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10 signals reflect women’s psychological aging

10 signals reflect women’s psychological aging

First, the efficiency of doing things is low: memory is significantly reduced, and I forget things.

  Second, the degradation of competition consciousness: no creative thinking about the cause, often feel empty and boring, especially the mental workers, more and more feel powerless.

  Third, the inferiority complex: When a person is alone, he often sighs and sighs, has no competition with the world, and often feels that he has fallen behind.

  Fourth, the response is abnormal: sometimes, it is particularly sensitive to interpersonal relationships. I always feel that my family and people around me are having trouble with myself, and I have doubts; instead, sometimes I want to stay out of the crowd and ignore what happened to meThe reaction was indifferent.

  Fifth, lonely character: like to be alone, do what he wants.

Especially unwilling to face strangers, often excuses to avoid contact with strangers.

  Six, slow thinking: When emergencies occur, they are often helpless and don’t know what to do.

  7. Stubbornness: No matter what you do, you want to be self-centered.

  Eight, evacuation, laziness, and lack of energy: I often feel uncomfortable, quiet and irritable, and beat my spirits.

  Nine, emotions: I like to indulge in memories of the past, fragile feelings, emotional “childlike”, cold and hot, like to be nagging, regardless of whether others like to listen or not.

  Ten, irritable temperament: it is easier to use emotions in life, and less and less rational in words and deeds.

It’s easier to misinterpret the good intentions of others, not to listen to others’ opinions, not to be calm, and to trigger immediately.

Thermal Yoga Yoga Bodybuilding

Thermal Yoga Yoga Bodybuilding

You don’t need those traditional aerobic and strength equipment, just a small yoga mat, you can get a super-effective training-consumption, muscle building.

  This set of exercises is designed to be very compact, with successive poses one after another.

Every muscle in the whole body can participate in exertion and get exercise.

One hour of exercise can consume approximately 4.55 million calories (for example, a woman weighing 145 pounds), which is equivalent to 1 hour of elliptical stroller and skiing.

  Strength yoga training plan training schedule to do this set of exercises 2 every week?
4 times.

In addition, you should guarantee 1 every week?
2 strength exercises and 3?
5 aerobic exercises (if you do this exercise all the time with the “strength solution” described below, then even 1 aerobic exercise).
  Warm up with the “sun worship” described below, repeat 4?
6 times.

  Increasing strength Doing a Japanese style over and over between each posture practice can greatly promote migration consumption and increase the intensity of aerobic exercises.

  After the last exercise, relax, change from a sitting position to a supine position, hold your knees on your chest with your hands, and roll back and forth.

Then straighten your legs, relax your arms and insert them into your body.

Relax for at least 5 minutes.

  [1]Starting from the mountain standing position, put your feet together, straighten your legs, and insert your arms into your body.

Inhale, bend your arms over your head and straighten them in parallel.

  [2]Exhale, bend forward from your hips, bend your arms and head toward the ground, straighten your legs (or bend slightly if needed), and touch your hands with the ground.

  [3]Inhale, look up, dissect the spine and fracture, and touch your fingertips to make the spine straight.

  [4]Exhale, step back with your right foot, lunge.

Inhale, while keeping the lunge, raise your upper body correctly, then lift the depression vertically over your head.

Exhale, bend your upper body forward, and double-hand your left foot into the ground.

  [5]Take a step back with your left foot and unfold it with your right foot to form a wooden board.

  [6]Exhale and lower your body like a push-up, with your elbows pressed against the sides of your body to form a yoga push-up.

  [7]Inhale, prop up your upper body with the strength of your skull, reverse your bow, and flex your elbow slightly.

Support your feet with your feet on the ground.

  [8]Support the ground with your forefoot.

Then exhale and lift your hips into a dog-like posture.

  [9]Inhale, step forward with your right foot in a lunge, then raise your torso and stretch your arms straight over your head.

  [10]Exhale, insert your hands on the sides of your right foot and insert them into the ground.

Then inhale, take a step forward with your left leg, your feet together, your legs straight or slightly bent, and your body bent forward.

Exhaling, the body bent forward further, his head relaxed and drooping.

  [11]Inhale, the train is lifted, and both arms are raised overhead.

Then exhale, lower your arms to the side of the body, and return to the mountain stand.

  Body effect: Although the sun-style activity is very strong, it can exercise the whole body and improve the overall strength of the body.

Flexibility and endurance, and prepare for the exercises that follow.

In addition, it has a good exercise effect on the human cardiovascular system, and it can also stabilize the mood and refresh the spirit.

