Watermelon Cuiyi Heatstroke Therapy

Watermelon Cuiyi Heatstroke Therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine calls watermelon rind “Watermelon Cuiyi”, which is a good medicine for clearing away heat and relieving heat and quenching thirst.

Dry the watermelon rind and grind it for topical use.

Watermelon peels relieve heat and refresh appetizers, appetizing and hydrating, and its sugar content is not much, which can be categorized for consumption.

  Summer heat diuretic: Cut the watermelon peel with the outer hard skin into small pieces or strips, boil in water, add tomatoes, eggs and seasonings, drink soup and eat melon peel.

  Summer acne: 100 grams of mung beans, add 1500 ml of water, cook the soup, remove the mung beans 10 minutes after boiling, put 500 grams of washed watermelon skin (without peeling) and re-cook.

Drink soup several times a day.

Among them, mung bean is sweet and cool, which can reduce swelling and qi, clear heat and detoxify; watermelon peel is sweet and cold, can clear heat and relieve heat, remove annoyance and thirst.

  Spleen Relief: 100 grams of fresh watermelon peels, 10 jujubes, decoction, daily tea.

  Severe heat and lungs, thirst, dry cough without sputum or constipation: fresh lentils, 50 grams of fresh wormwood, 60 grams of fresh lotus leaves, 200 grams of jellyfish, 500 grams of watermelon peels, 250 grams of loofah, wash and cutAfter simmering in a casserole, simmer in a casserole for 1 hour, season with soup and eat jellyfish.

1 dose per day.

  Aphrodisiac: Shred the watermelon rind, remove it after boiled in water, serve with cooked chicken and lean meat with seasoning.