How to improve your self-esteem during the interview

How to improve your self-esteem during the interview

Even if he was born with brilliance, the interview dress was sloppy.

Here is the latest clothing guide for men preparing for professional interviews.

  Suits: The most acceptable colors for men’s suits are light blue, black with light gray, followed by brown and beige.

The texture should be pure wool. Visually, wool is better than any other material.

Don’t choose suits designed by European designers because they are cut tighter and are too fancy for the conservative world we live in.

Two-piece suits are perfectly acceptable now, but a few years ago people had to wear three-piece suits for interviews.

  Shirts: The dress code here is simple: Principle 1: Always wear long-sleeved shirts; Principle 2: Always wear white or light blue shirts; Principle 3: Never violate Principles 1 and 2.

When I say “white”, I don’t necessarily exclude white shirts with light red or light blue stripes. Although these “white” shirts are not first-class, they are all desirable.

The single-color white shirt conveys an unspeakable feeling: honesty, cleverness and solidity.

It should be your number one choice, and artists, writers, engineers, and other special circumstances sometimes conflict with white, and for them, light blue is perhaps the best choice.

Remember: the lighter the color and the more subtle the background, the better your impression will be.

  Tie: A pure silk tie produces the best professional effect. Its elegance reflects the best and is the easiest to tie.

Linen ties are too casual and wrinkle most easily, only suitable in warmer weather.

Wool ties are not only casual in appearance, but also difficult to knot.

Man-made fibers have a luminous characteristic. When you want them to have a light and elegant feel, their colors are dazzling and may damage your professional image.

From this point of view, a tie made of pure silk, or a mixture of 50% wool and 50% silk should be your choice during the interview.

  Ties should add color to your clothes, which means that your dress should have a balance in general: the general experience is that the width of your tie should be roughly the same as the width of your suit top and the lapel of your chest. It has become popular so farThe standard generally accepted by people for more than a decade is that the width of a tie is between 23/4 inches and 31/2 inches.

If your tie is wider than this standard, then you feel like you are still in the disco era.

  Shoes: Men should wear black or brown leather shoes, other materials and colors are not appropriate, and they will take too much risk!

  Lace-up leather shoes are the most conservative choices, but they are almost universally accepted, and those without straps are also decent, but don’t confuse this kind of shoes with boat shoes.

Such strapless leather shoes need to be simple and generous, with a lighter upper, which is more suitable for formal occasions during the day or at night (laced leather shoes are a bit awkward at dinner occasions).

  Socks: Socks should be coordinated with clothes. Therefore, the color should be blue, black, gray, or brown. The length of the socks should be as long as you don’t expose too many bones when you step on your legs. It is also not suitable when you move your feet.As for the bulge on the toes.

In short, more elastic wrap and calf socks are your best choice.

  Trinkets: The watches you wear should be simple and elegant, which means that “Mickey Mouse” watches, sports watches and watches with advertising styles are excluded.

No one is attracted to digital watches anymore; you don’t have to worry about being laughed at by simple watches with leather straps.

  In any case, avoid wearing seemingly cheap fake and inferior gold straps.

  If you want to raise the price, it will definitely strengthen your professional image, the luggage effect is the best, and the effects of these other materials are far worse.

Brown and fuchsia are better choices.

The box itself should be generous. Although some very expensive brands can show your value, they often only cause the effect you want.

  Cotton or linen handkerchiefs should be a must-have for every job seeker. Pure white is the best color.

It is common for job seekers to have sweaty palms before an interview.

Therefore, the handkerchiefs you prepare can also be used to alleviate the sequelae caused by this symptom, and try to avoid embarrassing handshake.

  The belt should match the shoes you choose.

Therefore, blue, black or gray suits will require black belts and black shoes, while brown, tan or beige suits should be equipped with brown belts and shoes.

Depending on the material of the belt, leather should be used.

  Jewellery: If available, men can bring wedding rings and a small and soft cufflinks (if with French cufflinks, of course).

Beyond that, any other jewelry is inappropriate.

Bracelets, necklaces, or medals can all convey the wrong message.   Coats: The safest and most practical colors are beige and blue, and you should stick to these two colors.

Of course, if you can’t wear it, try not to wear it.

  Make-up: Men are not contracted to put on makeup during interviews or at any time during their career.