material of the belt, leather should be used.

  Jewellery: If available, men can bring wedding rings and a small and soft cufflinks (if with French cufflinks, of course).

Beyond that, any other jewelry is inappropriate.

Bracelets, necklaces, or medals can all convey the wrong message.   Coats: The safest and most practical colors are beige and blue, and you should stick to these two colors.

Of course, if you can’t wear it, try not to wear it.

  Make-up: Men are not contracted to put on makeup during interviews or at any time during their career.

Do you know how to keep up after getting up

Do you know how to keep up after getting up

Before we get up every morning, we insist on a few simple and easy movements, which will not only help to energize the whole day, improve work efficiency, but also help to enhance physical fitness, promote physical health and prolong life.

  Face rubbing: After opening the sleepy eyes in the morning, many people are accustomed to rubbing their eyelids with the back of their hands, which is certain for a clear head.

But it is not enough, rubbing the eyes does not prevent rubbing the face.

It is best to rub the “Yingxiang Acupoint” next to the nostrils at the same time with the middle fingers of both hands.

Then go up to the top of the head, separate to the sides, and merge along the two distal ends down to the position.

Repeatedly rubbing the face 20 times in this way will more than promote facial blood circulation, increase the ability of the facial skin to resist cold and cold, and refresh the brain to prevent colds.

As time goes by, there is also a reduction in facial wrinkles and a youthful look.

  Turn your eyes: Run your eyes, and do it in a hurry.

You can roll your eyes more than ten times, first right and left, then up and down.

Have the power to improve the optic nerve, enhance vision and reduce eye disease.

  Teeth: Lightly closed lips, upper and lower teeth slamming each other 36 times, it is advisable to rotate the tongue, and use the tongue to move the upper jaw several times.

It can promote blood circulation in the oral cavity, teeth, teeth, gums and gums, and enhance saliva secretion, so as to clear the dirt, improve the anti-caries ability and chewing function of the teeth.

  Lift your abdomen: lie on your back, straighten your legs, and breathe deeply.

When you inhale deeply, your abdomen lifts up strongly, and when you exhale, you loosen.

Repeating the abdomen stretching more than ten times can enhance the elasticity and strength of the abdominal muscles, prevent relaxation of abdominal wall muscles, slightly accumulate the abdominal abdomen, and have the benefit of strong digestion, absorption and absorption.

  Anal Lifting: Focusing on the anus ten times, it can enhance the strength of the anal sphincter, improve the perianal blood circulation, prevent anal prolapse and hemorrhoids.

  Comb hair: Sitting on the bed, fingers cross comb.

Comb from the forehead to the pillow, from the two ends to the top of the head, and repeatedly comb several dozens of times.

It can improve the blood nutrition supply of the hair roots of the head, reduce hair loss, white hair, promote hair brightening, and have the effect of refreshing the brain and reducing blood pressure.

  Bounce: Sitting on the bed, pressing the palms of both palms tightly on the ears.

With your fingers lightly hit the back of the brain, you can hear snoring sounds, every three or four times in the morning, it can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, strengthen hearing, and treat tinnitus.

  Cat body: Lie on the bed, spread your hands, straighten your legs, lift your hips, and arch your waist as hard as a cat arches its spine, then lower the high-up tibia. Repeat this several times to exercise your lower backThe muscles and joints of the limbs promote the flow of qi and blood throughout the body, and have the benefit of back pain.

In the fall, eating almonds can relieve cough and laxative

In the fall, eating almonds can relieve cough and laxative

Autumn is a good time to eat almonds. Almonds have an antitussive and lung-moisturizing effect, which is suitable for coping with the symptoms of autumn cough, thereby reducing the effects of Qi, cough and asthma.

From a modern nutritional perspective, almonds are nuts that are good for heart health.

What is learned about how to eat it?

  Ms. Chen is pregnant with Rokko, and she does not touch almonds, because she heard that almonds are poisonous and are afraid of affecting the fetus.

Miss Li likes to eat almonds. She believes that almonds are high in nutrition, vitamin E can also fight aging and prevent premature aging. Sometimes when eating almonds while watching TV, she can wipe out a large packet without knowing it.

So how to eat almonds?

  First, almonds are divided into bitter almonds and sweet almonds. Bitter almonds are commonly known as “north apricots” and sweet almonds are commonly known as “southern apricots.”

