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What is the coup of Chinese medicine to effectively treat snoring?

What is the coup of Chinese medicine to effectively treat snoring?

Guide: What is the coup of Chinese medicine to effectively treat snoring?

 The snoring treatment method, in our daily life, everyone must have experienced snoring.

How did snoring come about?

Eating too full, eating too fast, and suffering from cold stimuli can all cause “snoring.”

Although mild “snoring” is not an illness, it does not stop after a long time, which is really uncomfortable.

Then how to treat snoring, let’s take a look at the treatment of Chinese medicine!

  Chinese medicine believes that snoring is mainly due to a lack of diet and deficiency of righteousness, which leads to upset of gas, leading to diaphragmatic puncture and stomach cramps, resulting in hiccups.

Therefore, to alleviate the symptoms of snoring, it is necessary to clear the stomach qi and let the upward qi of the stomach go down.

  In addition, the method of treating snoring can also be solved by drinking cold water, but cold water is not readily available, so it does not hinder the attempt to cure the acupoint-Tiantu point.

This acupuncture point is located in the middle of the upper part of the sternum fossa, which is the lower part of our throat and the middle of the two clavicle depressions. Usually, it can be touched.

Tiantu points is the equivalent of the lungs communicating with nature, from which the clear air enters the lungs, and the turbid air exhales from here.

Therefore, inhibiting Tiantu points can better conduct air, thereby alleviating and inhibiting snoring.

  So, someone will ask, how to massage this point?

You can use your fingers to hold the acupuncture points in place for 2 to 3 minutes.

Acupoints will produce a soreness during massage, which means that your strength is OK.

  In addition to massaging acupressure points, you can also step on your eyes.

If you are snoring because of diet or cold stimuli, and you are worried about finding a bad point, you can close your eyes and insert the two eyeballs with your two fingers. You can keep them still for about 1 minute.

  Tips: The snoring treatment method is a snoring problem that we often encounter in our daily life, so mastering the snoring treatment method can make you better reduce the pain of snoring.

Measure what your friends do best

Measure what your friends do best

Translation: You and your friends went to play at Sea World. This is the first time you have seen these marine creatures so close. It is particularly exciting. What animal do you want to see most?


Dolphin 2.

Turtles 3.

Analysis of Rare Fish Answers: 1.

Choosing “dolphins” you are a person with a strong feelings, which is especially easy to move. When you are in trouble, friends just say to you “What do you need but say, I must help in the end!”

“It will make you cry so much; or when your friend secretly holds a birthday party for you, you will also be very moved. In short, you are a susceptible person who always has gratitude.


You are very content to choose “Turtle”, and you are also recognized as a friend. As long as you are a good friend, you will feel at ease no matter what you do.

Sometimes, the happiness you get from your friends is because of your help to them. Helping others is the foundation of happiness. When you have the ability to pay for your friends, you think it is another way to buy it with money.Wondering.


Choose “rare fish”. Your sanity is more important than emotion. For everything, you will take practical considerations as the starting point. To put it simply, on a cold winter night, I will give you a bowl of hot porridge.Hundred yuan, you will be more willing to accept.

You think that the spiritual concern is just an invisible spiritual comfort, which is not enough to solve the real problems, so money is the most dedicated effort for you.

Light vegetables improve male fertility_1

Light vegetables improve male fertility

Men, here’s another reason to eat more vegetables: good for sperm.

Some studies have shown that male fertility and semen quality have both declined over the past few decades.

As a result, some black aboriginal clinic scientists think of the ability of vegetables and fruits to regenerate.

For the past four years, scientists have been studying the relationship between dietary and workplace exceptions and male infertility.

  One of the experiments they did was to examine the possible effects of antioxidants on sperm.

Scientists believe that antioxidants can reduce sperm damage caused by oxidative stress.

In theory, a large number of antioxidants can improve sperm concentration and activity.

  Sixty-one men who encountered problems in their marriage participated in the study, of which 30 had defective sperm and the remaining 31 were defective.

Surveys have found that men with better sperm quality eat more fruits and vegetables more often, and usually supplement their diet with vitamins and antioxidants.

The study was published in the journal Indigenous and Infertile.

Scientists say the findings suggest that a healthy diet can make sperm healthy as well.

So remember, men, an apple a day keeps infertility away from me.

Stay away from fracture sores and see food therapy

Stay away from fracture sores and see food therapy

(1) Sydney celery juice: 100 grams of celery, 1 tomato, 150 grams of Sydney, half a lemon.

