[Can pregnant women eat new chicken chops]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat new chicken chops]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

For pregnant mothers, it is normal for the taste to become strange during pregnancy, but for the health of the pregnant woman and her baby, it is necessary to pay attention to eating habits.

Some pregnant women have heavier tastes and always want to eat something greasy. Can pregnant women eat chicken chop fried food?

Occasionally eating once or twice will not cause serious problems, but if you eat this kind of greasy food for a long time, the stomach of pregnant women is not easy to digest and no nutrition is absorbed by the baby, so it is recommended not to eat it.

If you are pregnant, do n’t eat these 4 foods at night. We often advise against eating at night, which is easier for pregnant mothers.

Pregnant mothers like to eat supper at night, in addition to getting fat, it will bring discomfort to the body.

However, if the pregnant mother wakes up hungry late at night, she cannot continue to fall asleep while hungry, which is also a grievance, and it is not good for the mother.

So, what food would you choose to fill your stomach on a hungry night?

Today, I will introduce to pregnant women those foods that are not suitable for pregnant mothers to eat at night. Come and learn.

Foods with heavy tastes are used to pregnant women with heavy tastes. I believe that I can’t sleep at night but I also want to try some exciting foods: spicy chicken feet and spicy dried bamboo shoots are believed to be too many pregnant mothers’ favorite snacks.

However, if the pregnant mother wakes up in the middle of the night, never eat such heavy foods to relieve hunger.

Most of the heavy food refers to foods rich in salt. When eating at night, pay attention to controlling salt intake.

If you take too much salt, it will easily lead to an increase in the sodium concentration in the blood, cause cell dehydration, and an increase in urine output. It will have the same effect as drinking plenty of water before going to bed.

This may lead to urinary urinary awakening to the toilet during sleep, affecting the quality of sleep.

It’s easy to get tired during pregnancy. If you don’t get enough sleep, the pregnant mother’s body and baby will have to protest together.

Some pregnant women who have a lot of milk said: Then I do n’t eat such heavy taste, I am right to drink milk.

Milk is so healthy and nutritious that it is best to drink a glass of milk in the middle of the night.

Although milk can help you fall asleep and is rich in nutrition, it is a healthy anti-hunger product, but you cannot drink it uncontrollably because it is good.

Most research reports believe that the calcium and tryptophan contained in milk have a sleeping effect, but if you rely too much on these sleep aids, you may cause excessive amounts.

Once you drink too much milk, it is easy for pregnant mothers to run the toilet in the middle of the night and affect sleep. At the same time, it is also possible for pregnant mothers to have some worries about whether they will run the toilet in the middle of the night before going to bed, which will affect the quality of sleep.
Sweets During pregnancy, some mums also became particularly fond of sweets, even at night, and the pregnant mother felt that the sweets were more hungry and could replenish her energy, so she kept eating “decently”Already.
In fact, eating sweets at night is even a taboo for your body and bad for your health.

Eat sweets late at night, then the energy that could have been consumed would be because the human body can’t use longer tweezers to store it when it goes to sleep.

In addition, the blood sugar level will increase after eating sweets before going to bed. If the state of high blood sugar has been maintained, dialysis of the kidneys and even nerve endings will cause damage.

Greasy food Some pregnant mothers feel that when they are hungry, they need to replenish and fall asleep, so some pregnant mothers continue to “heavy mouth”-greasy food.

Greasy foods contain a large amount of feces and energy, and it takes a long time to digest after absorption, so it may maintain a continuous high blood sugar state.

Therefore, the pregnant mother eats greasy food before going to bed, and may have a heart-burning discomfort after getting up the next day, so it is suitable to control the intake of greasy food before going to bed.

Pregnant mothers eat food late at night. Of course, in addition to knowing not to eat these four types of food after waking up late at night, pregnant mothers also have to pay attention to eating late at night, especially remember to chew slowly and eat easily.food.