Kerala looking for the realm of yoga

Kerala looking for the realm of yoga

Kerala is a green, clean and magical land located on the southwest coast of India. There are neat rice fields, rows of eye-catching coconut groves and calm, turquoise and turquoise waters, all kinds of charming art forms.

  Speaking of India, almost everybody knows the touching story of the Mughal dynasty Shah Jahan and Taj.

But let’s have a glimpse into the essence of India, in another paradise on earth-Kerala.

  In the ancient and mysterious Kerala, it has never been a legend. Here, in addition to the introductory spiritual practice courses at the retreat, YOGA, meditation, Ayurveda and massage are daily required courses.Or visit the purest YOGA essence and the most authentic Indian sesame oil SPA at the Taj Palace Hotel to complete the conversion of life and spirit in the realm of heaven and man.

  Kerala-The Venice of the East Kerala is a green, clean and magical land located on the southwest coast of India. There are neat rice fields, and rows of eye-catching rows of coconut groves and calm waves are emerald green like emerald.The vast waters, various fascinating art forms, across the sea from Sri Lanka, multiple cultures blend, quiet and exquisite.

  Kerala’s Houhai resort is known as the Venice of the East. There are a total of 29 lakes connected to the Arabian Sea and Lake Fanbana. The vineyards inhabited by residents here are traditional South Indian boats with coconut palm sheds.The coastal buildings are quiet and beautiful, and the European-style dwellings dotted with stars are hidden behind the shade of coconut trees.

  Embark on a journey in the name of Yoga. When YOGA is considered as one of the indoor fitness programs, there are already YOGA practitioners who respect nature. They are no longer satisfied to confine themselves in a small space. They left the troubled city and went to practice YOGA in the wild.
  In ancient Kerala legends, the small village deep in the coconut grove on Kerala’s southernmost coastline is a holy place.

Today, it has become a famous spiritual center.

Everyone who comes to Kovalam Retreat can enjoy the purest form of nature.

The ancient thatched house is set in a coconut grove on a cliffside hillside by the sea, facing the blue ocean of the Indian Ocean.

Here you can enjoy different essential oils and procedures, training and guidance provided by the exclusive medical experts of the Retreat Village according to your physical condition.

This SPA creates a “temporary island in space”.

  The top Ayurveda SPA at the Taj Palace Hotel, if you have finished YOGA, you can go to the Taj Royals Hotel to enjoy a top-level SPA based on the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda in India for 5,000 years, which will make your physiology thoroughlyGet moisturized and liberated.

  TAJRETREATRESORT is located in the lush coastal jungle of Kovalam. The grand lobby and rooms still retain the royal style to this day.

Each bathroom is absolutely private, and you can see the lush garden view.

Particularly commendable is that the water garden that was once the royal family is now a luxurious spa.

The location of all the spa centers is facing the invincible sea view. You can relax in the infinite gentle smile of the Indian beauty.

  The magical luxury boat house Houhai trip. In addition to the Muslim style with oriental colors, the local buildings are more European-style small waterfront buildings. There is a small garden in front of the house and a brick house with an inclined roof. It is very warm and lovely.

No wonder the international five-star hotel TAJGARDENRE 鄄 TREAT and so on.

  The people here are simple and enthusiastic, and they have retained the world ‘s oldest style of boat house. I live in a one-bedroom, one-living suite, and on board, the captain wears a bunch of jasmine wreaths for me.A cook and a British housekeeper are included with the boat. After the boat is delivered, flowers, seasonal fruit baskets, European and American, Indian and Chinese meals are served daily. The meals are served on the green banana leaves. PureKerala style.

There was also an English afternoon tea, and another day was just so easy.