After washing, stir the juice in the juice machine and put it in once a day.

Effective in clearing heat and moisturizing.

It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of acne.

  (2) Carrot and celery juice: one carrot (medium size), 150 grams of celery, and one onion. Wash and stir the juice in a blender once a day.

Clear heat and detoxify and dispel fire.

Can assist dental caries.

  (3) Loquat leaf paste: 1000 grams of fresh loquat leaves (washed and depilated), add 8000ml of water, cook for 3 hours, filter and remove residue, then concentrate to a paste, mix with honey and mix well.

Eat 10 grams each time?
15 grams twice daily.

Efficacy clears lung heat, relieves phlegm and coughs.

Suitable for acne, rosacea, etc.

Avoid spicy spicy food and alcohol while taking this medicine.

  (4) Seaweed barley porridge: 9 grams each of seaweed, kombu, sweet almond, 30 grams of barley kernel.

Fry seaweed, kelp, sweet almonds with water, and discard the residue to take the juice, and then cook with porridge and porridge, once a day for 3 weeks as a course of treatment.

Efficacy: Activating blood and removing blood stasis, anti-inflammatory soft and firm, suitable for ulcers.

  (5) Hawthorn peach kernel porridge: Hawthorn, peach kernel 9 grams each, lotus leaf half sheet, 60 grams of rice.

First boil the first three flavors of soup, remove the residue, and add the previous rice to make porridge.

1 dose daily for 30 days.

For ulcers caused by sputum stasis and condensation.

  (6) Kelp mung bean soup: kelp, 15 grams each of mung beans, 9 grams of sweet almonds, 6 grams of roses, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

Wrap the rose with a cloth, cook it with each medicine, remove the rose and add brown sugar to eat.

1 dose daily for 30 days.
Suitable for ulcers.

  (7) Vinegar ginger papaya: 100 ml of vinegar, 60 grams of papaya, 9 grams of ginger.

Put 3 flavors together in a casserole and cook. When the vinegar is dry, remove the papaya and eat it with ginger.

1 dose daily, eat 2 times in the morning and evening.

7 consecutive days.

Effective on acne caused by spleen and stomach sputum temperature.

  (8) Chinese wolfberry anti-inflammatory porridge: wolfberry 30 grams, white pigeon meat, 100 grams each of the previous rice, fine salt, MSG, sesame oil each amount.

Wash the white pigeon meat and chop it into meat.

Wash the wolfberry fruit and the previous rice, add to the casserole, add the pigeon meat paste and the right amount of water, simmer the porridge, add the fine salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil when the porridge is ready, mix well.

1 dose per day, 2 servings, 5?
8 doses is a course of treatment.

It has the functions of supporting poison and detoxifying, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and reducing swelling and swelling.

Suitable for people with skin infections and acne on their face.

  (9) Coix kernel kelp and double kernel porridge: 15 grams of coix kernel, 15 grams of wolfberry, peach kernel, 10 grams of kelp, sweet almond, 20 grams of mung bean, and 50 grams of rice.

Wrap peach kernels and sweet almonds in gauze, decoction and juice, add coix kernels, kelp, wolfberry, and rice porridge.
2 times a day.
It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing fire and reducing inflammation, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and nourishing yin and emollient.
Suitable for ulcers.

  (10) Fruit and vegetable mung bean drink: take appropriate amounts of pakchoi, celery, bitter gourd, bell pepper, lemon, apple and mung bean.

First boil the mung bean for 30 minutes and filter the juice; wash the cabbage, celery, bitter gourd, bell pepper, and apple into sections or pieces, stir the juice, add the mung bean juice, drip the lemon juice, and add the honey seasoning.

1 daily?
2 times.

It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, mixed with acne.

  (11) Fruit and vegetable tartar-proof juice: take appropriate amounts of bitter gourd, cucumber, celery, pear, orange, and pineapple.

Peel the bitter gourd, peel the pineapple, and cut into pieces. Stir the cucumber, celery, pear, orange, bitter melon, and pineapple together into the honey.

1 daily?
2 times.

With heat-clearing and detoxifying, bactericidal effect.

Suitable for ulcers.

  (12) Mung bean barley kernel soup: 25 grams each of mung bean and barley kernels, 10 grams of hawthorn, wash, add 500 grams of water, boil for 30 minutes, boil, and cease to heat after rolling for a few minutes, do not expose, cover for 15 minutesYou can use it as tea.

