Allergic rosacea solves 7 emotional skin problems

Allergic rosacea solves 7 emotional skin problems

Emotions can upset your mind and make your skin worse.

Ted Grossbart, a clinical professor of psychology at Harvard University School of Medicine, tells us that any emotional problem, especially those that cannot be resolved immediately, can cause skin problems, perhaps blushing and allergies, and even unusual skin problems such as rashes.

How to control emotions, relieve stress and prevent them from harming our skin?

We provide some professional solutions.

  Skin selection editors feel that this emotional skin popular point is translated as “hand owing skin disease”, which is a form of compulsive psychology caused by skin problems, including tearing the skin, pulling down thorns, and squeezing blackheads.

This usually starts with a small flaw and ends up being uncritical and uncomfortable, causing scars and remorse.

  Solution · Heidi Waldorf, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, published a book called “HANDS OFF!

) Books, her advice to us is to use the Clarisonic facial cleansing brush to help those who have to peel off, and use the brush to exfoliate, which can safely smooth the skin and satisfy their needs.The pleasure of removing dead skin.

  If the problem is serious, then Iona Ginsburg, a clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University in psychiatry, advises: “It is important for patients to understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, and where his stress is coming from.

“So they will take small steps to treat them, some putting band-aids on a few key fingers, preventing them from continuing to tear their skin.

If you can’t help squeezing out the acne on your body, stick the fingers you need for squeezing to the band-aid.

  · You can also find some healthy activities to keep your hands busy, such as squeezing decompression toys, playing guitar, etc. are also one of the treatment methods, the purpose is to make you forget to tear your skin.

  · One method is hypnosis.

Give the patient an instruction under hypnosis, such as stop biting the dead skin on his finger when he sees a stop sign. This can help patients with emotional skin disease resist temptation.

  Blushing This usually occurs in social situations, because of fear or shyness, which activates a person’s fighting or flight response, releases adrenaline, and dilates blood vessels in the face, which causes blushing.

People with severe blushing problems often have low self-esteem and affect social and emotional issues.

  Solution · If you only blush on specific occasions, such as speaking in public, then taking beta blockers beforehand can help stop adrenaline production.

  · You can also have ice cubes in your mouth or a mouthful of ice soda in your throat.

Coldness can help slow nerve stimulation and reduce the chance of blushing.

  These are only temporary solutions, and there are long-term solutions for emotional blush patients.

“Based on biofeedback, you can try to control your blood vessels,” doctor Tausk said.

This technique requires the use of scientific instruments, including various measurement tools such as blood pressure meters.

With exercise, patients will learn to think of certain things, or do certain actions that will lower blood pressure, reduce stress and flush, so that eventually they can control their emotions without the machine.

  Rosacea rosacea is a sign of uncontrollable blush and persistent redness, which may worsen due to stress, spicy food, red wine, sudden changes, etc.

Rosacea is also often accompanied by acne, in which case the blood is usually quenched and bacterial.

  Solution · Controlling stress and avoiding the various triggers mentioned above are the key to controlling rosacea. Oral antibiotics can also be used to reduce antibiotics and bacteria.

  · The method suggested by Heidi Waldorf, assistant clinical professor of dermatology, is to use a pulsed laser, such as Vbeam, to perfectly improve the patient’s persistent redness.

  Reduce the number of superficial blood vessels in the face, thereby reducing facial blood flow.

After 1–3 treatments, the polishing effect is generally available.

  Acne because of stress hormones causes the skin to secrete more oil, which can lead to pores, neuropeptide inflammation and acne problems.

Severe acne can also lead to psychological problems such as inferiority and social disorders.

  Solution · Dermatologist and clinical psychologist Richard Fried suggests finding a suitable method of decompression to keep the skin in good condition.

“Tai Chi, running, having sex, taking a hot bath, and anything else that can help your body decompress can reduce acne,” Richard said.

  · Of course, even zen masters may have acne problems. Don’t be nervous when you have this problem. Use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to clean the pores.

If the problem is serious, ask your dermatologist for a cortisone injection in 24 hours.

  If you have a large acne area, ask a dermatologist for a prescription lotion, lotion and pills that contain soluble antibacterial elements and retinoids to kill bacteria and inflammation.

For those who have huge cysts due to stress, doctors can give them antibiotics to get through this painful period as soon as possible.

  Emotions can upset your mind and make your skin worse.Ted Grossbart, a clinical professor of psychology at Harvard University School of Medicine, tells us that any emotional problem, especially those that cannot be resolved immediately, can cause skin problems, perhaps blushing and allergies, and even unusual skin problems such as rashes.

How to control emotions, relieve stress and prevent them from harming our skin?

We provide some professional solutions.
  Allergic dermatologist and clinical psychologist Richard Fried told us: “When the skin is dehydrated, the cells that were once plump will shrink and the spaces between the cells cause sensitivity.

“Even people in good health may find that the creams they usually use suddenly make them feel pain and itching, but this is generally temporary sensitivity.

  Solution · Supplement omega fatty acids (fish, linseed, evening primrose oil) and vitamin D3, which is the key to skin repair.

  · Avoid excessive skin irritation and skin care products containing excessive skin rejuvenation, scrubs, preservatives, and fragrances.

Choose soothing ingredients, mild moisturizing cleansing products, certain camomile, green tea extract, and more.

  · Moisturizers usually contain dimethyl silicone oil, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid. They are the guarantee for repairing the foundation of the skin and can help the skin move better.

  Acute measles The red scars of acute measles are not aesthetically pleasing. Excessive emotional changes will cause the body temperature to rise, and then cause adrenaline secretion, which may cause acute measles.

Worry, anger, or even laughter, any feeling that makes you hot can cause a sudden appearance of hives for several hours.

And it can happen repeatedly over the course of a week and months.

  Solution · To treat this type of acute measles, calming your mood is a crucial step.

Antihistamines are very effective. In addition to stabilizing the release of histamine from cells, antihistamines can also have anxiolytic effects.

That’s why these pills can make you sleepy.

  Relaxation therapy is effective for some people and can do yoga and deep breathing.

  If this doesn’t work, find a cool and clean room and use music to calm yourself.

  Rash Even if you have not been exposed to an oral rash patient, you may still have a sudden rash problem.

Itching, pimples, and peeling caused by mood swings, you may develop a slight rash and itching due to the histamine released by the body.

Anyone can get a rash, but people who have ever had eczema, psoriasis, or immune-related rashes are more likely.

These problems are exacerbated because stress can ignite T cells (white blood cells) and cytokines (proteins that regulate inflammation).

  Take psoriasis, for example, the role of excessively active T cells and chemicals suggests that the skin’s metabolism needs to be restarted, so that the skin’s metabolism has changed from normal 28 days to 8 days, resulting in cell accumulation, thickening, and replacement.This leads to psoriasis.

  Solution · Worry that it is really necessary for many people who love skin rash. Some doctors suggest that skin treatment and psychotherapy should be performed at the same time.

Small doses of antidepressants and anxiety can reduce stress and prevent emotional bursts.

  · Doctors’ study of patients with psoriasis found that those who added meditation music to their treatments had a 48% improvement in healing time.

So hypnosis can also relieve symptoms. Some doctors will guide patients to imagine lying in a pool of yogurt, and the dry and itchy skin is relieved.

With the pictures portrayed by psychologists, patients imagine the pictures themselves, which can affect their psychology.

“The stress is gradual, but learning to manage your own skin’s response will reveal incredible possibilities.

“Said dermatologist Ranella Hirsch.