[Efficacy of Maca and Cynomorium Soda]_Action_Assumption

[Efficacy of Maca and Cynomorium Soda]_Action_Assumption

Maca and Cynomorium are used to nourish the body. The stress of modern young people is very high. Many people often work overtime to stay up late for work. Bad living habits and eating habits can easily cause kidney deficiency. Kidney deficiency affects the body.The health impact is also great, and it will affect the harmony of the family. If Maca and Suoyang soak in water, the effect of nourishing the kidney is very good. The effects of maca and Suoyang soaking water are introduced below.

The efficacy of Maca soaked water is the first: Anti-fatigue experts have found through research that Maca itself has the effect of enhancing immunity and anti-fatigue, so if you drink Maca soaked in water, your body will naturally become tired.

It is recommended that working white-collar workers can brew some maca daily to take better health.

Second: Strengthen the body’s resistance. Maca contains a lot of nutrients that the body says are needed, such as iron, protein, amino acids and minerals. After taking it, it can help the immune system to function well.

If you stick to drinking maca for a long time, your physique will become better and better. After your resistance is strengthened, your body will be able to resist fatigue, and it will also have a certain effect on the symptoms of anemia.

Third: We have told you above. Maca itself contains a lot of nutrients needed by the human body, and there are many natural active ingredients. Soaking this medicine in water can effectively provide the body with what it needs.Nutrients.

Fourth: treatment of menopausal syndrome Many women will experience a series of uncomfortable conditions after menopause, especially when the hormone levels in the body have changed. How can we treat this symptom?

Drinking maca at this time can improve menopausal syndrome and promote physical health.

Because maca contains a variety of alkaloids, and these alkaloids can regulate organ function after entering the body, especially the balance of the ovaries, particles and adrenal glands, keeping the hormone levels in the body under normal conditions.

The protein contained in maca and taurine can restore physiological functions, and ultimately improve qi and blood, so that women can stably survive menopause.

Fifth: There are many effects of improving sleep and drinking maca water, which can not only resist fatigue, but also enhance physical strength. It has good effects on some male impotence and premature ejaculation and poor sperm quality.

In addition, Maca can also improve the quality of sleep after taking it, so that you can have a good sleep.

How to eat Maca First: Maca ginseng soaked in water Drinking materials: Maca, ginseng, boiling water.

Method: Put maca and ginseng into the cup together, and add boiling water for 5 minutes. It is best to cover with the brewing and then take water.

It is recommended to put the water-soaking material once a day, because the brewing can be repeated until the colorless and tasteless chewing herbs.

Function: This method of soaking water must be taken for a month or two, and then the male’s sexual ability can be improved, especially for some lack of persistence and other effects.

Second: Maca stewed chicken Ingredients: Maca, chicken, red dates.

Method: The red dates are denuclearized and washed, and then set aside.

Cut chicken into pieces for use, and then cook in a pot with red dates.

After two hours, stop the fire and join the maca. Continue cooking for 30 minutes to start the pot.

Note: The maca used in this recipe must be sliced or shredded, and then added to the boil. This will not only be nutritious but also taste better.

It is recommended that men can take about 50 ml per day, which is the best for the body and sexual performance.

In addition, the amount of maca is also particular about it. Generally, if two or three people take it, they should put a whole maca in order to have effect.