Solar health | Mang grows a good life, not sick for a year!

Mango health tutorial, a hand?

Solar health | Mang grows a good life, not sick for a year!

Mango health tutorial, a hand?

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Mang species is the ninth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, and the third solar term after summer.

This year’s mangling time is: 7:6:18 on the morning of June 6.

The word “mang” literally means “the wheat with awns is fast-receiving, and the rice with awns can be planted.”

“Monthly Seventy-two Houji Collection”: “May Festival, that is, there are crops of awns that can be cropped.”

“Dietary health seasons, health should pay attention to spleen heat and dampness.

At this time, you should eat hot and cold summer food, such as watermelon, lotus leaf, loofah, cucumber, celery, leeks and so on.

01 The foods that suffer from bitterness and bitter taste have the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, releasing heat and nourishing yin, into the heart, and spleen and stomach. After passing the awning, we can properly eat some bitter foods, such as bitter gourd, lotus seeds, kale, buckwheat,Lettuce, etc., have great conversion benefits to the human body.

02 Drink sour and sour taste can condense sweat, stop diarrhea, dampness, some sour fruits have the effect of heat and thirst, such as ebony, hawthorn, lemon, grape, strawberry, tomato, pineapple, mango, kiwi and the likeBecause of its moderate tonic, it can also prevent excessive sweating and gas consumption.

It can also be absorbed by juice, but it is not possible to use beverages instead of water, soda, cola and other beverages, which contain saccharin and absorption. These substances can cause bad stimulation in the stomach, which will affect digestion and appetite.

03 porridge ancient medical scientist Li Shizhen suggested that porridge is the best diet in summer, you can add mung beans, lotus seeds, lotus leaves, reed rhizome, lentils, etc. and enter the rice porridge, after eating, you can use the spleen and stomach, heat and heatEfficacy, usually glutinous rice red bean porridge heat spleen, dampness and liver, melon porridge tonic body, Shengjin in addition to trouble, are a good match.

04 Clearing up the “clearing up” does not mean eating vegetarian dishes, fruits, etc., nor is it the absolute purity of the pursuit of diet.

In fact, “clearing up” focuses on the selection of supplements, but it also has the function of relieving heat and eliminating heat while supplementing. This duck meat, its biggest feature is that it is not warm, hot, clear, and nourishing.The stomach, the spleen tonic, the role of dampness.

In addition, loach, its high protein, low fecal quality, known as “water ginseng”, can promote Buzhong Yiqi, detoxification and beauty.

The mango species is heavier than the “anti-defense” heatstroke: to prevent summer snoring, like the spring sleepy, autumn lack, and sleepless winter March, “summer snoring” is a physiological manifestation of people in the summer.

The most important thing about heatstroke prevention is to prevent summer snoring.

Here are two things to do: 01 Potassium: Stabilize blood pressure, summer heat and high temperature, the body sweats a lot, potassium will be discharged with sweat.

Once the body is deficient in potassium, it will basically not decrease with physical strength, and endurance will also decrease. The most prominent manifestation is that the limbs are sore and weak, and in severe cases, it will be accompanied by cardiovascular system dysfunction and even breathing difficulties.

When the body sweats a lot, in order to quickly add potassium, you can drink some juice or sugar brine to prevent excessive reduction of blood potassium, which can prevent “summer snoring” and prevent high blood pressure and low blood pressure.

02 Nap: Maintaining the heart in the summer, the day and night are short, the sleep time is relatively reduced, and the nap is an appropriate supplement.

“A nap for a quarter of an hour and an hour for a night” can prevent “summer snoring” and help to conserve the heart.

Nap is a good way to raise your heart.

When the yang is too strong at noon, you need to rest to nourish the yin and achieve the purpose of yin and yang.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly people with cardiovascular disease, if they do not pay attention to lunch break, it will cause blood viscosity increase and even increase the risk of myocardial infarction.

Of course, the nap time should not be too long, usually half an hour is appropriate.

Because you sleep too long during the day, you can’t sleep at night, causing bad circulation and affecting health.

Under the Mangshi Detoxification Health Soup, three kinds of detoxification health soup are recommended below, which can help the stomach to replenish the spleen and remove the dampness evil?
1 薏仁红豆汤-清热湿湿[Materials]Coix seed, 30 grams of red beans, 5 red dates, 1 spoon of sugar.
[Practice]Coix seed, red beans and water 2 bowls of small fire slow cook for 1 hour, add red dates, sugar for 30 minutes until the beans are rotten.

[Efficacy]heat and spleen, dampness and liver.

2 Wuwei simmering yin and kidney yin, help kidney yang[material]vinegar schisandra 5 grams, 10 grams of medlar, sugar amount.

[Practice]Schisandra and chopped hazelnuts are added to the porcelain cup, brewed with boiling water, soaked for a while, then white sugar, stir well.

【Efficacy】Zi Shen Yin, help kidney yang, apply to the “Xia Xu” disease, is an effective agent for health and replenishment.

3 loofah porridge cools blood and collaterals, moisturizes the skin[material]1 fresh loofah, the previous rice 100 grams, white sugar itself.

[Practice]peel the fresh loofah and simmer, add the rice into the pot, cut the fresh loofah into 2 cm long, 1 cm thick strips, add water to the pot, boil the fire and cook the porridge with simmer.Add sugar to it.

【Effect】 Clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and collaterals, moisturizing the skin.