  Practice posture 1 The crescent moon starts from the mountain standing, with the left foot retracting one step, the right leg flexes the knee, the right knee joint is located right above the right foot, the left knee is slightly flexed, and the left heel is raised.
Inhale, stretch your arms straight above your head, and put your hands together (a).

  Exhale, bend forward from your hips, turn your torso to the right, and place your left elbow on the outside of your right thigh.

Keep both palms closed and look behind your right elbow (b).

Keep this pose 3?
5 breaths.
Inhale, the main shaft stands upright, both arms straight up over the top of the head, and both legs still keep the lunge (a).

Exhale, place your arms under your body, put your feet together and your body upright.

Extend your arms straight above your head, lower them, and return to a stand.

Exercise on the other leg.

Repeat 2 times on each side.

  Improve your strength: Before going on to the next exercise, do the worship.

  Body effect: Although the core of the body is strengthened, legs, hips, and buttocks are tightened, and the balance and control of the body are improved.

  2 The plank leg flexion and extension starts from the mountain standing, inhale, some straighten up above the head, then exhale, and bend forward.

With both feet retracted into a plank style, the body is aligned from head to toe (a).

Raise your right leg at the same height as your waist joint.

Inhale, then exhale, and bend your right knee.

Move closer to brown (b).

Inhale, straighten your right leg backwards and upwards, and raise your hips (c).

Exhale, lower your legs and hips and flex your knees and leg extensors 4?
6 times.

On the last move, take a step forward with your right leg, with your feet close together to form a forward bend.

Inhale, lift your body, and at the same time stretch your arms up and over your head, then exhale, lower your arms and stand upright.

Exercise on the other leg.

Repeat 2 times on each side.

  Improve your strength: Before going to the next exercise, do the worship.

  Physiological effects: Improve strength, endurance and flexibility, while making your posture elegant.

  The 3 Warrior III type starts from the mountain standing type, placing both hands on the hip joint, spreading one step behind the right leg, and straightening it.

The left knee is slightly flexed, the trunk is straight, and the shoulder joint is directly above the lumbar joint.

Inhale and exhale. The body starts to bend forward from the lumbar joint until the torso is parallel to the ground, and the right leg is lifted accordingly, forming a straight line with the torso (a).

If you can maintain balance, extend your knees forward and align with your torso.

Cross your hands and make a fist with your index finger pointing forward (b).

Keep 3?
Breathe five times, then slowly raise your body, put your right foot back to the ground, and lower your arms to return to the mountain stand.

Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Do 2 passes on each side.

  Improve your strength: Before going to the next exercise, do the worship.
  Physical effects: Strengthen your legs, waist, spine, and improve your ability to balance and concentrate, making you feel confident.

  4 On the wooden forward-curved seat cushion, keep your upper body straight, your legs straight in front of your body, your feet close together, and your toes should be slightly tightened. Put your hands near your hips, stretch your arms straight, inhale, and lift your body off the ground.Two hands and two heels are used as support, the body forms a straight line from the shoulder joint to the heel, stretches the toes (a), exhales, puts the knee joint back to the ground, and returns to a sitting position; inhales.

Lift your head over your arms; exhale, bend forward from your waist joint, try to reach your feet with your hands, hook your feet (b), inhale, lift your head over your arms, return to the sitting position, and keep your body upright.

Exhale and lower your arms back to the body.
Repeat the whole process 4?
6 times.

  Physiological effect: Strengthens and contracts the whole body, making you emotionally stable.

  Finally, don’t forget to do the relaxation mentioned earlier here.

Matthew Effect

Matthew Effect

The twenty-fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible says, “Everything is added to him to make him redundant.

No, even all he has to take over.

In 1973, Merton, a researcher in the history of science in the United States, used these words to summarize a socio-psychological phenomenon: “More and more honors have been given to the scientific contributions of the currently well-known scientists, while those who are not well-knownOf scientists do not acknowledge their achievements.

Merton named this sociopsychological phenomenon the “Matthew Effect”.

  Social psychologists believe that the “Matthew Effect” is a social psychological phenomenon that has both negative and positive effects.

Its negative effects are: celebrities and unnamed people do the same, the former often praises the superiors, interviews by reporters, seekers and visitors come one after another, and various laurels also come one after another, and the results often make themSome people take pride in their self-awareness and irrational attitudes and fall behind in the path of their lives; others remain unaware and even suffer criticism and jealousy.

Its positive effects are: first, it can prevent society from prematurely recognizing those immature results or prematurely accepting seemingly correct results; second, the “honor addition” and “life honor” produced by the “Matthew Effect””” And other phenomena have a huge appeal to the unknown, causing the unknown to struggle, and this struggle must have obvious results beyond the celebrities’ past in order to obtain the desired honor.