3 daily?
5 times, suitable for oily skin, has the effect of preventing acne and youthful nausea.

Gym environment is worrying

Gym environment is worrying


The gym air is cloudy and hard to breathe, what should I do?

  Excessive bodybuilders may experience breathing difficulties, large or small, when exercising in the gym. That is because there is insufficient ventilation in the gym. If this situation is more serious, how should we solve it?

  The fitness classes in the gym are all aerobic exercises, so the body will produce a relatively large range. The gym must be connected with an air evaporator and an air conditioner. It is best to install more than two replacement machines in the large operating room. The temperature of the air conditioner is adjusted to the maximum.Comfortable 26 degrees Celsius; air conditioners should regularly clean the filter to ensure air circulation.

If you feel difficulty breathing while working out, it is best to go outside the exercise room and make corresponding adjustments. Do not force to continue the course exercises.


Is it really difficult to guarantee the disinfection of the gym facilities?

  In gyms where many bodybuilders do fitness, the utilization rate of fitness equipment is quite high, but it is difficult to ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of fitness equipment. If we use fitness equipment, we are afraid of sweat stains, bacteria and other residues on the equipment and cause bacteria.Dissemination, how to solve it?

  The use of equipment in the gym is relatively large, and it will take care of hygiene. In order to ensure hygiene, it is recommended that bodybuilders wear a towel equipped with the gym when using the equipment. If the gym does not have a towel, it is best to bring it by yourselfOn the previous pad.

  The fitness club should clean and disinfect the fitness equipment every day. It should be disinfected before the gym is open, because the smell of disinfection water is relatively large, and it should be cleaned before the fitness person comes to the gym.

After the gym is open, there should be several dedicated cleaning staff to carry out patrol logic cleaning on the field to ensure that fitness people can exercise on clean fitness equipment.


Are hygiene products in the gym clean?

  For the use of fitness equipment, it is suggested that the fitness person can pad the provided towels so that the hygiene can be “isolated” with the towel, or the sanitary cleaners on patrol can quickly clean the fitness equipment for you.

Can we really trust the disinfection of towels?

  At present, the bath products in the gym are cleaned by a special cleaning company, which basically guarantees that the bath products are clean.

If you are untrustworthy, you can bring your own towel.

Previously reported that some gyms recycle some bath products in order to save costs.

  For some bodybuilders, slipping and stepping on a towel pad on the pedal, I hope that the bodybuilder can consciously observe hygiene. If the pedal is slippery, ask the staff to replace and repair it, and try not to damage the public products. This depends on the bodybuilder.conscious.


Does the DC breathing hygiene of the gym qualify?

  Some bodybuilders have a severe diarrhea after drinking the filtered DC bypass provided by the gym. Is such DC water unhygienic?

  The health of the current DC resonance is absolutely guaranteed. If there is any discomfort in the individual, I hope that I will not continue the DC.

Some gyms provide different types of water for bodybuilders to include, such as bottled water.

Bodybuilders can put forward their needs or bring water to the fitness club according to their own conditions.


Is there a guarantee for sports accident handling in the gym?

  Every gym will have some accidents, such as heat stroke, cramps, fainting, and even serious accidental fires.

What happens if this happens in the gym?

Are there any special emergency measures?

  Each gym should have its own kit.

If the bodybuilder has a physical discomfort during fitness, he should find the medical room of the gym in time to adjust his body.

Of course, when a bodybuilder appears dizzy during fitness, most of them are due to low blood sugar, which occasionally occurs after blood sugar exercise, and it is easy to pass out.

The gym should be equipped with some sports drinks and glucose drinks, which can be provided to the needy fitness people in a timely manner.

  The fitness coaches in each gym are all trained full-time coaches. If there is a condition such as a menstrual period, the coach should be informed in time, and the coach should take appropriate first-aid measures if the injured person is injured.

  Editor’s summary: Everyone who goes to the gym wants to be comfortable and healthy, but sometimes this clean and sanitary environment should start with themselves.

Caring for the environment and caring for everyone’s public health.

When choosing a gym, you can also observe and choose according to the situation introduced by President Qin.
  First of all, go to the gym for observation and observe whether the ventilation equipment in the operating room is fully installed: air evaporation inverters, exhaust vents, and air conditioning are all required.
Then go to see if the fitness equipments are all in good condition, the equipment is clean, and there are professional medical personnel or trained medical personnel.