Among them, bitter almond is commonly known as “Northern Apricot”. Bitter almond has high medicinal value and can relieve bronchus. It is very effective for respiratory diseases, such as cough and other conditions, and it is often used as medicine.

Sweet almond is commonly known as “South Apricot”.

Among them, the taste is slightly sweet, delicate, and has a slight almond aroma, which is mostly used to make food.

  Bitter almonds: boiled, strong antitussive effect. Ms. Chen feels that “almonds are poisonous” makes sense. Tang Hongmei, pharmacist at the Pharmacy Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, said that bitter almonds contain a hydrocyanic acid toxin, so it is not appropriate.Eat raw.

Clinically, patients with food poisoning caused by a large amount of raw, untreated bitter almonds have also appeared.

Excessive use of untreated bitter almonds can cause poisoning, manifested as dizziness, sudden fainting, palpitations, headaches, nausea and vomiting, and convulsions.

If not rescued in time, they can even die from respiratory failure.

  But do n’t worry, Tang Hongmei said that after boiling the bitter almonds in boiling water, the aluminum hydroxide evaporates cleanly and is not toxic. Therefore, it is often used in traditional Chinese medicine diets and soups, so everyone can rest assured.

Bitter almonds are a little toxic, and you should pay attention to the method of eating: you must pay attention to detoxification when eating.

  Northern almonds have high medicinal value, and have the effect of alleviating the bronchus, and are very effective for diseases of the respiratory organs, such as cough and other conditions.

Now that autumn is coming, it is a season of high incidence of bronchitis, and medicinal diet can be made with northern almonds.

In addition, almonds are also helpful to people who often suffer from constipation. Almonds return to the lungs, spleen, and large intestine meridian. They can have an intestinal moisturizing effect on constipation. Therefore, those who have bowel movements must be avoided.

  Sweet almonds: Auntie, don’t eat the almond snacks we eat. Drinks are mostly made from sweet almonds.

Sweet almonds are relatively non-toxic, but there is a view that sweet almonds also contain hydrocyanic acid, but they are much less than bitter almonds.

To be safe, the raw sweet almonds can also be boiled to remove poison.

The packaged snacks almonds and almonds are also dried, fried, peeled, bitter, and sterilized to ensure food safety.

  Modern nutrition has found that almonds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which is “good unfortunate” and good for heart health; it contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and can prevent diseases and premature aging.

In addition, since sweet almonds target selenium, and selenium is a recognized anti-cancer element, sweet almonds also play a role in preventing cancer.

The sweet almond protein content is significantly higher than other nuts, the zinc content is 2% of the walnut kernel.

2 times.

Moderate consumption of sweet almonds and almonds can also moisturize the lungs and asthma, and smooth bowel movements.

  However, it is not appropriate to eat almonds in an unrestrained manner like Miss Li.

Wu Huawei, deputy director of the nutrition department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, introduced that all nuts including almonds are rich in aunts. The main nutritional characteristics of nuts are high energy, high aunt, high protein, and aunt content in sweet almonds is up to 40%, Excessive consumption can easily lead to obesity.

  Guidance on how to eat bitter almonds: Olive Almond Pig Lung Decoction / Olive Almond Ring Snail Decoction Effectiveness: clearing heat and eyesight, moisturizing the lungs and throat throat almond lily pig lung decoction Effectiveness: clearing away heat and lungs and cough.

  Almond porridge effect: Relieve cough, asthma and lungs, almond powder, steamed meat: use almond powder instead of steamed meat powder in the steamed meat, which has the functions of clearing the lungs, reducing phlegm, phlegm, and intestinal laxative.

  Guidance on how to eat sweet almonds: “Nutrition Guidelines for Chinese Residents 2007” by the Chinese Nutrition Association classifies nuts and soybeans into one category, and recommends taking 30 daily?

It is suggested that “conditional residents can eat 5 per day?
10g nuts replace the corresponding amount of soybeans “, according to which” 50g per week is suitable “.

Nuts include peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, etc. Therefore, we must strictly control the amount of imported nuts on the basis of a balanced diet, and eat a small amount a day to reach the standard.

Especially for people who need weight control, if you eat more almonds, you must reduce the intake of other fatty foods.