In this sense, social progress and scientific breakthroughs really have something to do with the “Matthew Effect”.

Women’s fitness you must know

Women’s fitness you must know

Women’s fitness is actually a very worthwhile question. Seriously, it’s not about fitness, but about beauty.

From the primitive female ancestors who applied impatiens juice to nails, to the appearance of countless cosmetic powders today, beauty has always been the eternal pursuit of women.

  There are many women’s fitness programs, yoga, aerobics, dance, and sherbin are all very good choices, but these women are prohibitive for equipment fitness.


Women do not need to do any equipment exercises at all.

Many women are too weak and weak, and proper equipment exercises are needed.


Girl fitness will train to a figure like a man.

If you can build strong muscles just by practicing, then the men in the gym may not have to work so hard.

Generally speaking, equipment exercises will promote muscle development, but the average woman exercises far less than the effect of muscle expansion.

Properly reducing weight and increasing the number of movements will make the muscles more even and energetic.


Exercising these areas can make that area lose weight.

Don’t believe in local weight loss, don’t believe that just doing sit-ups can reduce excess meat on your stomach.

However, the equipment exercise is also very effective for reducing fat. A small amount of weight and a large number of exercises can also consume a lot of aunts.

The absolute benefit is that it helps your body become shapely.

For example, proper shoulder and hip exercises can increase the back to be more straight and beautiful.

Therefore, even if the equipment exercise can not reduce the effect of weight loss, it has a unique effect on shaping.

Five things to do in winter infant skin care


Five things to do in winter infant skin care

The skin of the neighbor’s doll is really white and tender, and it is still moist and moist. It is described by blowing bombs that it is broken and still lacks vitality.

But after a few days of winter cold wind kisses, this originally pink and delicate face was wrinkled by the wind. In the past few days, it has become rougher, and a piece of “cooker” appeared on the face, and the skin touched slightly.It will turn red in a few seconds, and even some babies will appear, mainly because the baby is unwilling to wash his face every time, and avoids washing his face every time. Is this the legendary “hot pot”? What should I do?

  According to a dermatologist, when the weather is dry and the child goes outdoors in the cold, when the cold wind blows and the humidity is not enough, the skin often cracks, and the most common areas are hands, feet, and faces.

  The main method of prevention is to keep the skin clean, children wash their faces, and clean their hands.

Of course, do not wash your hands and face frequently, just once or twice a day.

Do not use overly alkaline detergents, and do not use special disinfectants or disinfectants.

In particular, please note that these five things must not be done when caring for the baby’s good skin: First, wash your face with an adult and abuse the washbasin and towel.

  Adult towels are relatively rough, and infants and young children have very delicate facial skin and rich capillaries. Washing faces with thick towels for infants and young children is likely to damage the skin and make the skin rough.

In addition, infants and young children have poor resistance. Adults often have some bacteria in their washbasins. Washing their faces with children ‘s water can easily lead to the occurrence of some infectious diseases. The correct method is to use special basins and towels to wash the faces of infants.
  Second, wash your face with a large alkaline soap.

  Adult soaps are relatively basic and alkaline. For example, delicate page feet of infants and young children are often “invaded”, which can cause rough or damaged faces.

Infants and young children should use special “baby soap” and “baby soap” to wash their faces.

  Third, wipe the face with milk.

  Some young mothers believe that milking a bite to peel off the baby’s face will make the baby’s skin tender.

In fact, the milk stays on the child’s skin, replacing the tiny sweat sweat and pores that are blocked, which makes the excretion of sweat and sebum secretion difficult, leading to sweat sweat, sebaceitis, and folliculitis.

In addition, milk is both viscous and rich in nutrients.

Therefore, it is easy to cause the adsorption and reproduction of bacteria, and instead cause harm to the child’s skin.

  Fourth, grease and powder.

  Some parents like to “make-up” their children’s cosmetics or skincare products, such as lipstick, rouge, and skincare nutrition cream.

Many cosmetics contain some chemical substances and metal powder ingredients. Absorption with them may cause skin irritation, such as pimples.

  Five, squeezing facial bitches.

  If the child’s face has cripples, don’t squeeze them carefully, because there are many blood vessels on the face that communicate with the intracranial vascular network. Once you try to squeeze the cripples, it will cause infection and purulence, which will easily cause skin swelling and septicemia.Bacteria enter the skull with blood and can be life threatening.

Simply look at the tongue to know the health

Simply look at the tongue to know the health

The tongue is an important organ in the mouth. Many diseases of the human body can be manifested through the tongue. It is like a barometer of the health of the body.