Enter the locker room and observe the entire environment, whether the towels are clean and the slippers are clean.

  When choosing a gym, pay attention to the price of the card, the quality of the equipment, and the level of coaching. In addition to the gym’s air quality and equipment hygiene, etc.

TCM psoriasis starts with blood

TCM psoriasis starts with blood

Psoriasis, commonly known as psoriasis, is characterized by the appearance of pimples of various sizes, erythema, covered with silver-white scales, a clear boundary, and is often found on the scalp, with limbs extended and adjacent.

More men than women.

Spring and winter are prone to relapse or aggravation, while summer and autumn are more likely to recover.

  Recently, a study carried out by the Department of Dermatology of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the University Affiliated to the Capital Special Administrative Region has concluded a set of methods for treating psoriasis by famous Chinese medicine experts.

After comparing this method with the treatment method of the Chinese medicine physician’s own identification syndrome, the researcher believes that the treatment methods developed by famous Chinese medicine experts are more helpful to the unified and standardized treatment of psoriasis by traditional Chinese medicine, so as to promote the application in primary medical institutions.

  Statistics show that the previous incidence of psoriasis reached zero.

123%, and 87.

6% -93.

Recurrent attacks occur in 4% of patients.

Due to the variety of clinical syndrome types of psoriasis and the different treatment methods, it is difficult to form a unified standard.

  The researchers first analyzed and summarized the literature reports on psoriasis in traditional Chinese medicine, and found that although the physicians of the past generations had different emphases on syndrome differentiation, the essence of “blood” was common.

To further summarize the evidence bases of doctors, after screening doctors’ prescriptions, the researchers classified psoriasis into three types of treatment: blood heat, blood dryness, and blood stasis. At the same time, they established basic prescriptions for blood heat, blood dryness, and blood stasis.In addition, there is also a doctor’s prescription for adding and subtracting medicine from experienced doctors based on the combined certificate.

  The researchers also used a prospective, multi-center, large-sample, random, single-blind, controlled method to group 413 patients with psoriasis vulgaris in Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Guang’anmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.treatment.

Among them, 200 patients in the treatment group took standard prescriptions based on experience established by traditional Chinese medicine experts, and 213 patients changed to internal treatment.

It was found that the treatment group was always effective to repeat 59.

0%, total effective budget 61 per year.


There was no significant difference in homogeneity, both in terms of overall benefit and improvement in individual symptoms and different syndromes.

  Experts believe that although the method still needs to be further improved, the treatment of psoriasis from the “blood” theory, and the treatment of the disease with blood heat, blood dryness, and blood stasis type 3 can be replaced in clinical practice.

How to remove makeup for different skin types?


How to remove makeup for different skin types?

Cleansing and makeup removal methods for skin of different natures Cleaning is the basis of skin care.

When women do skin care, the length of cleansing and removing makeup is usually ignored. It is not known that if all nutrients are to be effective, they must enter deep skin tissues that have been thoroughly cleaned and free of dirt clogging in the pores.

  Narrow sense of makeup removal refers to general cleaning products.

The effect is limited to the skin surface and cannot be thoroughly cleaned inside.

For professional beauty, cleansing and makeup removal has a wider meaning. In addition to removing makeup on the skin surface and dirt in the hair follicles, it also balances the skin pH, softens the stratum corneum, and enhances metabolism.

  In a professional beauty salon, cleaning and makeup removal are performed separately.

For people with heavy makeup, they should first remove their makeup, that is, clean the makeup on both sides of the eyebrows, eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Afterwards, use a cleansing cream or other professional cleaning product to clean it over a large area at both ends.

  When cleaning, you can use your hands to move down from your forehead and circle in order.

Because facial hair grows at a 45-degree angle, chin hair grows down at 60 degrees.

Clean in circles to get deeper into the pores.

The northern water is hard and alkaline, so you should also pay attention to the last step of cleansing and removing makeup-rinse with water. Don’t let the water directly contact the skin. Towels, facial puffs and other items can be used to clean the face after cleaning with water.

Repeat this many times, preferably with warm running water.

Initially, the ingredients that can balance the skin’s pH in the cleansing milk are not destroyed.

  The following is a description of the cleansing and makeup removing methods for different skin types: The cleaning time for sensitive skin should not be too long, otherwise the skin will be prone to redness and pain.

