Old people practicing Tai Chi can prevent falling fight

Old people practicing Tai Chi can prevent falling fight

As the saying goes, “eat and prevent phlegm, walk and prevent falling.

“The elderly are prone to osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. If they fall down accidentally, the light will hurt the bones and the others will be bedridden.

How to prevent falling, Tai Chi is a number of ideal sports.

  Yang Chengyi, the founder of Yang Style Taijiquan, asked the boxer to “the body should be right and not leaning, and the spine and the tail should be vertical and not biased.”

There are ancient books, and the boxing skills are superb. The bowl of water is on the top of the book, and the books do not spill and fall.

Explain that the correct puncher in the posture can always maintain the balance of the body. Over time, let the wind and rain hit, do not lean forward and lean back, and swing east and west.

  ”Taijiquan is quiet and moving, although it is still quiet, so the slower the shelf is, the better.” This is the slow feature of Taijiquan, and it also shows the function of anti-fall.

Taijiquan movements such as silking, walking like a cat, careful, step by step, over time, the boxers will develop a good habit of cautious and careful, in case of crisis, not panic.

With good psychological quality and habits, the way of doing things is light and free, and it is not easy to fall.

  Yang Chengyi’s special representative “Taijiquan is the first meaning of sub-fiction”.

Just as people walk, the left foot is actually the right foot, the right foot is the left foot, and one after the other, one virtual and one real, step forward.

After practicing, the boxers are more able to cope with emergencies.

If the forefoot step on the banana skin, it will inevitably slip the void, and the back foot will be seated, just as the roots of the tree will not fall.

In addition, the long-term practice of Tai Chi Chuan boxing is extremely low, according to the physical center of gravity is low, it is more difficult to fall.

  Some people have said that the American Senior Citizens Association has conducted comparative tests.

One group of seniors practiced gym equipment, while the other group practiced Tai Chi. The result was a good balance function, a good brain, a steady walk, and a 50% reduction in fractures than the former.

In the end, the Americans produced an evidence that they admire the wisdom of the Chinese Orientals. Tai Chi, which does not cost a penny, is better than the modern equipment.