Relentless killer guarding against beautiful eyes

Relentless killer guarding against beautiful eyes

Miss Zhang has been feeling uncomfortable for the past few days, she looks a little red, and also feels itchy, often rubbing her eyes with her hands.

Because it has little effect on work and life, I didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking that it was caused by too busy work and excessive eyesight these days.

But after a few days, he still didn’t get better, so he had to go to the doctor.

  A doctor’s inspection revealed that it was an eye allergy (follicular conjunctivitis), and the culprit was the contact lenses worn by Miss Zhang.

The doctor told Miss Zhang that although her contact lenses are beautiful, if she wears them incorrectly or has allergies, it can easily cause eye damage.

Now the incidence of eye allergies is increasing. In addition to environmental factors, eye cosmetics and other factors, contact lenses are a very important reason.

Follicular conjunctivitis, in particular, almost 60% of people have worn contact lenses.

  Ophthalmologists introduce that patients with severe refractive errors (above 300 degrees) cannot wear appropriate frame glasses, and the birth of contact lenses has solved this problem, but over time, beautiful and elegant contact lenses have been well received.Fashion MM’s love, more and more people wear, there are more and more problems.

Because it covers the corneal surface, it will affect the direct respiration of the cornea, and wearing contact lenses will increase eye secretions and cause eye discomfort.

Therefore, you cannot wear it for a long time, and you need to wash and care every day. If you are too busy for work and other reasons like Miss Zhang, forgetting to take it off at night will cause eye damage.

  In addition, contact lenses are a foreign body for people with allergies, and it is not surprising that they cause allergies, and sometimes serious allergic reactions may even affect vision.

  Many allergic eye diseases are self-limiting, so the main purpose of treatment is to relieve symptoms and avoid sequelae.

Disengagement of allergens is the most effective treatment, so you should immediately stop wearing contact lenses and take related treatments.