Absolutely beauty salon or home care, every procedure should be gentler for sensitive skin, and should not take too long, because every action you make will threaten sensitive skin.

Exfoliating professional cleansing is important for thorough skin cleansing.

  Professional beauty salons have various exfoliating products for different skins, which can be roughly divided into three types: one is a dead skin cream, which is suitable for combination skin and any skin that is not sensitive.

Use it every 7 days, holding one end of the skin with one hand, rubbing it diagonally upward with one hand, and then rinse with water to pat the nutritional water.

The second type of products is new skin, which is less irritating and suitable for severely aging skin and sensitive skin.

  Apply to the union for 8-10 minutes like a mask, then wash off with water.

There is also a scrub for oily skin, which can suppress oil secretion and clean hair follicles, which is mostly used by men and women with rough skin.

It should be used topically and cleaned locally, so the products irritate and fracture the skin.

  Dry and aging skin-For drier and aging skin, a cleaning cream made of vegetable fats with high vitamin content should be used instead of dry skin. After cleansing and removing makeup, a moisturizing protective film is formed on the skin surface.Skin is soft, balanced and hydrated.

When doing cleaning, you should pay attention to the circular movement of the hand diagonally upwards, and keep the axial pulling effect of each action.

Do not circle down to avoid slackening the aging skin.

Collagen-containing facial cleanser and nutrient water are also the first choice for dry and aging skin.

  Dehydrated skin-Dehydrated skin should be supplemented with a highly hydrophilic, moisturizing factor-free, cleansing milk that does not contain oil, which can gently and thoroughly clean the skin so that the skin does not lose too much water after cleaning.

Use balanced nutrition water after cleansing to balance skin and reduce dark spots.

The day cream you choose should be moisturizing.

  Oily skin-oily, acne-like skin, often the most common skin type in subtropical regions, especially young people with this type of skin.

Cleansing products should be supplemented with cleansing milk containing anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic ingredients to thoroughly remove skin dirt, and then use shrink water to condition large pores. Curly pores will expand and become enlarged due to sebum congestion.

  Do not supplement products with high content of alcohol or other substitute substances in order to achieve short-term anti-inflammatory or astringent effects, otherwise the skin may become dehydrated, peeling, and wounds are not easy to recover, which may cause allergic reactions.

Cleaning of sensitive skin is especially important.

Products used for sensitive skin should be more cautious. The product should absolutely not contain wine, spices, pigments. It should be mild, with mild anti-inflammatory and sterilization, and high stability. It can strengthen the nutrient water of the microvascular wall and calm and soothe.Excitement of its skin texture.

Kerala looking for the realm of yoga

Kerala looking for the realm of yoga

Kerala is a green, clean and magical land located on the southwest coast of India. There are neat rice fields, rows of eye-catching coconut groves and calm, turquoise and turquoise waters, all kinds of charming art forms.

  Speaking of India, almost everybody knows the touching story of the Mughal dynasty Shah Jahan and Taj.

But let’s have a glimpse into the essence of India, in another paradise on earth-Kerala.

  In the ancient and mysterious Kerala, it has never been a legend. Here, in addition to the introductory spiritual practice courses at the retreat, YOGA, meditation, Ayurveda and massage are daily required courses.Or visit the purest YOGA essence and the most authentic Indian sesame oil SPA at the Taj Palace Hotel to complete the conversion of life and spirit in the realm of heaven and man.

  Kerala-The Venice of the East Kerala is a green, clean and magical land located on the southwest coast of India. There are neat rice fields, and rows of eye-catching rows of coconut groves and calm waves are emerald green like emerald.The vast waters, various fascinating art forms, across the sea from Sri Lanka, multiple cultures blend, quiet and exquisite.

  Kerala’s Houhai resort is known as the Venice of the East. There are a total of 29 lakes connected to the Arabian Sea and Lake Fanbana. The vineyards inhabited by residents here are traditional South Indian boats with coconut palm sheds.The coastal buildings are quiet and beautiful, and the European-style dwellings dotted with stars are hidden behind the shade of coconut trees.

  Embark on a journey in the name of Yoga. When YOGA is considered as one of the indoor fitness programs, there are already YOGA practitioners who respect nature. They are no longer satisfied to confine themselves in a small space. They left the troubled city and went to practice YOGA in the wild.
  In ancient Kerala legends, the small village deep in the coconut grove on Kerala’s southernmost coastline is a holy place.