There is a layer of tongue coating on the tongue, which is a layer of moss spread on the tongue body. Normal people’s tongue coating should be thin and moist, dry and moderate, not slippery and dry.

  People with thick tongue coating may be implanted with digestive and respiratory diseases; yellow and thick tongue coating may indicate dampness and heat in the body, or inflammation in the digestive and respiratory tracts, and coughing may also indicate inflammation in the lungs; people with thick tongue coating may haveCold and damp; At the same time, patients with yin deficiency and those with chronic wasting diseases, such as tumors and tuberculosis, may show no tongue coating.

  Dark red tongue or ecchymosis, indicating insufficient blood and qi and cerebrovascular diseases. Older people need to consider whether blood viscosity or blood lipid is high; people with weak tongue should check whether they have anemia or malnutritionQi deficiency and chronic diseases.

  Tooth marks on both ends of the tongue may be qi deficiency. If it is accompanied by yellow, it indicates that there is hot and humid, and white may be cold and damp. Tongue pain may indicate oral ulcers and ulcers. If the tongue of the elderly is numb, it should beConsider whether there is insufficient blood and blood viscosity is too high.

  Observing the tongue coating is only one aspect of the diagnosis, and the symptoms shown by the tongue coating may also be artifacts.

Experts in traditional Chinese medicine remind you that if you find any abnormalities in your tongue, you should go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis in time, and never implant or use your own medicine.

Baby eczema symptoms and nursing work

Baby eczema symptoms and nursing work

Breastfeeding mothers may find that baby eczema is not the same.

This is because the babies have different constitutions and different disease factors.

As a result, different types of eczema occur.

There are three common types of infant eczema: the most common wet eczema, followed by dry eczema, and seborrheic eczema.

The following will explain in detail for you.

  First, this type of eczema of the wet type is mostly a fat little baby.

The eczema-prone areas are the top of the head, the forehead, the two cheeks, and the distribution is relatively symmetrical. Take a closer look. Where the eczema occurs, you can see erythema, pimples, and small packets. There are often erosions and scabs.There is exudation.

  Second, the dry type is found in thinner, poorer infants.

The main skin lesions are redness of the skin, papules visible, and bran-like scales, which look like white skin falling down, without exudation, and are dry.

Mother touched her hands, her skin was rough and dry.

  Third, seborrheic type occurs on the scalp, between the two eyebrows, on the arch of the eyebrow, and has pale yellow, transparent seborrheic exudation.

It looks greasy, and suddenly it is very dirty. The eczema of the child’s small white skull, which is easy to grow, is very uncoordinated.

  Pay attention to the following points when nursing eczema babies: 1. Avoid contacting the skin with irritating substances, do not wash the affected area with alkaline soap, do not wash the affected area with hot water, and do not apply cosmetics or any oil.

  2. The room temperature should not be too high, otherwise the eczema may be aggravated.

Wear loose clothes and padded with cotton.

  3. Breast milk can prevent eczema caused by heterogeneous protein sensitivity caused by milk intake.

Yoga 3 thin waist thin

Yoga 3 thin waist thin

Enhance digestive function, promote metabolism, improve drooping of internal organs, tighten muscles . Time: morning, middle, evening, and fasting before meals can be practiced.

5 exercises each time?
10 minutes, each position can do 2 according to personal circumstances
3 rounds.

  Cobra twist type: waist-abdomen effect: enhance digestive function, relieve constipation, promote metabolism, reduce waist, back, excess fat.

Prone position: Place your hands on your side and chin on the ground.

Inhale and support your body with gravity. Slowly raise your spine and tilt back in the order of head, neck, shoulders, and chest.

Exhale, twist your shoulders, head to the right and back at the same time, keep your posture, and breathe 5 times naturally.

Inhale, turn your shoulders and head back to the middle position, exhale in the opposite direction, keep your posture, and breathe 5 times naturally.

Inhale back to the middle position, exhale slowly back to the original prone position, you can relax your hips with your head sideways.

  Tiger style: waist-abdomen function: increase the strong spinal and sciatic nerves, reduce the aunt in the waist, waist, thigh area, strong reproductive organs, especially suitable for female exercises.

Kneeling with your legs bent on your knees, your hands supporting the ground, your body straight, your body in a quadrangle, your left and right wrists, and your arms forward.

Inhale, raise your head, stretch your chest at the same time, and lift your right leg backwards.

Exhale while recovering the right leg to the abdomen, and lower your head.

The head is in contact with high blood pressure below the abdomen.

