Foot massage benefits to prevent insomnia and do foot massage

Foot massage benefits to prevent insomnia and do foot massage

Reflexology benefits to prevent insomnia, to do foot massage, foot massage, foot massage in ancient times, especially for the soles of the foot massage.

The pressure of life is big enough, and the discomfort of the body can no longer be blocked to prevent our spiritual progress. Therefore, in normal times, some foot massage can be done to relieve the mental stress.

The unhealthy body is mostly due to the lack of sports. In ancient times, people in the ancient times worked barefoot in the fields, and the soles of the feet directly touched the ground, which was stimulated, promoted circulation, and then sweated and watered, completing a normal cycle of metabolism.The healing function of the human body.

Therefore, the body of the ancients is much healthier than our modern people.

Foot massage 5 major effects 1.

Promoting blood circulation Generally speaking, body temperature is closely related to blood circulation, blood temperature is low, blood circulation is also high, and blood circulation is also strong.

Foot therapy can improve blood circulation in the feet and increase skin temperature, thereby promoting blood circulation in the feet and the whole body; improving heart function and reducing cardiac load.

Someone has tested that a healthy person massages his feet for 30 minutes, and his systemic blood flow increases by 10-13 times for women and 13-18 times for men.

It can be seen that hot water foot treatment can make blood circulation smooth and improve.


Promoting metabolic foot massage promotes blood circulation in the feet and the whole body. Due to the increase of blood circulation, various hormones secreted by various endocrine glands, such as thyroid hormone secreted by the thyroid gland, adrenal hormone secreted by the adrenal gland, etc., are regulated.Both can promote metabolism.


Eliminating fatigue When the human body is fatigued, first, there are poor blood circulation in the foot, metabolic end products, calcium salts, lactic acid microcrystals and other substances.

When an organ of a human body is not functioning properly or is sick, due to the influence of pathological reflex, the blood circulation of the foot is more serious and poor, and sediments are more likely to occur.

After an acute exercise for one day, the athletes averaged 30 mg of lactic acid per kilogram of blood. After 30 minutes of massage, the blood was examined for a blood drop of about 5 mm. After a period of foot bath, the lactic acid in the blood was reduced by about 20 mm.The level of lactic acid in the blood is almost uncomfortable.

It can be seen that hot water foot therapy is the simplest and most effective way to eliminate physical fatigue.


Improves the sleepy foot with abundant nerve endings and capillaries, and the foot has a mild and good stimulating effect on nerves and capillaries.

This warm stimuli are reflected to the cerebral cortex and exert an inhibitory effect on the cerebral cortex. The excited sympathetic nerves smoothly switch to parasympathetic nerves.

After the parasympathetic nerve is excited, the person is in a quiet rest state, thereby improving sleep and eliminating insomnia.


Health and beauty, brain and brain protection through the foot massage, you can adjust the meridians and blood.

At the same time, the blood vessels of the foot are dilated and the blood volume is increased, so that the blood flow in the head is accelerated, and the oxygen and nutrients required by the brain are supplemented in time.