Today, it has become a famous spiritual center.

Everyone who comes to Kovalam Retreat can enjoy the purest form of nature.

The ancient thatched house is set in a coconut grove on a cliffside hillside by the sea, facing the blue ocean of the Indian Ocean.

Here you can enjoy different essential oils and procedures, training and guidance provided by the exclusive medical experts of the Retreat Village according to your physical condition.

This SPA creates a “temporary island in space”.

  The top Ayurveda SPA at the Taj Palace Hotel, if you have finished YOGA, you can go to the Taj Royals Hotel to enjoy a top-level SPA based on the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda in India for 5,000 years, which will make your physiology thoroughlyGet moisturized and liberated.

  TAJRETREATRESORT is located in the lush coastal jungle of Kovalam. The grand lobby and rooms still retain the royal style to this day.

Each bathroom is absolutely private, and you can see the lush garden view.

Particularly commendable is that the water garden that was once the royal family is now a luxurious spa.

The location of all the spa centers is facing the invincible sea view. You can relax in the infinite gentle smile of the Indian beauty.

  The magical luxury boat house Houhai trip. In addition to the Muslim style with oriental colors, the local buildings are more European-style small waterfront buildings. There is a small garden in front of the house and a brick house with an inclined roof. It is very warm and lovely.

No wonder the international five-star hotel TAJGARDENRE 鄄 TREAT and so on.

  The people here are simple and enthusiastic, and they have retained the world ‘s oldest style of boat house. I live in a one-bedroom, one-living suite, and on board, the captain wears a bunch of jasmine wreaths for me.A cook and a British housekeeper are included with the boat. After the boat is delivered, flowers, seasonal fruit baskets, European and American, Indian and Chinese meals are served daily. The meals are served on the green banana leaves. PureKerala style.

There was also an English afternoon tea, and another day was just so easy.

Therapeutics for the five major personality shortcomings

Therapeutics for the five major personality shortcomings

Everyone has their own shortcomings and deficiencies in personality, but these can be changed.

Today, the editor of the poster recommends 5 dietetic therapies to the majority of newspaper friends, helping you to improve your personality with healthy diet!

  People often say that personality determines destiny, as many newspaper friends think-moving appearance does not mean beauty, but the perfect personality will definitely make you loveable!

Everyone has their own shortcomings and deficiencies in personality, but these can be changed.
So today’s poster editor recommends 5 dietetic therapies to the majority of newspaper friends, using healthy diet to help you improve your personality!

  First, irritable people are mostly irritable, because of calcium and vitamin B deficiency, when they encounter unpleasant things, they are easily excited, and even thunder.

Should reduce salt and sugar intake.

You can eat more milk and seafood containing calcium.

  Second, the negative dependence, the negative dependence, usually lacks courage and courage when things happen.

Should be properly restrained sweets, eat plenty of foods rich in calcium and vitamin B1.

  Third, indecisive people are more indecisive. They must establish a meat-centric diet and eat fruits and vegetables at the same time.

  Fourth, the person with a deformed character often has an uneasy mind due to chronic calcium deficiency. He should eat more foods containing calcium and phosphorus oxides, such as soybeans, milk, amaranth, fried pumpkin seeds, kelp, fungus, laver, field snail, Orange, river crab, shrimp and so on.

  Fifth, those who are afraid of things are timid, mainly vitamins A, B, and C. You should eat more peppers, dried bamboo shoots, and dried fish.

Of course, it may also be because of eating too much acidic food, you should eat more fruits and vegetables.

Yijingmingmu Food Therapy-Medlar Congee

Yijingmingmu Food Therapy-Medlar Congee

[Raw materials]20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 100 grams of rice, sugar.

[Practice]Add wolfberry and previous rice to the casserole, add water and boil with high heat until boiling, change the text and wait for the rice to bloom. When the soup is thick, stop and simmer for 5 minutes.

[Usage]Allow morning and evening warmth, can be taken for a long time.

[Function]Nourish liver and kidney, and improve eyesight.

It is suitable for dizziness, dizziness, vision loss, waist and knee weakness, impotence, and nocturnal emission caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

[Comment]Lycium barbarum Ganping enters the liver and kidneys, can strengthen the waist and knees, strong bones and bones, eyesight and blood.

Recent studies have found that it has obvious antihypertensive, hypoglycemic effects, and anti-aging.

Complications to hypertension, diabetes, and sexual dysfunction.