[Can you eat coriander for a cold]_ Upper respiratory tract infection _ Can you eat it?

[Can you eat coriander for a cold]_ Upper respiratory tract infection _ Can you eat it?

When people’s body resistance decreases, the human body is susceptible to bacterial infections, which can lead to colds.

Colds are a very common alternative and usually last for about a week.

Colds can strengthen the body’s immunity, so everyone will catch a cold. This is a normal phenomenon.

When you have a cold, people will lose their appetite. Some foods that are not conducive to cold recovery should be eaten as little as possible.

Can you eat coriander for a cold?

Cold can eat coriander, which refers to the case of cold and cold.

When Chinese medicine treats colds and colds in the clinic, some traditional Chinese medicines are usually used to relieve the cold, and coriander has exactly this effect.

Patients with colds and colds can take 9 grams of coriander and 10 grams of light onion, decoction and seasoning with sugar.

If the patient is suffering from wind-heat and cold, it is not suitable to eat coriander. People with wind-heat and cold should eat food that is cool, drunk, clearing away heat and swallowing throat, and avoid spicy hot items.

Obviously, people who are susceptible to colds should avoid coriander.

Because these people often have varying degrees of qi deficiency, and coriander can be scattered, eating more or prolonged eating will consume gas and damage the spirit. Long boots will cause or aggravate qi deficiency, resulting in a more severe cold.

In addition to repeated colds, those with qi deficiency often show discomfort such as sweating, fatigue, burnout, etc. Those with obvious symptoms of qi deficiency should preferably eat less or no coriander.

Postpartum patients who have recovered after the illness often have a certain degree of qi deficiency, so they should also “keep away from coriander”.

First, how to eat coriander during a cold Ingredients for coriander onion white soup: 10 parsley roots, 2 roots with onion white, 2 gingers.

Practices: 1. Find a stainless steel pot or casserole, and add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, which is probably enough for one drink.

2. Add scallion, coriander root and ginger slices and cook over high heat.

3. After the water is boiled, start timing and cease the fire for 10 minutes.

How to eat: 2-3 times a day, once in the morning, middle, and evening. Slightly cool when drinking, and drink it while hot.

Efficacy: Suitable for cold caused by cold, such as cold, runny nose.

Second, the precautions for eating coriander 1, should not be taken while taking amphetamine, amphetopterin, amlodipine and other drugs.

2. Take when taking vitamin K.

3. It should not be consumed with animal liver at the same time.

4, should not be eaten with pork.

5. It is not appropriate to eat with Atractylodes, Atractylodes and Danpi.

6, taking tonic and traditional Chinese medicine atractylodes, Danpi, coriander should not be taken, so as not to reduce the efficacy of tonic.