What is the performance of premenstrual syndrome to prevent premenstrual syndrome?

What is the performance of premenstrual syndrome to prevent premenstrual syndrome?

In the absence of experience, I don’t know medical common sense. Many adolescent girls often have various conditions during menarche.

When there is a menstrual cramp, most people will be overwhelmed. Some people even think that they are ill, and medically refer to this mental state as premenstrual syndrome.

So how can we prevent this premenstrual syndrome?

The performance of premenstrual syndrome1, this is a prone to premenstrual tension syndrome, which is related to the increase of the ratio of estrogen/progesterone in the whole body. Excessive or excessive estrogen in the body leads to the appearance of water and sodium retention in the body.Edema, headache and other symptoms.

2, the best, usually emotionally nervous, impetuous, depressed people are also prone to premenstrual tension syndrome.

This discomfort usually begins in 7-14 days before menstrual tide, and is aggravated 2-3 days before menstruation. It is characterized by nervousness, nervousness, irritability or depression, generalized weakness, fatigue, insomnia, headache, and thought.Not concentrated, memory loss, etc.

3, some people can also appear hands, feet, facial swelling, lower abdomen bulge, pain and breast pain.

These psychiatric symptoms and symptoms of water and sodium retention disappear or are significantly alleviated after menstrual cramps.

First of all, we must relieve the mental tension and ideological burden, calmly treat menstrual cramps, try to be relieved and relaxed.

The first method to prevent premenstrual syndrome is to relieve mental stress and ideological burden, calmly treat menstrual cramps, and try to be relieved and relaxed.

2, in daily life to avoid unnecessary mental stimulation, diet should be less salt, life should be regular, more participation in some entertainment and sports activities, you can make the symptoms obviously disappear or even disappear.

3, for more serious symptoms, under the guidance of a doctor, taking benzophenone and other sedative drugs or progesterone, androgen, etc. to treat.

Precautions for premenstrual syndrome 1. Exercise moderately before menstruation; 2. Maintain good psychology, communicate with friends or relatives, don’t be emotional, try to do what you like.

3, the diet should be reasonable, it is best not to eat cold drinks, you can eat more food to drive cold.

Tips: Menstruation is the physiological maturity of every girl, and it is a natural phenomenon that every adolescent girl will experience.

When menstruation comes, it should be treated with normal psychological state, and emotional and mental stress and ideological burden are renewed.

It is the most important thing to face with a relaxed attitude. Maintaining mental health can prevent the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome.