Herbal tea to drink hot

Herbal tea to drink hot

Drinking herbal tea is one of the cultural characteristics of Lingnan.

  Lingnan’s “ground wet water temperature”, the water quality is hot and dry, the body is easy to “fire”, this is the herbal tea passed down from generation to generation.

Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea, Skull 痧.

Gourd tea, honeysuckle, scented tea and other varieties are blooming all over the world. These herbal teas are made by frying Chinese herbs with cold and bitter taste. They are suitable for the treatment of colds in four seasons, headache, fever, and stagnation.

  Today, herbal tea is still an indispensable element of life for Cantonese.

But the only feeling for foreigners who have drunk excessive herbal tea is one word: “bitter”!

  Why is it bitter? In the theory of Chinese medicine, medicine has five flavors: Xingan, sour, bitter, and salty.

Different medicinal flavors have different therapeutic effects.

  The bitterness can clear heat and detoxify, dryness, purging fire, lowering gas, and defecation, and is suitable for heat syndromes, such as dampness and heat syndrome, bloated sores, cough, vomiting and so on.

  The main effects of herbal tea are: clearing heat, reducing fire and dampness.

The drugs in the formula are mainly bitter cold and bitter, so it is bitter to drink, especially when herbal tea contains medicinal materials such as Coptis chinensis, Radix Isatidis, Scutellaria baicalensis and Rhubarb.

  Is bitterness better? The so-called good medicine bitterness is beneficial to the disease. Many people choose to drink the herbal tea that is too hard to understand, and think that this can achieve the cure of the disease.

  In fact, not all herbal teas are miserable, and not everyone needs to ask for help.

  Although herbal tea was originally developed for the purpose of clearing heat and purging fire, it has a bitter taste, but through the continuous improvement of traditional Chinese medicine, modern herbal teas with different formulas and different preferences have been developed.

  In most herbal tea shops, herbal tea is divided into two series: bitter tea and sweet tea.

The bitter tea series are herbal teas based on traditional Chinese medicines such as pungent, bitter, cold, and cold, such as cracks, twenty-four flavors, and so on.Scented tea and so on.

  When the summer heat gets angry, dry mouth, yellow tongue coating, upset temper, big fractures, acne, oral ulcers, dry stools, you should drink Wang Lao Ji or just cold tea like heat and purging fire.

Because the herbal medicine used in this kind of herbal tea is mainly sweet and cold, it will feel bitter and astringent.

  And when the lungs are hot and dry, causing cough, phlegm, sore throat, thirst, dry mouth, and hoarseness, what you need is a cup of herbal tea like Luo Han Guo Wu Hua Tea.

This kind of herbal tea is generally quite moist, and it doesn’t feel bitter at the mouth. Instead, it stays sweet in the mouth.

  Therefore, bitterness is not the criterion for judging the effectiveness of herbal tea.

Some people blindly believe that bitter herbal tea is effective. This idea is wrong, and it will affect your dialectical use. It may also have adverse effects and turn good medicine into poison.

  Is it not so bitter when it is cold? Some people think that herbal tea herbal tea is, of course, the tea that is cool and then drink; some people think that herbal tea can be made up by cooling, and it is not so bitter.

  Drinking iced drinks in summer is certainly cool, but herbal tea is still good to drink: first, after drinking hot herbal tea, it is easier to make people sweat and accelerate metabolism; second, cold tea is cold, and it is easy to damage the body’s yang and body fluids.The iced tea is left after iced, and it no longer loses the role of hot drinks. It is more important to damage the implantation, especially for the frail elderly, children and women.

  For those who are very afraid of bitterness, there are some techniques for drinking medicine: First, the temperature of the bitter medicine should be about the same as the body temperature. Too hot or too cold will aggravate the stimulation of the tongue taste buds and make the bitterness worse.

  The second is to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth during or after taking the medicine.

Because in addition to stimulating the bitter taste of the tongue taste buds, the bitter medicine then stimulates the nasal mucosa to produce an unpleasant and disgusting feeling.

As long as you do this, you won’t feel too strong about bitter tea.

After drinking the medicine, rinse your mouth with plain water and eat a piece of sugar, the bitterness will disappear.