Repeat 4?
6 times.

Change your left leg.

  V-shaped posture: The function of tightening the waist and abdomen: tightening the abdominal muscles, tightening and raising the protruding stomach, improving the drooping of internal organs, at the same time correcting the legs and correcting the spine.

Sit forward with your feet upright, bend your knees, hold the soles of your hands with both hands, and pull your fingers toward your chest.

Inhale, straighten forward, straighten your chest, adjust your breathing, pull your feet up with your hands, stretch them straight, use the coccyx as the fulcrum, keep your body balanced, and breathe naturally 5 times.

Exhale while slowly returning to the original sitting position.

6 sunscreen foods to help you resist the sun_1

6 sunscreen foods to help you fight off the sun

Summer is coming. Are your sun protection gears ready?

Sun block, sun visor, parasol . but does your sun block really leak?

Sunscreen foods can also help you resist the sun from the inside.


hzh {display: none; }  一、高维C水果  维生素C是“永远的美肤圣品”,想拥有健康明亮、不易晒伤的皮肤,几乎每个皮肤科医生都会让你每天吃2—3Serve high-vitamin C fruits, guava, kiwi, strawberry, virgin tomatoes or citrus.

  Second, yellow-red fruits and vegetables red, orange-yellow fruits and vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables, such as carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, papaya, water spinach, etc., are rich in carotene and other phytochemicals, which help antioxidants and enhance skin resistance.

  Third, isoflavones in soy products are phytoestrogen, it also has anti-oxidant capacity, and it is inedible for women to maintain shiny and delicate skin.

Among soy products, tofu and soy milk (suggested not to put sugar) are better choices, while other processed soy products, such as dried tofu and tofu, have higher conversions than normal tofu.

100 grams of traditional tofu is about 50-88 calories, but Japanese-style fried tofu contains 385 calories. It is best not to eat more.

  Fourth, for the skin, the fat that is eaten may be “angel” or “devil”. The key is that you eat this kind of oil.

Most vegetable oils in nuts are supplemented with vitamin E, which can help fight oxidation and eliminate free radicals.

In addition, if you usually eat white rice and white bread, it is recommended to discard them and eat whole grains instead!

Because “the thicker you eat, the thinner the skin.”

  Fifth, the general scientific research of hot cocoa cleans up the grievances for chocolate, confirming that it is a good food that is good for health, because chocolate contains a variety of rich antioxidants, such as cocoa polyphenols, flavonoids, and proper intake is good for the skin.

At present, 100% pure black cocoa chocolate powder without added sugar and creamer is available on the market. As long as you mix hot milk and add a little brown sugar, you can enjoy a cup of delicious hot cocoa.

  Sixth, green tea American research points out that drinking green tea or using skin care products containing green tea ingredients can reduce skin sunburn, relaxation and rough peroxides by about 1/3 due to sun exposure.

Generally healthy people drink tea for health, 2-4 cups per day is more suitable, and different types of tea can be exchanged for drinking.

Watermelon Cuiyi Heatstroke Therapy

Watermelon Cuiyi Heatstroke Therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine calls watermelon rind “Watermelon Cuiyi”, which is a good medicine for clearing away heat and relieving heat and quenching thirst.

Dry the watermelon rind and grind it for topical use.

Watermelon peels relieve heat and refresh appetizers, appetizing and hydrating, and its sugar content is not much, which can be categorized for consumption.

  Summer heat diuretic: Cut the watermelon peel with the outer hard skin into small pieces or strips, boil in water, add tomatoes, eggs and seasonings, drink soup and eat melon peel.

  Summer acne: 100 grams of mung beans, add 1500 ml of water, cook the soup, remove the mung beans 10 minutes after boiling, put 500 grams of washed watermelon skin (without peeling) and re-cook.

Drink soup several times a day.

Among them, mung bean is sweet and cool, which can reduce swelling and qi, clear heat and detoxify; watermelon peel is sweet and cold, can clear heat and relieve heat, remove annoyance and thirst.

  Spleen Relief: 100 grams of fresh watermelon peels, 10 jujubes, decoction, daily tea.

  Severe heat and lungs, thirst, dry cough without sputum or constipation: fresh lentils, 50 grams of fresh wormwood, 60 grams of fresh lotus leaves, 200 grams of jellyfish, 500 grams of watermelon peels, 250 grams of loofah, wash and cutAfter simmering in a casserole, simmer in a casserole for 1 hour, season with soup and eat jellyfish.

1 dose per day.

  Aphrodisiac: Shred the watermelon rind, remove it after boiled in water, serve with cooked chicken and lean meat with seasoning.